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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 24: THE ENGAGEMENT

    Lincoln Square, West Side – Tuesday – 9:05 am in the morning.


    The tall man forced the door breaking the lock, and scaring the secretary, but inside Bette was ready to fight for her life. The boisterous entrance of Melvin into the office ignited Bette’s anger, on her side, Louise was frightened.

    Bette: “what the hell is this, why are you making such noise and breaking my door, why can’t I have a little privacy in my own office?”

    The tall man disappointed looked at Bette and Louise very close to each other and at the disconnected computer terminal, this is not what he imagined to find.

    The brunette, on her side, didn’t even know the meaning of her own words, but they confused her father, who was expecting to find Bette with her girlfriend and hacking on his account.

    Melvin: “err…, I have been looking for you since yesterday, nobody seems to know where you are”

    Bette: “that’s bullshit, if you have something to say, just leave the message with my secretary, I’m a very busy person, what’s up with you?”

    Melvin: “just wanted to know if you’re fine; there is a crazy man outside there  shooting everybody, things are dangerous around here”

    Bette: “don’t tell me you’re concern about my wellbeing, you know that everything is your fault, you brought Henry here”

    Melvin: “no true, I didn’t”

    Bette: “yes, you did”

    While father and daughter were arguing, Adele was walking toward the terminal and Bette noticed.

    Bette: “who the hell are you? Get out of my office or I call security”

    Adele backed off.

    Melvin: “there’s no need to be harsh, Adele is my new assistant”

    Bette: “I really don’t care if she’s your new mistress, I don’t want her here”

    Melvin: “okay, we’ll leave, but I’ll talk to you later”

    The bewildered tall man left the office with several questions on his head; he knew that girl in Bette’s office, she’s the daughter of the physician who went crazy after her female lover and her newborn got missing forever many years ago.

    The man walked toward his office in silence followed by his new assistant; in his way, his mind traveled into a ghostly memory twenty-eight or twenty-nine years ago, the time Melvin went to South America because Maxine asked him to come along and he accepted; he didn’t go there to do charity as the rest of the group, he went because of Miranda, some kind of sister in law, a very rich woman, who was investing a huge amount of money to help the poor, and, of course,  he was interested in getting his hand on that money.

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    1. !Hola, Proteonomics! Me encantó la escena del consolador porque es diferente a todas no puedo creer que nos dejaras con el suspenso al final pero te perdonó porque todo va a salir bien, gracias.

      • Gracias Escorpion

        Yo se que tu entiendes que no voy a dejar en mi historia que alguien mate a Bette o a Tina,
        Esta historia esta por terminar en unos pocos dias, asi que todo el misterio va a acabar.

        Muchas gracias por seguir esta historia.


    2. Oh no…. Henry and his damn gun has got someone again… but who. What a story…. looks like they have Melvin on the ropes laying low and stripped of his advantage. Franklin is in the hospital and Halsey is really not sure what he should do. That leaves Henry having escaped from FBI custody to run amuck and cause trouble. Now he is attacking Bette in the parking lot and perhaps hitting Tina instead with gun fire. Of course Peggy and her entourage may have spotted them and fired at Henry and it maybe Henry who is shot….. who know just yet.

      Peggy would not allow harm to come to Bette or Tina on purpose. But what on earth was this whole setup for Faye Buckley to meet with Tina? And how would Tina know what happened to Miranda’s property? Well, she may be the rightful owner – Tina that is. But that would mean that Miranda is dead for certain. What interest does Faye have in the property?. Of course Faye may just want to know if Miranda is alive or dead. And if a property transfer has occurred, Miranda could very well be dead. Strange way to find these things out. Why not go to Google and inquire who owns a specific piece of property? One that Faye knew Miranda owned at one time? If it is in the hands of a trust or in Tina’s name, Miranda is more than likely dead. Mystery, mystery???

      Bette and Tina’s sexual escapades were unusual – an electronic dildo worn and used by both of them…..hard to imagine how that worked…but it seems to have worked well. Scissor, position huh? And attached by glue? Okay? Interesting….

      I like this chapter….. I cannot wait to see who got shot… write and publish as soon as you can.


      • Hi Martha:

        Someone has to stop Henry before he kills more people, We’ll see in the next chapter.

        For sure it will be blood after this incident. Unfortunately, Peggy is a little far from this scenario, but there is someone else closer.

