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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 5: THE CONTEST

    Tina and her friends were seated on one side of the room, and it was close to there that Bette dragged the group escorting her.

    Sharon: “your attention please, today we have a visit from the mediation committee of our company, I will give the floor to Dr. Elizabeth Porter, who has an important announcement to make”

    The response was obvious, applauses, cheers. 

    People: “aww!! Haaa!! Whee!! Yay!! (and of course blown kisses) Mwah!!”

    Bette: “hi everybody, we are here to announce a competition for excellence in creativity and design, you can register a project you wanna make as invention with Dr. Sharon Fairbanks and at the end of the semester, on June, when the invention is ready, the winners will be proclaimed, the prizes will be posted in BP on Monday morning, and we want you to know that you’re not alone in this competition, because anytime you need help to execute the project you just have to email James Jensen or Helena Peabody and we’ll be happy to help and advise you”

    People: (again) “aww!! Haaa!! Whee!! Yay!! (and of course blown kisses) Mwah!!”

    Bette: “in the meantime, we’ll make some raffles, and I’ll leave Alice with you”

    In the meanwhile Bette’s eyes located Brenda and walked toward her table, she noticed that Sam had her arm holding on Tina’s arm…’ yes, she’s a ladies girl too’.

    Bette: “hi Brenda, how are you doing?”

    Brenda: (flushed and smiling) “better now that you are here”

    Bette: (smiling) “hi girls, Maura, and you are”

    Jane: “Jane”

    Brenda: “Jane is new, as it is Christina, you met her on Friday”

    Bette: “yes, I remember”

    Brenda: “and these are Kate and Samantha”

    Bette: “nice to see you all, again I wanna tell you that you can count with my help and advice for your projects, just call me (handing some cards) here is my office number, just let me know what you need”

    Brenda was amazed, how nice was this Elizabeth Porter, and suddenly she spoke.

    Brenda: “we have a little party, rather a gathering at my place, women-only this evening (writing an address in a piece of paper) here is the address, please come if you’re free”

    Bette took the paper.

    Bette: “thank you, Brenda, I have something to do but I’ll be there a little late”

    Brenda: “come anytime, we’ll be there”

    When Bette left, Tina was flabbergasted.

    Tina: “why did you invite her?”

    Brenda: “she is nice and she can help us with our projects”

    Tina: “you didn’t think on Maura”

    Maura: “it’s fine with me if she is there, (holding Jane’s hand) I really don’t care”


    Brooklyn – Bushwick Friday evening – Brenda’s apartment


    The gathering was nice and the girls were eating food and drinking some cocktails and juices, Bette hasn’t arrived so far, the music was playing and Maura and Jane were dancing slow songs, Kate was drunk and spilled some wine on Tina’s shirt and pants, the short brunette girl was clearly infatuated with the blonde, Tina wasn’t mad, but she decided to go to the restroom and try to clean her clothes.

    At that moment Bette arrived at the little party bringing a lot of Chinese food and a bottle of red wine, she was well-received by all the girls, but she didn’t see Tina. A little disappointed, she asked Brenda where the bathroom was, to wash her hands.

    Tina was in underwear and bra distracted cleaning her attire when the door opened and closed again, she heard whoever it was, has locked the door from inside.

    Tina: (turning to the door) “okay, Kate, I told you, I don’t do relationships…”






      • Hola Escorpion:

        Que bien que te gusto el capítulo, como te dije ayer, estaba listo, pero tenía que hacer la foto.

        La foto demora porque tengo que buscar las tomas precisas para expresar lo que quiero mostrar, Esta vez no tuve tiempo de arreglar la foto como me hubiese gustado.

        Escorpion, si el capitulo te gusta podrías clasificar lo con estrellas 5 estrellas si te gusta o 1 estrella si no te gusta.

        Bueno, yo espero que el capitulo no haya parecido muy grosero, sino más bien algo gracioso. Espero volver a subir otro antes de los 15 días.

