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    B.I.T.C.H. Chapter 7: FALLING FOR HER

    Bette: “I’ll talk to her…, shit, that’s the price we have to pay to keep Lower Manhattan safe”

    Alice: “what are we gonna do now?”

    Bette: “we’ll go to Lower Manhattan on Friday…, I’ll talk to her”


    Lower Manhattan, Broadway and Prince Street- Friday.


    Tina is working in a new project in her office when a phone call from Aaron’s secretary surprised her; she was called to Aaron’s office, so she did what she was told, she called her lawyer Joyce Wischnia and also emailed Sharon, so she waited several minutes until she received another call from Aaron’s office, at that moment, fortunately, Sharon entered to her office.

    Sharon: “Tina, have you called Joyce?”

    Tina: “yes, I’m waiting for her, but I have to go because they called me again”

    Sharon: “fine, I’ll go with you”

    Tina: “he’s gonna make you a big problem”

    Sharon: “he can’t, I’ll go with you”

    In Aaron’s office they have to wait outside, because Aaron had a visitor, in the waiting time, Joyce showed up and she entered with Tina in Aaron’s office.

    Aaron: “Dr. Wischnia, what are you doing here?”

    Joyce: “accompanying my client”

    Aaron: “this meeting is a matter of the company not about the false accusation against me”

    Joyce: “I’m sorry Aaron, you are a dangerous person”

    Aaron: “I won’t allow you to call me that”

    Joyce: “fine, as you wish, but I’ll stay at my client’s side”

    Aaron: “okay, Miss Kennard, I have done an investigation on the charge you face for cheating against the company and we found prof in your computer”

    Joyce: “one moment, the charges you file against my client, as well as the one she filed against you, are in the hands of the mediation committee, you have no right to do any investigation”

    Aaron: “there is where you’re wrong; I have a document authorizing me to do this investigation”

    Joyce: “a document? And who signed that? Can I see it?”

    Aaron: “it was signed by Dr. Elizabeth Porter, and you could see the copy”

    Joyce checked the copy of the document and showed it to Tina, who was very angry; again the stunning brunette has made fun of her… ‘Why Dr. Porter, why did you mount all that circus, making me believe that you cared about me, that you were interested in me… why are you doing this…’

    Aaron: “I warn you that my report will be used as a cornerstone in this cheating process against you, I ordered the confiscation of your files”

    Joyce: “you can’t do that”

    Aaron: “yes I can”

    Joyce took her cell phone and called Bette’s office, explaining what was happening in the branch. There was an argument by phone, between Bette and Aaron and Bette and Joyce, until finally, Bette answered that she was going to be there in the branch in a few minutes.




      • Hola Escorpion:

        Siento haberte dejado intrigada, pero yo tendría que escribir muchas más páginas para no dejarte en suspenso y la verdad eso me tomaría más tiempo, y yo con las justas puedo subir 20-25 paginas por vez, pero solo falta un capitulo mas para que el sufrimiento se acabe.

        Ojala que puedas soportar el siguiente capítulo es un poco agridulce como este.

        Gracias por seguir la historia.


      • Hi SG (Sassy Grant not Super Girl)

        That was funny, I didn’t notice SG.

        I’m very sorry that these chapters were frustrating for you, I would like to write longer chapters but as you can imagine time is short and I’m still recovering from surgery and new things in my job, so I found the way to post every 2 weeks, but I can’t upload long chapters as in my former story.

        Now, the next chapter is the last sweet-bitter one, then the trend changes. Just a little bit of patience.

        Anyway, I’m glad you still like my story, and I hope to post it soon.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.


    1. Hi proteonomics,

      Sweet and a bitter end were you saying?!

      Poor Tina, you make it very hard for her to trust Bette. I hope she remembers what Bette told her about in confidence about needing Aaron for the next few weeks. But i do make a guess, that she will remember at this moment.

      Poor Bette, trying so hard to earn Tina’s trust and now this.

