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    LOCKDOWN Chapter 1: GOING TO L.A.

    DAY 1


    March 7th, Toronto Canada


    Tina is at her desk, preparing her trip to Los Angeles for the next morning, she is in her laptop, retrieving her boarding pass and making sure it will show on her cell phone app; she is also revising her hotel reservation, a room for one, the rest of her documents are almost ready; it’s nearly noon, and as every Sunday, she and Carrie will have lunch in the Scaramouche; but before she wants to be sure that all her documents and scripts are in her traveling tablet.

    She has spoken with Angie just yesterday evening and her daughter is eager to meet her tomorrow for dinner; Tina isn’t sure if it would be a good idea to invite Bette to join them, after all, the last time she and her ex-wife saw each other the situation wasn’t very nice. It happened when Tina and Carrie went to Los Angeles to meet Bette and tell Angie about her wedding plans.

    The meeting was polite, stern and quick; or course, there was no additional topic to talk about; Tina could see the sadness in Angie’s face and the fake smile in her ex-wife’s; she couldn’t avoid the feeling of a lump in her throat and a piece of sharp ice tearing her heart, but this was already decided; the only person who seemed enjoy the introduction, as the upcoming stepmother, was Carrie.

    The sound of steps took Tina’s concentration away from her online work; a beautiful light skin African American is approaching.

    Carrie: “Tina, baby, are you done? If we don’t hurry up, the Scaramouche will be crowded”

    Tina: “I’m almost done; I will use the afternoon to pack”

    Carrie: “I’m still not sure if I’ll be fine while you’re there alone for one week”

    Tina: “I have to do this Carrie, I need to take command of that show, if I delay, I may lose it all”

    Carrie: “couldn’t Helena wait a few days? I could go with you next week, I’m sorry I can’t go now, there is an urgent contract I have to take care of, you know that.., Tina…, what if you need to stay longer?”

    Tina: “I’ll call you, but, honestly, I don’t think so”

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    1. Good to read a story about this difficult and weird time due to COVID-19. Am i correct to assume that this story is based on that?

      Sorry to hear about Meg. I hope she will recover ????.

      I don’t trust Carrie, seems she is pretending to give Tina the”space” she need before they are married and then take up more of Tina’s space and time. And Tina is moving very fast with this woman, she mentioned in the beginning she was still nursing a broken heart. Seems she jumped to fast in this relationship and isn’t that sure about it.

      Are you going to tell us the reason behind their divorce?

      Angie, be careful, i don’t like the influence Jordi has on her.

      Great start!!! I hope you will be able to post new chapters regurlary!

      • Hi Bibi:

        I’m answering right away because I’m in the vicinity (????)

        Yes, it has to be with COVID-19, and Meg is getting better, but still, a way to go.

        I’m with you, Carrie may be a good woman but she may want to have Tina whatever it takes, and the matter of personal spaces are hard to discuss, everybody has their own opinion.

        Well, Tina apparently had pain when she decided to accept Carrie, but remember Carrie was “coming on her”, maybe with good intentions, and Tina was a little unease with her at the beginning.

        Yes, at a certain point Tina and Bette will go through their past 10 years because they’ll have time to do it.

        About Jordi and Angie…, you’ll read in the next chapter.

        Thank you, my friend, for your constant support and this valuable comment, short stories are not my specialty, but I’m trying.


    2. Interesting beginning to a Gen Q parallel story. The reason I say parallel, it is the Gen Q writings that we get the “time and space” conflicts for Tina and Bette. But it would appear that she also sees conflicts of the same nature with Carrie?

      So, Tina needs to go to LA to sort out her new job with Helena and while there she is going to see Angie and work out any “sadness” resulting from the recently announced engagement to Carrie. And based on the Sunday lunch, Tina does not appear to be smittened with Carrie in the least. Or at least her mind is not in the conversation which will be the last face to face for at least a week.

      Not a good thing that Angie and Jordi are at a Sunday afternoon “vape” party which is not known to Bette. This party does not sound like good ole teenage fun to me. It sounds like trouble – big time trouble especially for a teenager.

      You’ve got my attention. Look forward to seeing more.

      • Hi Martha:

        Thanks; however, it’s not my intention to make a parallel GQ story, I don’t like what certain people are doing of our TIBETTE Indeed, I don’t like to write stories based on the actual show; what I like are the characters and their context on those shows, but I need closure. I’m using the situation created in GQ around Bette and Tina, don’t plat to use all those new characters in GQ, perhaps only one or nothing, I’ll ride here with the OG characters.

        About the “space” issue, as I mentioned to Bibi, there are many opinions about what is that “space”, I believe that it is easier to define, deal and agree about the term if we were talking about a heterosexual couple, where the woman feels suffocated and needs her “personal space” even when the man gives her abundant economical and social stuff; it’s sometimes harder when we talk about a lesbian couple, especially when we have seen for six years (seasons) the fight, the cheat, the love the growing and finally the reconciliation. So, I’m trying to figure out what’s going.

        Tina goes to LA because of her new job, but she cares very much for her daughter, remember she’s the biologic mother, she’ll do everything for her (she even went to LA to see Bette because Angie asked her), her reasons to have dinner with Angie goes beyond Angie’s sadness,

        You’re right, Tina is not very enthusiastic about Carrie, she loves her but…, well you know.

        Yup Angie and Jordi is a vicious “thing” we’ll see what could happen

        Thanks for your comment and thanks for giving a chance to this story.


    3. 1st.
      May U continue toward FULL recovery MScully.