        Muchas gracias por leer y comentar.


      • Hi SG:

        It is great to have you here again, you really were missed.

        This is not a cliffhanger, is just a tease, Bette is not a predator she entered to the restroom because she wanted to wash her hands and Tina forgot to close the door. I think Bette is in protective mode with this bold blonde, and that’s the reason she locked the door.

        Now is when Bette has to show Tina that she is not a predator, and Tina must receive the message.

        Well, as I told before, I’ll post every 2 weeks +/- 2 days, but in case I have time, I’ll post more frequently.

        Well, my friend, thank you for reading and commenting.


    1. Hi proteonomics,

      Great chapter!!!

      So Bette went back to see Randy and had her heart broken because she believed Randy moved on to a man who seems to be her brother? Or did i misread? And she was sent away back to the USA before she was able to contact Randy.

      Sad and disturbing to read what a bastard Melvin is and what he did to Kit. I hope he gets what he deserve!

      There are so many (hidden) connections and secrets between different people and i am sure we will get to discover what they are and why Maxime didn’t tell anything about Tina to Bette ten years ago, she knew Bette was really serious about Randy (Tina). I am trying to figure it out why they hold back information and are secretive about everything. What are the links i am missing? I am sure you will tell us that through the story.

      Bette is intrigued by Tina and for now doesn’t think she is Randy but is sure Tina is Super Girl. They will be both very surprised when they discover that they are Alex (Bette) & Randy (Tina).

      Tina needs to listen to Brenda that Bette is kind and not the cold hearted bitch Maura described her to be.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Great comment.

        Wow, you read well, Dawn Dembo said Marco or something like that, and Tina’s stepbrother is Marcus, well as I said, we can’t misjudge Randy, just because that is what they made Alex belief; Tina will have her opportunity to remember what happened ten days ago when Tina-Randy was almost suicidal because she thought Alex has died.

        Now, everything that happened to Alex, like the police taking her to the consulate and the deportation, it wasn’t a coincidence; but that is another story that will leave for farther next chapters.

        Yes, there are many links, many side stories, those will come slowly and in an ordered way (I hope) when Bette and Tina start digging on their pasts and on those evil men who are robbing the money of the company.

        About Bette thinking that Tina is not Randy, it is because she has an idealistic image about Randy, the same Tina, she tries to compare Bette with Alex and that is only partially possible, everybody grows and adapt the best way we can to survive our sorrows.

        And yes, here Brenda is a nice person.

        Thanks, my friend for reading and commenting.


    2. I figured that Marco is Marcus the step-brother. The age difference was consistent and the physical description was also. I also believe that Maxine called the police to have Bette stopped from seeing Tina. She knew that Bette had met Tina and was head over heels about her. She probably knew that Tina thought Bette was dead also. She also thought in the flashback that these two were too young and not the right timing to be together. Sending the police to put her on a plane back to New York under the care of Kit and aunts was the right move to make. Maxine also probably arranged for Marcus to go and be with Tina in her grief. Remember, Maxine advised Tina not to look at history but proceed with the present and the future. Maxine will be found to have been the culprit for allowing Tina to believe Bette was dead and this would be another thing she will have to explain.

      As to Denbow? Rather low line of crap just to get a date with Bette. I hope Bette and Tina get all this out of the way….But probably not at this party they are at as the chapter ends. Too many people. Bette and Tina need to be in a place where they are alone so they can scream and shout and get all their misunderstanding aired out. This is something that is between them and they are the only ones who can come to the truth about what happened 10 years ago.

      This story just gets better and better. Reveal a little and introduce more intrigue. Great Chapter….waiting with baited breath for the next one.

      • Hi Martha:

        Wow, you always go ahead of me in this story. You are right.

        As Bibi said, Marcus = Marco.

