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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 22: THE CULPRIT

    Long Beach, Nassau county – New York – Bette’s beach house Sunday evening.


    The night was warm, and six young women were gathered at Bette’s beach house from before lunch; they have been working the whole day making turns to listen to and selecting the collected information by the micro spy-drones or the hacked phone. So far, they have found that Melvin is looking for Buckley and has sent his men to find her; the girls also learned that Aaron is in Canada locked up and under surveillance and constant interrogation by Melvin’s thugs, but the inactivity in Melvin’s phone suggested a quiet and enjoyable Sunday evening.

    The turn to listen to Bette’s father’s phone is now for Alice, who, in the kitchen, was playing a computer game on her tablet, and at the same time listening with the speaker on the computer system which tracks the hacked phones; the rest of the girls were making jokes about Helena and Louise in the backyard.

    Suddenly the computer alarm showed an incoming call in one of the hacked phones; Alice didn’t stop her game, and barely listened to the conversation it was Bette’s father’s phone; Melvin was talking with one of his ruffians:

    Man: “boss, we found her”

    Melvin: “are you sure?”

    Man: “yes, the woman you hired has set her up; Buckley is parking her car now”

    The mention of the last name, made Alice jump to the ceiling and put her tablet away.

    Melvin: “okay, catch her and bring her here”

    The phone call ended; Alice left the kitchen and ran to the pool to tell the others what had just happened.

    In a few seconds, all the girls came to the kitchen waiting for the news.

    Bette: (looking very worried at her girlfriend and whispering in her ear) “they may catch Buckley any moment, if that happens we must go on the run”

    Tina: (swallowing a lump in her throat) “I’ll be fine in my place, nobody could find me there”


    Midtown Manhattan – Sunday evening – on the street


    The mature woman tried not to panic when the men got closer to her.

    Faye Buckley: “I’m sorry; I have an appointment right now, maybe in another time”

    Man 1: “your appointment is canceled, you will come with us”

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      • Hola Escorpion:

        Que bien que te gusto el capitulo.

        Voy a subir el otro esta semana que viene.

        Gracias por seguir esta historia, espero que te guste la siguiente que voy a subir tan pronto esta historia se termine.



    1. So are Sharon and Joyce Wishnia dead? Attacked by whom? Melvin’s thugs? With the intent of getting Peggy?

      Looks like things are being revealed to almost everyone…. Melvin is close to guessing that Tina is alive. Peggy says the girls know everything, but do they really? Something tell me Peggy still has a lot more to reveal. Where’s Miranda? How did Melvin get on the board of B.I.T.C.H. Why is Melvin still looking to make more money?

      And it looks like Henry and William Halsey are now co-conspirators against Melvin.

      Bette needs to mature a little more….. jealousy is not a very good trait to have. It shows a huge lack of trust for Tina. How can she believe that Tina would flirt with anyone in a public place and knowing her friends would be watching and would report to Bette in an blink of an eye? She wouldn’t…. that’s just not who she is. She would not flirt in private much less public. To be protective is one thing, but to be jealous is a whole different emotion and can be detrimental to their future relationship.

      This is a great chapter….. the revelations of what is going on is intriguing…. hope to see more soon….

      Thank you.

      • Hi Martha.

        Thanks for reading this chapter.

        About Sharon and Joyce, let’s not jump to conclusions, maybe they aren’t dead, maybe they are just injured or who knows.

        It wasn’t Melvin neither any of his thugs; you should go back to page 21 in “Someplace near Central Park” where you could read that a dangerous man, a fugitive, is looking for revenge and on the next page related to the same man it says “all he has to do is shoot that rifle”

        Yes, Melvin needs to make more money before her ex-wife comes back to New York, Why? you’ll read it in the next chapter.

        You’re right, it looks like Henry and William are working together.

        Yes, Peggy is hiding more things; but Bette and Tina will find out about those (or most of those) things, through another person.

        Yes, Bette needs to mature a little more, but I couldn’t blame her for her jealousy after the ten years he thought Tina left her for a man. fortunately, Tina was able to soothe her.

        I would post the next week, hopefully, if nothing wrong happens to me,

        Thank you for your valuable comments.


    2. Hi proteonomics,

      I am so happy you posted this chapter and without problems?!

      Beautiful picture of our ladies, could clearly picture one jealous Bette. I can understand her reaction, all though a little extreme. But Tina was able to calm her down.

      My god, i hope Joyce and Sharon survided the shooting, it was clearly a attemp on Peggy’s life. And if i am not mistaken, it was that bastard Henry who did it?

      What an incredible web of stories and events, there is so much going on in this story that it is at times difficult to remember or not to confuse.

      It’s a battle between the old bad guys and the young ladies who do everything they can to expose them, but also try to get the truth from Peggy, for example.

      A great story and I enjoy it!

      I hope you are doing ok, take care my friend ♥️

      • Hello, my friend.

        I’m glad you liked the picture, it isn’t bad.

        I share your concern and hopes about Sharon and Joyce, perhaps it wasn’t that bad, or perhaps other people were the victims.

        I agree with you, Bette’s reaction was understandable, not because of Tina, but because of all that she has gone through in the 10 years, she didn’t see Tina.

        Of course, it was Henry, it’s written in the last part of the chapter, and as we see his next targets would be Bette and Melvin.

        I’m sorry, the story has many twists and questions and it is my fault that I couldn’t post more frequently, unfortunately, so many things happened in my life the last year, I’ll try to post more regularly.

        Yes, there is a generational battle and I hope the girls could learn the truth soon.

        Thank you very much, Bibi, for following this story


    3. Thanks for the update.
      This is quite a story and you really need your wit’s about you to keep up. So, here am I full concentration and how am I rewarded? A Cliffhanger !!!

      Seriously though thanks for this intriguing story, I look forward to getting away from hanging off the Cliff soon.

      • Hi SG.

        Thanks for reading the chapter.

        I am so sorry about the cliffhanger, I almost didn’t notice, it wasn’t about Bette and Tina, but it was a cliffhanger.

        For me, cliffhangers are a kind of marker in my stories, they make me stop at a certain point in the story; otherwise, I would keep writing and perhaps never posting.

        I plan to post next week, and hopefully more mysteries will be solved.

        Thanks for your comments and for following this story.


      • Hi LeighS.

        I’m sorry for the cliffhangers, as I said most of the time is my way to determine when to stop the chapter.

        The main problem is that I’m not posting as frequently as I planned, sorry again.

        Hope the story will be interesting.


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