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    Something good to celebrate

    A month following Roberta Collier’s home visit Bette received a phone call from social services advising that a court date had been set for her, Tina and Angelica to attend the second parent adoption hearing.

    She was ecstatic to finally get the news as she and Tina had been left in suspense as to the result of Roberta’s visits and were concerned that she had not given Bette a favorable evaluation. When Bette questioned the social services representative regarding what Roberta did write in the report, she was told that they couldn’t divulge that information.

    “It’s just that she was so cantankerous. I thought for sure she’d put something in the report to discredit my petition.”

    Sensing Bette’s angst the representative was sympathetic and offered assurances.

    “Ms. Porter hundreds of cases come across my desk, and usually getting this far is indicative that whatever is in the report did not detract from the court’s decision as to your suitability as a parent. The relevant information will be disclosed at the hearing by the judge, but if makes you feel better the file does include a glowing recommendation from Ms. Kennard. Having the birth mother’s unsolicited endorsement weighs heavily in the adoptive parent’s favor in these circumstances. You’ll have legal rights to your daughter in two weeks. How does Tuesday the 17th at 10:00 am work for you?”

    “That’s perfect. We’ll be there.” Bette didn’t need to consult a calendar. Whatever the proposed date and time would be perfect knowing that at the end of appointment Angelica would be officially regarded by law as her daughter.

    Bette spent a few more minutes on the phone getting the logistics of where to go, and what would take place that day. She was encouraged to invite family and close friends to witness the ceremony and share the momentous occasion. She was grinning from ear to ear when she hung up the phone.


    Bette pulled out the bottle of champagne that they’d saved for just this day. She put it in a bucket on ice and set out two glasses on the counter before going out to the back porch to wait for Tina.

    Seeing her wife just a few yards away running on the beach towards the house Bette stepped off the porch to greet her. Spotting Bette outside in her bathrobe gave Tina a bit of a scare thinking that something bad happened, but when Bette grabbed her sweaty wife around the waist and kissed her hungrily that thought was quickly replaced by something good. Being caught off guard, Tina recovered quickly wrapping her arms around Bette’s neck deepening the kiss.

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    1. Hi Bat2012,

      Fantastic news for Bette, Tina and Angelica. Finally Bette will be recognized by law as Angelica’s mother!

      That Roberta was a terrible bitch and i hope she will get her ass fired.

      Way to short chapter but it made me very happy!!!

    2. Thanks for the update. Wonderful news for them. Happy that Roberts’s pessimist and negative attitude did not botch the adoption. Hopefully Melvins’ words helped a lot towards making the woman see how wrong she was and taking so much negativity towards Bette and Tinas’ relationship was so wrong. Thanks so much for posting. Hope you have had a great summer and everything is going well for you.

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