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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 23: THE HIDDEN THINGS

    Long Beach, Nassau county – New York – Bette’s beach house Friday noon.


    Seeing Alice crying, Peggy stopped her conversation and Bette stood from her seat.

    Bette: “what is it, Alice? What’s happened?”

    Alice: “there was a shooting outside of the parking lot, someone shot Peggy’s limousine”

    Helena: “oh my God! Fortunately, we used my car”

    Bette: “who was in the limousine?”

    Alice: “James said that Joyce and Sharon asked the car to go to the Lower Manhattan branch”

    Peggy: (shouting and crying) “NOOOO! Sharon, I have to see her, how’s she?”

    Alice: “I don’t know, James didn’t tell me…, we have to talk to Dana, and tell her that her mother was shot”

    Louise: “no, we can’t, we’re not sure what really happened…, but we better go there, maybe I could help”

    The six girls and Peggy left the house heading to Central Park.

    In Helena’s car, Peggy was silently crying, and her daughter could guess the reason why her mom is in such distress.

    When she was a child, Helena was a conceited little girl, spoiled by her father, an English man much older than her mother; in those days Peggy and Wilson Peabody had a strained relationship.

    Wilson Peabody was a rich, nice, and friendly man, very protective with his family and focused on his business; Peggy on the other hand was always full of activity with her job as a lawyer and always busy with her friends, most of them women.

    When Peggy decided to travel to South America Wilson accompanied her with goodwill to help the poor people of those places; but they had to come back to the states in a hurry when Mabel was attacked; and it was here where he changed becoming a bitter and prickly man, who died 12 years after they return to New York.

    In Helena’s mind, she clearly remembers the turning point of the events; it was a dark evening when her mother and father fought, after Peggy had come late from work, Helena was in her bedroom but could hear them discussing trying to avoid shouting, in her mother’s studio.

    The next day she poked around her mother’s studio, finding a torn picture; since that day, Wilson hid in his bedroom which no longer shared with his wife; a few years later the man passed Peggy remained secluded in her studio focused on her job for several weeks. That was the image about her parents, that Helena always had in her mind; several times she asked her mother what was that she and her father argued about that night years back, but Peggy never answered.

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    1. This is really good…. you did answer a lot of questions about this story….. but I still believe that Miranda owns the buildings and the transition is to Tina whenever the time is right… In the mean time dear Melvin is chasing a ghost – one he does not know exist. Things are not going well for him.

      It appears to me that the personnel department should have been able to hold up Melvin’s hiring of Adele Channing by not allowing her on the premises until she received a full background and security check. This is a buisness of inventions which depend upon records which are maintained in the computer systems. No person should be allowed access without clearance to show they were not likely to commit corporate espionage. And it should not matter who gives the order for the hire, it should be automatic that security clearance is required or entry into the building and into the computer systems would be denied. No exceptions….

      I find that Maxine’s secrecy to be interesting. The kidnapping charge is an inventive vehicle by the writer to keep Maxine out of the country. However, its strange that an attorney would not have devised a plan, hired a team of attorneys in which to mount a defense to overcome those charges rather than wait decades for a statue of limitations to expire. Melvin had some money he had stolen, and that is the counter charges that should have been brought. There is a shorter statute of limitation on fraud than kidnapping. Oh and there are always the charges of rape which could have been address as as well.

      Had I been Maxine, Melvin would have never know who his daughter was – Bette that is. That is unless she wanted to meet him while he was in prison.

      This is a great drama and it is coming together nicely…… cannot wait to read the next chapter… write and publish as soon as you can.

      • Hi Martha.

        When I had to choose a title for this chapter I thought “all hidden things”. But then I realized not all hidden will be revealed here; so, there are more things that Maxine is hiding, and it’s clear she is hiding them, even Tina knows, because her recollection of the past facts doesn’t match what Maxine is telling them.

        Yes, Melvin has the feeling that someone dangerous to him is around.

