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    Kit and Melvin

    Bette’s abrupt departure from the Planet left her father bewildered. He turned to Kit for an explanation. His elder daughter suggested they take the conversation to the privacy of her office where she had arranged to have breakfast served. After flipping through the menu, and seeing all the great choices, Melvin asked Kit what she recommended. She ordered egg white vegetable omelets with wheat toast, and seasonal fruit. When the food arrived, Melvin nodded his approval and ate with gusto as he hadn’t had much to eat the night before since he wasn’t feeling well.

    Father and daughter made small talk during the meal as if it was a normal occurrence for them to be having breakfast together. Kit had taken Bette’s advice to just enjoy the experience as she tried to remember the last time she and her father got along so well. It was long before her parent’s divorce.

    Bringing a favorite memory to the forefront she asked. “Daddy, do you remember when I was a little girl and on Sunday’s we’d go to church and you would wear your three-piece suit and pointy-toed shoes. I’d look over at you and I would say “that’s my Dad.” You were the handsomest man in the world. You were everything. Everything I thought a man should be.”

    “Is that right?” Melvin asked surprised by this admission from his daughter. Considering how badly things ended up between them in later years, her perception of him had obviously changed.

    Kit wanted to see the good in her Dad again but they couldn’t get to that place by ignoring their past. She would have that conversation at another time if given the chance, but right now she wanted to talk to him about Bette and Tina. Once they finished eating, Kit called a server to clear the dishes and to freshen their coffee. She poured them each a second cup and moved from the dining table to the sitting room.

    The large multi-purpose space reflected Kit’s personality and style. She’d furnished with a leather sofa sleeper, two side chairs, coffee table and an entertainment unit complete with a TV and top of the line stereo system. She even indulged herself with a professional karaoke machine and an antique juke box. Bette had suggested a few art pieces for the wall, but Kit preferred framed vintage posters of her favorite Jazz and R&B musicians.

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    1. Oh thank god for Kit! It seems she finally got through Melvin’s bigoted thick head.
      Now i can only hope and wish for Bette that he support her the way she really deserves and hold his hand out for Tina and embrace her and respect her for who she is and their baby.

      Wherever you go with this story, i can only hope and pray that you will reunite Bette and Tina.

      Great update!

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