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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 17: SANCTUARY

    Lincoln Square, West Side – Monday – morning – Bette Porter’s office.


    Bette is about to open the door of her office that communicates with Tina’s. The brunette has a plan to make the blonde show her the place where she lives in; so, early this morning in her apartment she has chosen the appropriate outfit… “yes in war and love everything is fair”.

    The door opens softly and the brunette closes and locks it, she walks toward her girlfriend, who has removed her jacket and wearing a t-shirt is placing all her stuff on the walls, desk, and tea table. With a strange feeling on her back the blonde turns around to see the beautiful chair of the mediation committee advancing toward her with a wide smile and lustful eyes, Tina smiles but freezes in the place, she knew that Bette would come looking for her with non-labor intentions sooner or later, but she never imagined that it would happen so soon.

    Tina: “hey…, I’m…, just ordering my stuff…”

    Bette: (slowly approaching) “uh-huh…”

    Tina: (nervous, recoiling) “I put the little orchid you gave me close to the window…”

    Bette: (advancing and smiling) “nice…”

    Tina: (smiling nervously) “I like your suit…”

    Bette stopped and removed her dress jacket and handkerchief leaving them on the chair; under the expensive and fine jacket Bette is wearing a sleeveless pale green silk top with a very low neckline exposing the skin between her breasts… to the navel, she also wears a tight slacks the same color as her jacket. Tina’s eyes couldn’t avoid watching the gorgeous and provocative view in front of her…, Bette’s gaze changed from smiling and cheerful to lustful and horny, she walks forward again and the blonde steps back, Tina has no words, she’s mesmerized by the view and try to concentrate on the brunette’s face, but got almost hypnotized with the dark pupils of her girlfriend.

    Tina’s hands are sweating, her heart is pounding, her whole body is alert waiting for a word, a movement, a sign, because, anything that may come from Bette will be a sign, an order a green light for Tina to proceed with what her heart, and body, wants… The brunette has shortened the distance to her; their lips are only at a couple of inches apart; the blonde can feel her girlfriend’s breath, the enticing scent of her body…

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    1. Hola proteonomics me encantó que subieras otro capítulo y la verdad
      me dejaste intrigada con el final
      porque no sabemos si la persona que
      llamo es maxine o alguien de la familia gracias y esperando con ansías que subas
      el siguiente capitulo

      • Gracias Escorpion:

        Si, el capitulo es largo y no puedo escribir más, así que deje en suspenso el resto para el siguiente capítulo.

        Espero subir el otro pronto.

        Gracias por seguir y apoyar esta historia.


    2. Oh no no no! Leave us with another cliff hanger !!!

      What a delight to see a new chapter so soon!

      I am glad that Tina decided to take Bette to her home and let her see the room with all the secret stuff in it.

      Oh boy, what a teaser is Bette, dressing to seduce Tina and keeping her from touching her when she wanted it so bad.

      Faye Buckley is in the photographs, doesn’t surprise, she is a total bitch and is in hiding, she doesn’t want that it comes out about her secret lesbian life, wouldn’t surpise me if she is the person William has phone calls with. Why would he blow up Bette’s apartment. They are afraid of her. But if they have her followed by someone he had to know she wasn’t there.
      And who is the snitch?

      They all have to be very careful, the bad boys doesn’t want to be exposed. Keep them save!

      Wonderful chapter! Thank you my friend ????

      • Hi Bibi:

        I’m sorry for the cliffhanger, but the chapter was already very long, there is no space for another word, so I have to leave the rest for the next chapter.

        Yes, Tina has to take a quick decision and Bette to her apartment, now, it is a matter of time for Bette to learn the truth, Tina has lots of information in the sanctuary room, but she never studied most of the documents, Bette will be more able to tie clues and along with her girlfriend, they could do something.

        Bette’s dress was only for Tina, and she wanted to tease her, she’s still a little insecure of herself respect to Tina, this situation of Tina’s home, was just an excuse for her to do that, we’ll see a little more of that insecurity in the future.

        Faye Buckley is another story, she is tight to the past and we’ll know more in the next chapters.

        I don’t think the bad guys followed Bette, at least not yet, and this attack to Bette’s parking space was a surprise for almost everybody, you’ll see.

        Snitch, well see.

        Thank you, my friend, for your comments and support to this story.


    3. Man, this is intense. I absolutely love this storyline. I love the long chapters. Please more soon. Great job.

      I hope Bette has a back up supercomputer. She usually has taken every precaution.

      • Hi Deanna:

        I’m glad that you liked this chapter, I hope to post soon.

        Bette’s supercomputer is on her beach workshop, so, all her work is safe.

        Thank you for reading and comment, I’ll try to post soon.


      • Hi SG:

        I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to leave a cliffhanger but the chapter was too long, there was no room for another paragraph.

        I’ll try to avoid this type of cliffhanger, and leave only nice cuts between chapters, but sometimes it’s not possible.

        Thank you for reading and commenting, my friend. I hope to post soon


    4. Very well written chapter… Story line is to follow and advance the story greatly. With the Sanctuary Room appears to have a lot of photos and documents relating to the older generation. It would appear that love relationships, rivaleries, and enemies go back to Bette and Tina parent’s generation. This room may contain the secrets of who Bette and Tina are and how they came to be where they are at this particular moment in time. It probably will give a better understanding about the company as well.

      I am glad that Tina made the decision to disclose all to Bette. However, I found Bette’s methods for convincing Tina a bit underhanded. This may be a case of no harm, no foul, but she could have had the same conversation dressed in normal street clothes and should have been able to invoke the same response particularly if they both trusted each other and love each other as they both profess.

      It appears that Tina deciding to bring Bette to her apartment that night was good fortune since William Halsey and friends decided to blow up Bette’s apartment. Tina knew that Bette’s life was in danger, they discussed it at the Thursday night meeting. Maura and Jane overheard the meeting between Halsey, Aaron and Melvin discussing that Bette was probably behind the computer searches and may have found the hidden documents on the company server. Halsey and Aaron wanted Bette out of the way. Melvin was going to try to save her or at least warn her. That was his purpose for his meeting but he never got that out. Tina is responsible for saving Bette’s life – maybe by accident, but she still knew that the bad guys were coming.

      As to the spy in the office? My guess is that it is Bette’s receptionist Mary Ann. Probably an incidental remark at a lunch table discussion with Jodi at the table who is working for Faye Buckley who is working with Melvin, Aaron, and William Halsey.

      Excellent Chapter…. love this story…Love the drama….

      • Hi Martha:

        I’m happy that you liked the chapter.

        Yes, the sanctuary room will help to find the truth, how things started, and how and why the company reached the current situation.

        About Bette’s dress, this situation of Tina hiding her home from others was an excuse for Bette to tease her girlfriend, there are some insecurities hidden in Bette’s behavior, and it will show later, but it’s not a big deal, remember they start knowing each other again and they have done a very big step in this chapter.

        About Tina saving Bette unintentionally, that is what I call ‘serendipity’ and that happens very frequently in real life, but you’ll see in the next chapters the magnitude of the explosion.

        Don’t overestimate the bad guys, it will be a surprise for some of them what happened in that parking lot, you’ll see it.

        The snitch, you’ll see.

        Thank you, Martha, for your wonderful comment. I’ll try to post soon.


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