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    Kit and Melvin

    Melvin stood outside in front of the Planet entrance waiting for Kit to join him when a valet driver pulled up to the curb in a classic Cadillac Coupe Deville. The red exterior, chrome bumpers and white wall tires glistened so brightly in the sun that Melvin was glad to be wearing his polarizing sunglasses. The convertible top was down which gave him full view of the immaculately preserved white leather seats, dashboard and instruments.

    Melvin was taken back in time to the day he’d driven into a Cadillac dealership two weeks after Shirley announced that she was pregnant. Most men traded their sports cars for station wagons or vans when they started their families but not Melvin. He was a 29-year-old ambitious lawyer climbing up the ranks. The wife and kid was part of the image he had to portray to be considered for partner but he wasn’t about to become a suburban dad. That day he traded his hard top 4 door model for a brand new red 1963 Cadillac Coupe Deville convertible.

    As he marveled at the mint condition of the 52-year-old car, that was an exact replica of the one he owned Melvin got lost in the memory of the beautiful Spring day in 1964 when he’d picked up Shirley at the hospital two days after she’d given birth to Katy. He remembered his anticipation and excitement when he pulled the car up to the hospital entrance just as his wife was wheeled out with the baby on her lap tightly wrapped in a pink blanket. The new mom was accompanied by the attendant pushing the wheelchair and the nurse carrying Shirley’s overnight bag and several items that she’d received for the baby.

    Melvin jumped out of the car and opened the trunk asking the young man to store the items while he went around to the passenger side and opened the door for Shirley. The nurse held the baby while Melvin helped his wife settle in the front seat. He fastened her seat belt then turned to the nurse who handed him the baby. He held the little bundle in one hand and used the other to move the blanket aside so he could see the face of his little angel. She’d awoken from being moved from hand to hand. Kit smiled at her father and fluttered her long lashes before closing her eyes and going back to sleep. He gently laid her in Shirley’s lap and closed the passenger door. He thanked the hospital workers then got into the driver’s side to take his family home.

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    1. Great chapter. Happy that Melvin is finally seeing the error of his ways. If you will remember when you started this, I had serious doubts that you could make a decent man of Melvin. You now have my most sincere apologizes because you have done what you set out to do. At least he is starting to come around in his thinking and that will be a wonderful thing for Bette and Tina to witness and to feel his love and acceptance rather than his wrath and intolerance. Kit did a fantastic thing making him understand how much his intolerance
      and stubbornness hurt Bette and Tina. Great job. Thanks for posting.

    2. Morning, you was truly missed! I agree with every word of Dainty also! I can’t wait for Kit an old Mel to show up at the dinner. We all know Bette will show her ass on her father at first then Kit will calm her down. Tina sure as hell is going to be in shock when he calls her Tina instead of Miss Kennard. Can you please post again TODAY!! Thanks and pps

    3. In the show scripts the writer’s spelled his name, Melvyn, just a FYI. Great chapter! Kit is such a sassy character to write, with her unusual power over Bette that’s always interesting to explore, as is the shadow that Melvyn has over her. The deep psychological motivators that trigger character’s unconscious behavior always making them realize, far too late, why they did what did.

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