      Louise found out about Tina being her sister, but have to hold the secret in. All those secrets will create so much anger and hurt between Bette and Tina, Maxime and Kit. I know they try to keep Tina safe but this will come out with a loud bang and it will take some time before the dust settle down.

      Amazing chapter and i am looking forward for more sweet and less bitter!

      Thank you my friend 😘

      • Hi Bibi:

        Don’t think I’m cruel with Tina and Bette, they have to know each other, they are new persons for the other and they have many things to figure out.

        Yes, Mabel is Tina’s real Mother and her great friend Maxine saved the baby as she promised, and Kit said; all of that will be clarified at the end, for now, I don’t want to make a mess giving too much information that could confuse

        yes, you’re right, Tina will know what to do, she is not a naive girl and she knows what she wants and how to proceed, and the same goes for Bette, yes she will keep the secret.

        Well, we think it could be hard for them to find the truth, but all those secrets are connected and also connected with Melvin and his friends, don’t worry once our team of superheroes (hahaha I’m joking here) is complete they will discover many things working together.

        I’m very sorry for the sweet and bitter, it will last another chapter but then the trend will change, just, I may try to make sweeter the next chapter but I can do nothing for the bitter part.

        Thanks, my friend for reading and commenting.


    2. proteonomics

      You have to stop doing that! I’m so happy thay finally, finally these two have sense the strong feeling for both of them and I can see that Bette was trying so hard to gain Tina’s trust, but her signature brought all the things back to the beginning again, ahh!

      This was an amazing chapter, you described the complicated of Bette’s situation and how she wanted to help Tina but also needed to care for the others who worked for her. Though I am in team Tina, I have to agree with Bette for not facing Aaron directly, it’s a tough game and very hard to make a choice, I hope that son of a bitch won’t do anything to our Tina.

      Please, please, please, let Alice and Randy quickly noticed their true identity, it’s a torture seeing them so close but unable to know each other! This was way more like The Most Distant Course, But I have faith in you, proteonomics, due to the situation of the new show, I trust you that you will sooonvring our favorite couple back together.

      What a great chapter! Always long and guaranteed, please post soon, enjoy your story so much.


      • Hi CJ:

        Yes, I must stop teasing, you’re right, but the general story is already written, I’m just filling the edition and details.

        Yes, Tina and Bette are knowing each other, Bette has the advantage that she knows Tina = SG (Super Girl not Sassy Grant) and she is using that to know more about her; Tina, on her side, knows very well how to play this game, she’s not naive, and she will do something soon.

        Well, Aaron will do something to Tina, but you’ll see.

        And they are together, don’t you see the glow around them (this is a figurative way of speak) they are into each other.

        And CJ, don’t mention the new show, don’t ruin my night, I’ll deal with that later.

        Thanks, my friend for reading and commenting.



    3. “days later Maxine found where the baby was and bribed the woman that was taking care of her, she rescued Christina and even took her for a DNA test to be sure it was your mom’s daughter…, she raised and adopted her as her own child”

      Please tell me that lawyer Maxine did not do a legal adoption of Christina Miranda Kennard!!! If she did then Bette and Tina can never be married in the US! They are legally siblings with the same mother! And legal adoption cannot be reversed once done. If Maxine is just the legal guardian, then they may marry as they are not legally siblings. If it is an adoption without legal registration or court approval, then they can marry.

      Tina must get busy and find out what happened to Alex. She must discover that Bette aka Alex aka The Green Lantern is the love of her life and stop this incessant love affair for a ghost. Bette is going with her heart. Let Tina go with hers.

      No wonder Bette was attracted to Louise!! Louise is Tina’s sister! Fortunately, Louise did not have similar feelings for Bette.

      Aaron is a cockroach! Someone needs to just step on him and put him out of his misery.

      I’m still confused as to what is going on with the company. We now have Aaron and his dealings with the Chinese, Melvin and his buddies with some other agenda, and Bette and her family and friends with another agenda. Whew!