      Bro txtd on Fri, to say one of my Nieces has tested positive for COVID. She’s married to my Nephew and 2gether they live with Bro & my sister-in-love in one house. They will be tested (re-tested for Mellisa) 2morrow and then wait for results. So our family will at least be dealing with the science and feelings that come with revelation of this threat.

      I kinda see the vaping that Angie & “friends” as similar to covid-19. The “young” just can’t see either one visiting their lives. Could easily add alcohol, drugs and unprotected sex as threats that bring unexpected consequences should the body happen to crave the vices. This is why when ya get to my age, thankfulness is always present to remind.

      Right now, not “feeling” Tina & Carrie at all as a couple. Tina has not invested her heart nor soul into the “relationship”. She wants the badge of being married, but quick to bale if she starts feeling like there isn’t enough personal space.

      Bette, and rightly so, has closed her heart toward intimacy with Tina in any form. She’s tired of trying to figure out why she isn’t “enough” for Tina. She takes Tina at her word that she wants to marry Carrie so it’s “fine with her” at this point.

      • Hi Dumplin:

        I am very sorry about your family, many of us are struggling with this COVID-19 situation in many ways, I hope that your niece gets a very mild case, and the rest of your family could stay safe.

        Yes, vaping is not as safe as many people think, and in young it’s bad.

        Yes, Tina-Carrie, doesn’t sound very affectionate, how different when Tina went to NY for her interview and Bette waited in L.A. (S6), you could see the chemistry and love in TIBETTE. I have my idea about why Tina is doing that, is not exactly a badge of married woman, I think is something else, we’ll see in this story; and as I said, personal spaces are hard to define.

        According to Jennifer Beals, for Bette, “the love of her life is Tina and she is just too foolish to figure out how to handle that”, so as JB said that, I’m trying to figure out their situation.

        Thank you very much for your wonderful comment.


    4. Gonna reserve my comments as to whether I may or may not like this story as I’m finding that I like to read and see happy stuff at the moment.

      Nice to see you going for a short story and I will, of course, be reading.

      Stay safe and well

      • Hi SG:

        Yes, I understand your doubts, as I said short stories are not my especially, but as I’m writing the other this is all I can do.

        If it were a regular story, I could put more stuff in here.

        Well, I will update it today.

        Thank you, for reading and commenting, my friend.


    5. Carrie is subtly wanting to possess and control Tina just as Bette did I the past. Carrie is a rebound relationship which almost never, never success. Tina met Carrie at a very vulnerable time and Tina was lonely. I feel Carrie took advantage of the situation however subtly.

      Angie needs to stand on her moral grounds. Jordi is a bad influence and slippery slope. Angie has to drop Jordi like a hot rock.

      Personal note: my 84 yo father tested positive at a rehab. He was there due to an non operative leg fracture. There were 14 cases with two deaths. The only facility who had any cases in my county. I wish everyone a speedy recovery.

      • Hi Deanna:

        First of all, I’m very sorry about your dad, I hope he would recover well and totally.

        Yes, Carrie may be a nice person and have good intentions with Tina, but she doesn’t look totally sincere.

        And you’re right, she’s a rebound and as you said. those rebounds many times don’t work.

        Yes, Angie should hang to her moral grounds, and she is going to receive a lesson in that respect.

        Thank you very much for reading, sharing your experience, and for your comment.


    6. “I’m here to thank Proteonomics: Thank you so much for your sympathy for remembering me at this moment that I’m going through, for your friendship and loyalty.
      You can’t imagine how happy I was to receive your message, stating that this story would be dedicated to me.
      Know that you are a person I admire a lot, a very special friend, and receiving this surprise made my day better.
      I was diagnosed on April 20 positive covid-19, I won the disease, I don’t think I am a “miracle of science” as my doctor said to try to cheer me up. I am 54 years old, and hypertensive, but my fight is not over yet, because the sequels left by the virus were left, I am still undergoing treatments to be able to get rid of or at least have a better quality of life, I am not to escape a fight.
      Now I am asking you to stay at home because the virus is everywhere. And only isolation protects you Stay at home as long as you can, and avoid contact with other people. Even though you love them very much.
      I loved reading your story, I am an eternal Tibette.
      There are many reasons that led Bette and Tina to distance themselves, however, they need not mean the end. When there is still love, it is perfectly possible to get around problems and turn them into learning to start over and reaffirm what you feel for each other, love.
      Waiting for the next chapter
      The whole universe
      Bear hug!
      I can only say to everyone: “I won and I will win every day! “

      • Hey, my dear friend MScully:

        I’m very glad you like this story and happy that you would like to follow it. As we talked, I understand how you are feeling, this disease can attack everybody, old and young people, and in different ways.

        Thanks for your advice about staying home as long as we can; the effects are different in different persons, and we still don’t know much about that.

        Respect to the story, as you said, there are many reasons why Bette and Tina distanced from the other, and to go forward they need to evaluate the past and mend whatever it was wrong. I’m not saying that it could be done here, but with your help, we could try, my friend, because, as you said, there is still love, too much love there.

        Thank you, my friend, for stopping by and reading and commenting.


    7. Before I comment on the story – allow me wish everyone that has experienced Covid 19 well wishes & prayers. My heart & thought go out to all.

      A very interesting start – looking forward to how this will work out. Thinking that Tina gets quarantined at Bette’s & it gets really interesting between them.

      Don’t like or trust Carrie!!!!

      Thanks so much

      • Hi Collins:

        Thanks for your kind wishes and prayers for everybody who has been touch in one way or another by this COVID-19.

        I don’t like Carrie either, but mainly because she isn’t Bette, and because she’s showing a mask hiding some things.

        Well, we’ll see how this story goes, like most people we know how feels when you quarantine.

        Thank you for reading and commenting.


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