        And again you got it, Maxine planned that, but not because of the time, it is right that they were very young, but the main thing is that they were in a country in war, and Maxine was trying to protect Tina’s life (Bette and Tina will discover that in farther chapters).

        Now, Maxine didn’t know Tina thought Bette-Alex died, as you’ll read in the next chapter, that was Bette’s mistake, but Maxine had to protect both girls.

        Marcus was watching Tina by Maxine’s orders because Maxine didn’t want Bette and Tina to know the existence of the other.

        Dawn Dembo took the picture when Maxine learned that Tina was in very bad shape and because she wanted Bette to be safe in the States. But as usual, the dumb and egoistic Dawn exaggerated the things because she wanted Bette for herself, as you pointed.

        Now, Bette and Tina are adults at this point and they have grown up, they have changed, though, in essence, they are the same. But as I said to Bibi, when you suffer being young you mature and adapt to survive your sorrows and bad experiences.

        Currently, they both feel close and attracted to each other, but they don’t even recognize the candor and sweetness of Alex and Randy in those Bette and Tina; now their mission is to find each other and rebuild their feelings. And you’re right it will come the time when Tina and Bette will have to explode and show their feelings to each other, and that it’s gonna be emotional, hot and…well we better wait to chapter 8 or 9.

        Oh my God, I better stop or I’ll finish the story in this comment. You’re really very smart Martha.

        Well, it is possible that I would post, this time, sooner than in two weeks.


    3. P, I think you have explained possibly accidentally how Randy and Alex fell in love in such a short period of time. I am one who do not really believe in love at first sight. I think true love comes with knowledge of the other person. I do believe in an intense attraction which many interpret as love. I think that Randy and Alex were not in love with each other but in love with their idea or image of each other. Having this type of love does not reduce the amount of pain which one feels when separated abruptly and for unknown reasons. Nor does it diminish their idealistic view of what life would have been like had they not been separated. In fact as time goes by, the mind generally will repress any bad impressions and glorify the good ones. True love occurs when reality replaces the image and the bond and the attraction remains or even intensifies. For that to happen it takes some amount of time and a significant amount of association. The moving of the relationship from the youthful image of desire and admiration to having actual knowledge is what forms true love. Knowledge of how your lover responds to their environment – what makes them angry? what causes them to become courageous and defend their principles? what are their principles? What makes them laugh or cry or be affectionate? What makes them honorable or dishonorable? How do they treat others and how do they like to be treated? And when your own qualities and goals compliment or can coexist and grow in maturity with your lover’s and there exist the appropriate chemistry, then a love bond will occur. The more you know and understand and accept, the deeper the relationship will become. The creation of love between two people is a dance of interactions between the two. Those who have true love, this dance will last as life time and intensify as they face their day to day experiences together. For your Tina and Bette, there is chemistry for certain – there is a brief history and hopefully you will lead them to a mature adult reality to replace the image of what they have of each other which will result in true love. Please, just let them both open their minds and really hear what the other has to say. That is the beginning of a solid foundation for many years of happiness. They truly are more alike than they are different. But they have enough differences to make them truly interesting.

      You are doing an outstanding job…look forward to future chapters.

      • Hi, Martha:

        Again you went to one of the main points in this story.

        Yes, two intense and vivid days by two lesbian girls, brings the first step in a possible relationship, the attraction, but immediately it came to the physical consummation with an intense emotional connection, the trust, and confidence, sure that is a lot and sure that, though not frequent, it’s possible; however that is just the beginning of something major, the falling in love, the commitment, and the life together.
        But, it didn’t happen, because Randy thought that Alex has died and Alex, that Randy was with a boy, and she was deported to the States. As you pointed, they idealized the memory of each other.

        But now they find each other again, and even they don’t believe or can’t believe or just they don’t wanna believe, that Tina=Randy or Bette=Alex, that dormant initial feeling they had 10 years ago, is still there and now, the proximity, like Bette, seeing a blonde in the subway, in the park and finally meeting her at the Planet, has awaked in her that old feeling for Randy; same happens to Tina, the sensation of having Alex close the meeting with her at the Planet and seeing her at the dining center of her job, is making her crazy about her own feelings.

