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    Bette’s Two Home Visits

    They moved the tour to the recently added second floor. “And from the point of view of safety?” Roberta asked entering the new master bedroom designed with a balcony and staircase leading down to the backyard and pool.

    “I can answer that said.”

    “Who are you?” Roberta asked startled by the woman that had appeared out of nowhere.

    “Sandy. I’m the Architectural Project Manager on this renovation. I can assure you that this entire home and surrounding property including the backyard and pool are up to safety codes. These sliding doors can’t be opened without a key, and if left open the maximum gap is 4”. It has a sensor which will sound an alarm if anything obstructs it. If you check the design of the staircase, the high railings and small slats on the balcony and industrial grade pool cover you’ll note the additional precautions we’ve taken at Ms. Porter’s request specifically with the safety of children in mind.”

    “Thank you, Sandy.” Bette smiled at the bossy woman interjecting herself into the conversation uninvited.

    Roberta couldn’t argue with any of that. They finished the 2nd floor tour then went back downstairs towards the kitchen.

    “Well Ms. Collier as Sandy indicated we are very conscientious about safety, but I truly believe …

    “Call me Roberta.”

    “Roberta, I believe children can learn what’s safe and what’s not safe through tactile encounters. I mean at this age she can’t really grasp concepts she can only have experiences.”

    “So, you’re planning to let her put her hand in the fire?”


    “I’ll give you a metaphor Bette. Go ahead and throw yourself off the 405 overpass. It will hurt like hell and damn straight you won’t do it again because you’ll be dead.”

    “I think that’s a bit extreme Ms. Collier.” Tina said walking up to them after putting Angie down for a nap. She knew Bette would never endanger their child and both agreed that her physical safety was paramount at home and everywhere else she might be exposed to. However, was safety going to be the substance of this entire interview?

    Before Tina could voice her concern, Roberta’s attention had shifted. Her eyes were focused on an art project that Bette had displayed on one of the hallway walls.


    1. Zhenya says

      Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      But i must say that even if i don’t like character Roberta both in the TLW and in your story ironically that the only real obstacle for Bette in TLW on her way for adopting Angelica was only Bette herself when she as trying to go to court and than to kidnap Angelica.

    2. Bibi28 says

      Hey Bat, it took awhile to write this chapter, but wow it was worth the waiting!!!!

      I never liked or cared for Roberta and i think you did a excellent job to show her true colors.

      And how Bette told her of about what she finds important to show and learn Angie, well done. The same for Tina, so happy to read how she supported Bette and came up for her!!!!

      Looks like Helena is loosing it, she gets what she deserves, finally!!!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

    3. OneStorm1 says

      Another great chapter, I am so glad that Tina told Roberta what was what. People with those types of biases should not be in the social work business. And I think she is lucky it was Melvin and not Peggy that heard the conversation she was having with Bette. Can’t wait for the next chapter. PPS

    4. Dainty says

      Hello Bat, thanks for another wonderful chapter. Oh my, that Roberta character was a super bitch on the show and you let her show that continuation, didn’t like her then and even less this time. So happy you let Bette and Tina give her what for as well as Melvin chiming in with his summation of her and that nasty attitude. She doesn’t know this but, if Peggy P had added her two cents worth she might be looking for another job, and it hasn’t been determined that Peggy won’t intervene, she has a long reach and knows all kinds of people. I really liked that Tina gave her a piece of her mind as well without tearing her apart. She is really in the wrong profession with her biases and attitude, God bless those that don’t have as much help as our girls and that have to put up with that woman. There are people like her all over the Social Services environment. Again, thanks for a great chapter. Thanks for posting. Have a great week.

    5. OneStorm1 says

      Hi BAT2012, hope all is well with you. I’m kind of missing your fic and would love to read a new chapter. No rush, but, it has been over a month since we have heard from you. Do you think we could get a quick chapter or two sometime soon? : )

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