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    Bette and Tina

    When Tina hung up with Bette, she called the boutique to get an estimated time of the delivery so she could plan her day. She was told that the dress had already been picked up by the messenger service and should be in her possession within the hour. When asked if that was convenient she thanked the woman on the line and said that was perfect. This meant that she didn’t need to limit her movements once Bette got there. After breakfast, she would suggest going to the boardwalk or taking a walk on the beach. The sound of the waves beating against the shore always had a calming effect on her ex-wife.

    Comfortably dressed in a maternity sundress and sandals, Tina walked into the kitchen to inspect the fridge and cupboards to decide what to prepare for breakfast. After taking inventory she had the makings for a nice continental breakfast including a gourmet fruit salad with berries, papaya, pineapples and mango. She heated the oven to warm a selection of artesian pastries, sweet breads and fresh baked croissants which she kept in the freezer. She would serve the breads with maple and honey butter. Once she got the food sorted she turned her attention to beverages. Since they had fruit they didn’t need juice, but flavored water would be welcomed. She settled on the lime flavor, and pulled two bottles from the fridge. Lastly the coffee. Tina had to cut back on caffeine because of her pregnancy but she sensed Bette would be craving an expresso. She prepared the machine and put out a selection of premium expresso coffee beans for Bette to choose from.

    Tina was about to set the table on the patio for alfresco dining when she heard a car pull up then another. Opening the front door facing the driveway, she noted that Bette and delivery messenger had arrived at the same time. Bette beat him to the door as he had to take time to carefully remove the hanging garment bag from the hook and grab his clipboard from the passenger seat to get the signature.

    Tina greeted Bette with a beatific smile, and a soft kiss on the lips. “Hi baby” she whispered as she pulled away. Tina was always beautiful but pregnancy had her glowing in a way that took Bette’s breath away. “Hi” Bette responded taking in Tina’s fragrance. It was something flowery that combined, jasmine and gardenias.

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    1. Wonderful chapter!

      It is great that they are able to support each other and still are best friends.
      But i truly hope Tina will dump Helena, that bitch isn’t even going to pick her up for Tina’s big evening.

      Can’t wait for Helena’s ass kicking from Bette.

      I really enjoy this story and hope B&T will rebuild their trust, love is still there, but Bette has a long way to go before Tina trust her again.

      Absolute loved this chapter and like SassyGran already said, even more with my favourite couple in it.

      Thank you!

    2. Enjoyed the chapter, especially with them being able to talk, spend time together without acrimony. Bette has monumental strides to make to have Tina trust her again before they can even think of getting back together and you know I want them together again. helena is a sorry bitch for not picking Tina up for this very special evening, just a selfish bitch. She will burst a vein when she finds out Bette drove Tina to the banquet, serves her right. Just wish she would find someone else to antagonize, and leave our girls alone. Maybe in the next chapter or so she will do just that and I will have my wish granted. Melvin will never change and I dont understand why Bette can’t see that. Even if he had a change of heart, I still don’t think he could admit it. He has led the worse life of almost anyone and thinks it’s perfectly fine to have your happiness at the expense of someone else’s misery. Ah, that makes my blood boil. Thanks for posting.

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