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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 25-A: AFTERSHOCK (part 1)

    Midtown – Friday – 2:30 pm – Peggy’s Restaurant.


    It was like a slow-motion movie, like a time dilation; everything happened at the same moment.

    Tina was scared, she knew that crazy Henry would shoot Bette, and she couldn’t allow her beloved to die; in her mind, though fictitiously, that happened ten years ago, now she couldn’t live without her fiancé.

    The blonde jumped in front of Bette to protect her with her body.

    At the same time, in a parked car, Buckley followed the scene. She doesn’t care if Henry kills Melvin Porter’s daughter but, she needs Tina alive, her family’s money, her inheritance depended on finding Miranda, besides Faye Buckley still has a crush on her.

    Faye Buckley: “that man is going to shoot the wrong person.”

    Dawn Dembo: (with her hand on her gun) “I know.”

    Faye Buckley: (opening the door of the car) “I can’t allow that.”

    Henry had his finger on the trigger and was pointing at Bette, then everything happened simultaneously, a shout disrupted his concentration, and Tina jumped in front of her beloved fiancé.

    Faye Buckley: “noooo…!”

    The crazy man shot…, the bullet impacted Tina.

    The bleeding blonde fell in Bette’s arms; Henry shot again, this time, Buckley fell in a pool of blood; Dawn Dembo ran toward Henry and shot. The crazy man staggered and finally fell to his knees to the ground, dropping his gun and hitting his head on the sidewalk.

    Dawn ran toward Buckley; the woman was still alive; then, turning around, she looked at the couple; Bette was crying, but Tina, bleeding profusely, was able to seat on the floor.

    Dawn Dembo: “are you two okay.”

    Bette: “she’s wounded.”

    Dawn checked Tina’s left bleeding arm, the bullet was probably inside close to the shoulder, for a few inches it didn’t enter through her chest, fortunately, it didn’t happen, but they have to stop the hemorrhage or the blonde would bleed until dead.

    Dawn Dembo: “we must make a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.”

    With the help of Dembo, Bette took her handkerchief, tore it into two pieces, and tied it around Tina’s arm, above and below the wound. The blonde was shocked and in pain, and couldn’t speak. Bette took her phone and called Louise, while Dembo did the same by calling 911 and following, she made another call to the police.

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    1. Oh, P…. a cliffhanger….

      So everyone made it out alive…. Peggy needs to see Faye Buckley and confront her with what she knows. My guess is that Melvin or someone has tied up Buckley’s inheritance to get her to work for him or them. Buckley suspects that Miranda is alive and so she is trying to play both sides – one the get her inheritance and the the other to have another chance with Miranda. But Mabel also is in love with Miranda… so their may be some more drama when and if Miranda shows up. And there is Maxine…. who does Maxine love? And Peggy? Is she attracted to Sharon or does she carry an old torch for Maxine or maybe Faye.

      I do want Tina and Bette to get over this trauma. I want Melvin to get trapped and get his just reward for his treachery and horrible acts. I want the buisness to be rescued from those who are slowly tearing it apart. And finally, I want everyone to be reunited with their chosen lovers and family and live happily ever after…

      Thanks for the update of this chapter. Keep writing this is coming together nicely…..

      • Hi Martha:

        Yes, this time nobody died. Buckley’s family lost their money in a legal way; though Miranda (if were alive) could change that. and yes she is looking for another chance with Miranda, but again, not sure if she’s alive.

        The situation of Mabel is more complicated; yes Miranda was her old flame, I guess not the only one. Now, who Maxine is in love with? Good question that may be answered in chapters 26 or 27,

        I didn’t post the whole chapter because it was going to be too long, but the next part is finished, just looking for a picture. Your question is answered in chapter 25-b.

        BTW, there was no cliffy.

        Thank you very much for reading and commenting.


    2. ¡Hola, Proteonomics! Que bueno que estés de vuelta me encantó cuando ví una publicación me sorprendió porque pensé que a ninguna le iba a caer la bala,gracias y esperando el siguiente capítulo con ansias y más pág.

      • Hola Escorpion

        Bueno, hay una poderosa razon en esta historia para que Tina haya sido herida: Mabel.

        La continuacion esta escrita, pero me falta la foto, asi que va a demorar unos dias.

        Muchas gracias por seguir esta historia.



    3. Hey proteonomics,

      So good to see a update and without a cliffhanger! Thank you for that! And i agree 100% with what you said in the author note!

      Phew, nobody died and survided it, sadly Henry survived too, i am not sure i trust the FBI fooled again by him so he can finish his job.

      Poor Tina, jumping in front of Bette to avoid Bette being killed because she couldn’t Imagine to live without Bette and decided that she should be killed, very sad and brave of her. But i imagine Bette thought the same. Gladly Tina survided and wasn’t that critical injured.

      Mabel have found out her daughter is alive and feeling hurt that her family didn’t tell her, given her traumatic past she had to deal with and her relapse several times i can understand that they didn’t say anything about Tina to her, to protect her fragile mind.

      Your Bette is a very caring and devoted girlfriend, she doesn’t shy away to ask Tina what she is feeling, she saw that Tina was struggling with something and asked her instead of ignoring it, resulting in both of them going to talk to a professional therapist.

      Very slowly the pieces of the puzzle are falling together but we are not there yet.

      Thank you my friend for the update. Take care of yourself!

      • Hi, my friend.

        Always waiting for your valuable comment. Yes you like me are on the same side with respect to TIBETTE and GQ.

        Even though I don’t like Henry, is good that he survived, because he’s the door to the other criminals.

        The reason why Henry failed to kill someone was the diversion: the cry of Buckley, and then the Dembo’s shoot.

        So many traumatic experiences, so much sadness from their past. The human mind is so fragile, any little hit may cause terrible effects, triggering a bunch of responses and produce huge damage.

        Given their story since 11 years ago, I couldn’t make a different Bette, she loves Tina very much.

        Still, there are more pieces to finish the puzzle, but we are very, very close.

        Thanks, my friend, thank you for your kind comments.

        Take care.


    4. Great chapter. Some of my favorite lines:

      Peggy: “that’s not true, and you know, we all wanted to go there, to help, we probably underestimate those criminals, and we were victims of our arrogance, but what is done, is done, and we must keep going.” So agree.

      The glassy hazel eyes looked deep on the dark ones.“I won’t sleep well if I have to stay far from you.” I melted.

      cute and attractive in her butch way; Kennard was a win-win girl. 100% agree

      • Hi, Kittu:

        Wow, interesting.

        But remember, Maxine took care of Tina when Miranda disappeared, and Bette is Maxine’s daughter

        Thank you very much for your comment and for following this story.

        Take care, Kittu.


    5. Hi P,

      Great chapter – Westy got it right with the fav lines – totally agree.

      The shorter chapter seemed to work very well & still left room for some suspense!!!

      Great job overall & waiting for those last few pieces!!!


      • Hi, my friend,

        Finally, you’re back, I’m waiting for the doctor’s story. No pressures, take your time.

        I’m very glad you liked the chapter, a short one. Believe me, it was hard to stop the chapter here; besides the whole 25 was already written. But it’s fine, I like to write short chapters.

        Yes, Westy got it nicely. But it wasn’t my intention to put a cliffy, (I couldn’t help it).

        Almost ready to post again.

        Thank you for your support and comment.

        Take care.


      • Hi, SG.

        How are you doing, my friend.

        I knew I shouldn’t write the last line, But it was like my hand type an automatic statement. Sorry, there was no cliffhanger intended.

        I’m almost ready to post the new one, I’m looking for the picture and I’ll post.

        Take care, my friend.


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