      This is a great chapter with lots of information. I am hoping that Bette and Tina can get together soon so they can team up and get the company organized and moving forward. Having a bad work environment is not good for anyone, especially the workers. Productivity falls when people are concerned about their job standing, their safety and their relationships with others. Hopefully Bette, Alice, James and Kit can make some improvements at B.I.T.C.H.

      Thank you for this story and this chapter look forward to more ….Love this stuff.

      • Hi Martha:

        Oh, I see your concern, look, Maxine, as Kit pointed, needed to protect the baby of her best friend (“?”) but she would never steal that baby from her. And even though the baby was born in Puerto Rico (USA territory) all paperwork of her ‘adoption’ was done in another country and being Maxine, an experimented lawyer, she knew what she was doing. I can’t tell too much about that because it’s part of future chapters, but I will tell you something, Tina doesn’t know about that, Kit knows things but she won’t say a word without Maxine permission and what she told Louise is just to stop her to keep digging.

        I know that you and all the others who made comments above want the same Tina-Bette together, however, it will take another chapter of knowing, flirting and fighting with each other, to change the trend in this story, and then, they could do things together.

        Now, what Nadia Karella told Bette about her discoveries was that the Chinese group were connected with Melvin and her partners in crime and Aaron was just the pawn who has the signed document from Melvin, Phillips, and William as the owner of the branch, but Aaron knows that he will get nothing or perhaps he may go to Jail if he works with Melvin, so he needed power. Bette and the other girls are using this situation to stop the sale of the branch; they are using Aaron making him believe, he has their trust, and Bette is just holding him until they find the document with Maxine forged signature.
        But first, we need these two together; and don’t worry, if things go well, there would be a happy ending.

        Thanks for your comments, Martha, they are very interesting and challenging.


    4. P,
      A legal adoptions in any country in the world is recognized by the US governments. That is true of all marriages and divorces and other contracts. Informal adoptions whereby someone does not get governmental or court approval are not. In Bette and Tina’s case, no legal adoption means they can marry. Maxine would have no way of looking into the future and knowing Bette and Tina may fall in love some day. So if legal adoption was the way she was looking out for the safety of Tina, I can see it. The only remedy then would be an adult adoption for Tina for another mother, then she could marry Bette legally. Since her mother is still alive, it could be her birth mother who does the adoption. Almost anyone except Kit, Maxine or Melvin could adopt Tina and there would be no problem with Bette and Tina marrying.

      So to make it less complex – make it an informal adoption or a guardianship in your story. That will clear the path forward. I prefer a guardianship. This is where a court appoints a temporarily caretaker for caring for an individual. When the individual comes of age or their disability is remedied, the individual resumes their own care and there is no further obligations.

      To marry in the US, you must comply with state law in the state you will solemnize your marriage in. There are specific requirements. 1) You must be of age or have permission from parents or guardian or the courts if you are underage. 2) You must not be legally married to another individual 3) The marriage must be mutually consented to by both parties 4) You cannot marry someone closely related to you – prohibited spouses are your grandparents, your parents, siblings to your parents, your siblings, offspring of your siblings – by blood or by adoption. All of these relationships would be considered incestuous. You may marry your first cousin in 34 states, so that is not much of a problem. Age varies by state – some as young as 16 but most at age 18.

      • Hi Martha:

        That is wonderful information, especially for my records, I like to collect this type of information for future stories. Well, in some places in other countries (not the USA) you may go to a local community center and settle a birth certificate, even if it’s not real, and you can go to an authorized notary and then, send it to the USA claiming its validity, and so many other things could be done.

        But that’s not the case in this story; but you have given me an idea, and I will use it to add a little cliffhanger to this story in the future; anyway, I will let leak to you some information I left for finals chapters here, Maxine is Tina’s guardian, she wasn’t the Kennard one who adopted her, but she was signed and authorized as guardian of Tina, which of course Tina doesn’t know.

        I hope that clarifies for you some questions, and thank you so much for your various interest in this story.

        Thank you for following it.


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