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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 25-B: AFTERSHOCK (part 2)

    Lincoln Square, West Side – twelve days later – Monday – 9:30 am – Bette Porter’s office.


    With an arm sling on her left side, Tina was in her office searching for something on her computer. The common door with Bette’s office was open on purpose by the brunette, so she could watch her fiancé’s health all the time. Last week, Louise has done a surgical revision on Tina’s scar; the procedure took place in her private practice with a very successful outcome, but the blonde still needs to wait for a few weeks to be totally healed.

    The girls have had three meetings with Dan Foxworthy. The therapist told them that their emotional distress comes from their early childhood. In the first two sessions, Dan discovered that the root of most of their problems came from the separation from their mothers, the biological mother for Bette, and the subrogate mom for Tina. Dan and the girls agreed to meet regularly twice a week.

    At home, Bette and Tina had time to talk about the last events. One thing that has them puzzled was the presence of Dawn Dembo at the crime scene. From the information they received from Captain Tasha Williams, through Alice, they learned that Dembo was with Buckley in a car in the parking lot; and, after Henry shot Buckley, Dembo shot Henry, probably saving the couple and Buckley. The amazing thing was that despite their history, Dawn Dembo walked toward them to help; later, she talked with the police without any problem as if they knew who she was.

    Tina and Bette asked Maxine about what Dembo told them from the events in Santa Martha ten years ago “it wasn’t my idea” were Dembo’s words. All Maxine’s told them by phone, was, that she knew Dembo’s mother, but not her daughter very well. In those conversations, the old lawyer tried to focus their talk on her big concern about Bette and Tina’s security.

    The brunette asked Peggy too, but this one said that she didn’t know Dembo at all, so if it wasn’t Dembo’s idea of deceiving Bette ten years ago, whose idea it was.

    Today is the first day at the office for both girls after the shooting. At the company, they found new security measures and more guards in the building. The good thing was the absence of Melvin, the director of the board wasn’t coming to work since two weeks ago when an FBI team came looking for him, and the tall man left the building through the back door.

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    1. Wow… that was a surprise….. nice birthday gift for Bette and for Tina. I wonder why Tina is so reluctant to get to know Mable? They will may never have a close relationship, but I would think that Tina would have a curiosity as to who this woman is. She is the mother to Louise, her only sister. She gave her 50% of her DNA… Why is Tina just avoid any causal relationship with her. Maybe Maxine can help these two to at least be friendly with one another.

      So Melvin is probably in Canada… Wonder who this sorcerer is? Pretty bad when you need to get help from a card reader. Looks like help for Melvin just wasn’t in the cards. And it foretold that Tina (heir to Melvin’s arch-enemy) was already bonded to his own heir Bette Porter…. and together they would bring his downfall. Yeah!!!

      Can’t wait to see the next installment of this story….. maybe the rest of the secrets will be revealed.

      Thank you for the chapter…

      • Hi Martha,

        Glad you liked the chapter.

        I don’t think Tina is reluctant to know Mabel, I think she’s insecure and afraid she couldn’t give her biological mother the love she deserves. It’s a psychological problem, but maybe Maxine could help.

        Yes, Melvin should be far away now. And you’re right, when you need help from a card reader this is no telling what you want to hear (ha-ha-ha).

        Yes, indeed, the prophecy/curse that Marcus’ mother did is happening.

        I hope to post soon, but right now my mind is on the Olympics in Tokyo.

        Thank you for reading ad commenting.


    2. ¡Hola, Proteonomics! Me encantó el capítulo porque por fin Bette y Tina volvieron a ver a Maxine y quiero ver cómo Bette se comporta con su hermano,gracias esperando con ansias el siguiente capítulo.

      • Hi, Collins:

        Thanks for your kind words.

        Yes, waiting to write and read what will happen with Melvin.

        Mysteries will be even in the last chapter, my friend. But in the end, all the mysteries will be solved.



    3. Hi proteomics,

      You know why I was only able to read your story now, but I still want to apologize for taking so long.

      Beautiful picture of our ladies and how nice that they are both processing the emotional and physical events. I love you Bette, so caring and concerned about Tina.

      Melvin uses a card reader, wow, I never expected that. He can run away but in the end he will be punished for everything he ever did.

      And finally, Maxime is back in the country, what great news for Bette and Tina. I look forward to their reunion and their conversations.

      A great story and I hope you keep writing it for a long time.

      • Hi, my friend:

        I know what wonderful moments have you been living these last days, It is fine, as I told you the story is still here, and don’t need to apologize for anything.

        Yes, my Bette is so caring and Tina is very in love with her (opposite to what some people want us to believe in a certain show which season-2 starts next week)

        Melvin will get what he deserved, the card reader gave him the possibility of surrender, which would help him, but the man is taking the worse way.

        Yes, Maxine is back and now many secrets will be exposed.

        Thank you, my friend.


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