        Tina may know nothing or too little for what Buckley is expecting but nobody knows exactly what Tina remembers.

        Not everything is on google, only what is legally registered; for example, example Peggy said in former chapters, that the buildings of the company belong to a group of families, which may be a cover to hide a real owner, which later would retrieve the goods.

        One of the reasons why Miranda is after Buckley is because of certain money or documents about the money of Buckley’s family, as it’s indicated in former chapters.

        That device that Bette and Tina used is not yet on the market.

        I hope (I always hope) to post soon.

        Take care and thanks for your comment.


    3. Hey P,

      Wow – what a story!!! There are so many elements in this story & everything is still wide open to happen.

      Great job on all the details.

      Gotta know who got shot???????

      I know what you mean about GQ season 2. It is depressing to consider that Tibette may not reunite in Endgame. Sad to think about.

      I love Laurel too & how she portrayed TK with the terrible storylines she has had. She is a terrific actress & I admire her too!!

      Post soon!!!


      • Hi, my friend

        Thanks for commenting on my story, Indeed the story is no far to its end. soon all mysteries will be solved.

        The shot was a good point to stop the chapter, so many things could happen, who was shot? Maybe nobody may be more than one person,

        To me, GQ is not the show I was waiting for, I recently found that there is a group of anti-TIBETTE followers in SM, harassing TIBETTERs and that isn’t good; I just hope nothing like that would happen here.

        Thank you very much for your comment.


    4. Thanks for another chapter. Love the storyline. The GQ producer must be the leader of the anti-tibetters. Her show will be cancelled and I will pretend it never happened. Bette and Tina are still married and a family as far as I am concerned. I will enjoy reading about them in fan fiction, which has far better writers than that show. JB knows they need Tibetters to keep the show going which is why she kept posting pictures of them together. Didn’t see any pictures of her with Bette’s new love interest, and I wish I didn’t see the picture of Laurel and Rosie.

      • Hi Cathy

        I agree it is a low-level show. There is no even a sense of friendship among the new characters, there is only sexual display sometimes almost on the edge of porno. We only see that connection that friendship and fraternity among the OG characters and, even though divorced I still see the love between Bette and Tina. How Bette suffers feeling Tina far from her (Tina made her feel alive, which mean now she feels down, every sexual encounter for her is just physical no light in her soul), and Tina is like feeling remorse by telling Bette her life plans, why she keeps going on them if it causes pain, and you saw it in the show, pain in Tina’s face by telling Bette she’ll marry Carrie.

        Thanks for reading this chapter.


    5. Hi proteonomics,

      I so agree with you on GenQ, i don’t have a good feelling about season two. How i hate what they have done to Tibette in the first season. Both JB and LH are big protectors of Tibette, so i will try to keep some small hope that they can do the same as in the OG, bring them back together.

      What a great chapter and i love how the girls are able to destroy Melvin’s plans, the poor bastard is licking his wounds but still he will come up with something else to try to get all the money.

      And really i love all the technological gadgets that you let the girls develop, really great to read about it!

      And the intimate scene with the dildo, never heard or read about something like that!

      The end, i totally understand you stopped at that point but now we have to wait how that turns out, will Tina or Bette be hurt or was there someone else who shot Henry first?! And damn how is it possible that it is so simple for them to track Peggy and the girls? What ever happens, the girls need protection 24 yours a day!

      I hope you are able to post soon!

      • Hi, my friend.

        Yes, GQ is like a kick in my teeth. To me, the show is not only anti-TIBETTE but also disgusting and shows our community as a group of shallow horny women without commitment, selfishness, and lack of communication to face our common problems, I really feel sorry for the great actresses that we have in the show and have to follow the ‘weird’ scripts.

        About the chapter, I was a little concerned about the flies (a flies race ha-ha-ha) but I have to put it here.

        The famous dildo, as I said, is not yet on the market, remember this story has a part of sci-fi.

        I hope the intimate dildo scene was not too bad.

        I hope I’ll post soon, FYI, I already wrote the aftermath of the shooting, and in some way, no many changes in the characters.

        New things will be revealed in this new chapter I am writing now.

        Thank you for reading and commenting, Bibi.


    6. I have no idea why I am so late to the joy of reading this Chapter but, hey, better late than never!

      Agree with all comments and your responses about the new Show and will be pretending it never happened.

      Thanks for a great Chapter looking forward to the next as soon as…… not going to mention the Cliffhanger !

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