        Background checking is necessary for many public offices and some companies, but not in this one, Melvin is hiring Adele as his personal assistant, no as standard personnel of the company. Remember this is a private company with a hierarchy.

        Obviously, Maxine could do nothing when Melvin took the money from the organization they had in South America. She was very busy rescuing her family and friends, and she had to defend herself from the mafia and all the bad guys there; Peggy, as you read, was dealing with her family problems and trying to help Kit and Bette to be out of the reach of Melvin; Mabel was very sick and there was nobody else. But I will give you a clue, Maxine didn’t fight her early way home (New York) for other reasons, we’ll find out in a couple of chapters.

        The synchronism of the time wasn’t in favor of Maxine to hide her daughter from Melvin, Bette was born before the divorce, and at least for 1 year, she was the apple of Melvin’s eyes, and later in New York, she frequented her father, as it was written in the first chapters of this story.

        But I believe that in the Maxine generation lesbians and gays suffered a lot in comparison with Bette and Tina’s generation.

        There are still some nuts to crack here, and hopefully, a wedding if our girls survive in one piece.

        Thank you Martha for your comments, always very valuable. I hope to post soon, but, as I say, sometimes things take us out of our schedule.

        Take care.


    2. Hi proteonomics,

      What a amazing chapter!

      It did answer a few questions but Maxime is still hiding some things and like Martha i wonder why Maxime didn’t hire a legal team. There must be a reason she choose to stay and await the time before she can return to NY.

      I am glad nobody was hurt by Henry but he is on the run and still dangerous, they should be careful all the time. And Melvin hiring Adele and on the search for Bette and catched her before they could remove the programm that hacked in his computer and files. Maybe it’s good that Louise is with her.

      Melvin, god what a incredible despicable man, Abusing his own daughter and trying to sell his own son all for money. And let’s not forget that he also had an eye on Bette. He is a horrible man and needs to be stopped and deserves to spend the rest of his life rotting in jail.

      Despite all the drama, there was also a ray of hope, the conversation between Bette and Tina to take the cold out of the air and that ended with Bette proposing to Tina.

      It was really a joy to read this chapter and i hope you will be able to post soon!

      Take care my friend!

      • Hi, my friend.

        I’m glad you liked the chapter; and you’re right, Maxine is still hiding things and besides the statute of limitations, she had other reasons to wait all this time before coming to NY.

        Now, about Melvin entering Bette’s office, remember the program was almost done when Tina left, and Bette only has to destroy it, but as Melvin was forcing the door to open, Louise unplugged the terminal, for which Bette was grateful, so let’s see what happened with the hacking program.

        Yes, Melvin is one of those evil guys, different than Frank Hart and Wilson Peabody, they married lesbians in the closet but they were good guys caring for their children.

        Yes, the good thing, and I’m glad that you noticed, is Bette proposing to Tina in a very unconventional way with a reel of platinum for their wedding rings (ha-ha-ha).

        As I wrote before, and you know, I wanted to post the last week when I showed you the picture, but life is unpredictable sometimes.

        Thank you very much for your refreshing comments, my friend.


      • Hola, Escorpion,

        Que bien que te agrado el capitulo, y si, tu tienes razon, Maxine no ha dicho toda la verdad, ella todavia esta ocultando cosas que se revelaran en el capitulo 25.

        Pero ya estamos serca de averiguar todos los detalles.

        Muchas gracias por tu comentario y espero subir el siguiente capitulo pronto.



      • Hi, Collins.

        Glad to read your comment, yes, lots of action, but the best is yet to come.

        There still are some hidden things that we’ll find out in a couple of chapters, and some new turns and twists are coming very soon.

        Thanks for reading and commenting my friend.

        Take care.


      • Hi SG:

        I’m late, I know, and I can’t post again.
        Yes, in each chapter new things will be discovered; but only at the end, we’ll solve all our doubts.

        I’ll try to find time to post.

        Thank you for reading and commented, my friend.


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