        Yes, it’s now, went things may end well if they are careful, but with all that is going on, that is to be seen.

        Thanks, Martha for your very interesting comments.


    4. proteonomics:

      Great chapter, lots of infomation in it, but mostly heart broken.

      First, no doubt Melvin was still an asshole in this story, how could he do such thing to Kit? And Kit was a great woman, after being through such horrible experience she was still a kind woman than Bette. To Tina, she was like her other sister.

      Bette, Bette, Bette…why being such an idot and a pain in the ass? I admit anyone would broke down when they saw their girlfriend was being with another man, but how could she not confront her directly? Randy thought she’s dead and she’s every right to continue her life. After all, they didn’t share their real name.

      After that, how could Bette acclaimed Tina ‘rude’ and ‘arrogant’? She’s the one being a bad boss and even treated James and Alice like nobody. Thanks for Brenda for telling some good words to Tina, she has to know these two belong to each other on the very begin.

      Jez, what a cliffhanger, I have to scream in front of my phone like a idiot. Remeber that before you open the door, say nothing and make sure who’s behind it. I cannot wait to see Bette’s reaction and what will happen next, It was so attmepting.

      Great story, proteonomics, complicate but very intereting, the interaction between people, each character’s personalities (especially the asshole side of Bette, slowly lead us to the next plot of the story. The entire time line is getting bigger and bigger, I’m sure you will give us a satifying ending for these two. No doubt, they are another star crossed lover.

      It’s great to have you here in Lesfan, I do hope that all writers and readers can keep support Tibette especially after the new TLW is coming out. For me, there is no one and no way to seperate these two. It’s a great story and you have to continue.

      Thanks for the new chapter, please post soon.


      • Hi CJ;

        Yes, I know there are some heartbroken here, but it’s needed because we need to find out why Bette sometimes is a little heartbreaker player even though most of the time she is compassionate and a really good person.

        About Bette-Alex’s broken heart, indeed, she was broken, but she didn’t have the time for finding Tina-Randy and ask for an explanation, remember, she was taken leaving the boarding school for the police and sent directly to her country, she didn’t have time to look for explanations.

        About Tina arrogant, well, that is how, many times, people see the ones who don’t bow their heads to the big guys or gals as in this case. Remember that at this point Maura has poisoned Tina’s mind, and having sad and hard experience in her pass, that is the way in which Tina reacts, to protect her friends apparently as an arrogant girl.

        About your last paragraph, well I’m also asking myself, how this site will evolve after December 8th, will the writers keep making TIBETTE stories? Will some of them change into some other characters’ stories? Will the readers would prefer other protagonists different than Tina and Bette? Who knows, but I think I’m going to continue with TIBETTE stories as long as I can.

        Thank you very much for your kind words and your comment, my friend.


    5. P

      Was there really trust between Randy and Alex when neither revealed their true name during their time together? Did Alex trust Randy when she told her that she had a ticket on a ship going who knows where? I see attraction, chemistry, euphoria, desire and maybe even some cosmic destiny. But trust? Not so much.

    6. Hi Martha:

      In my opinion, if we are considering Bette and Tina as grown-up persons, then we should say that there is not trust, but Alex and Randy, they were teenagers with lots of emotional problems, they wanted solace and understanding, perhaps initially they didn’t even think to go farther in their relation, but, as in many teenagers, they just trusted each other with the naivety of some young people do, and the thinks ended like that.

      Thinking of that, If instead of meeting each other in that party, they had met an older unscrupulous person, they could probably be abused, because, with all the load on their shoulders for all the problems they had, they were defenseless.

      But definitely, at the end of that day, they had some big attraction for each other.

      Thanks for this comment, Martha.


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