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    Bette wandered through the lobby and saw Lindsey pretending to be busy. Bette hid her amusement. She loved how Tina took control last night. Not only with dealing with Lindsey but also with sex and knowing what she wanted. Bette’s thoughts hovered to room 1445 where Tina’s spell lingered.

    It was early when Bette’s eyes fluttered opened finding her body still intertwined with the woman in her bed. Entranced by her scent. It had been months since she slept that soundly and she didn’t want to let go. She allowed herself to nestle deeper and breathe Tina in for several minutes before escaping from underneath her weight. Bette inhaled Tina’s neck and hair and clavicle, enjoying the moment. She hugged her tighter and smelled the space between her perfectly pronounced breasts. It took everything within her not to pop one of Tina’s nipples into her mouth.

    Bette knew she had to get out of there before Tina woke up or she would have been in big trouble. Her emotions were raw and all over the place and she wasn’t ready to let Tina back in. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever be ready. Her heart was fragile. Tina had hurt her deeply. But last night felt so good. Bette exhaled. Shaking the thoughts out of her head and bringing herself back to the present. Loving how their bodies fit together like a puzzle. Bette extricated herself and contemplated morning sex as she ran a finger down Tina’s spine. Tina rolled over onto her back into the spot previously occupied by the brunette sensing she wasn’t there anymore.

    Bette let her eyes take in the woman still sleeping. It would have been so easy to play with her folds, spreading them, letting her index and middle finger massage either side of her inner lips while her thumb circled her clit or Bette could have laid on top of her and kissed her deliberately until she opened her mouth and wrapped her legs and arms around the brunette or Bette could have licked her fingers and entered her slowly at first until Tina’s legs spread wider as they always did beckoning her to pick up the pace, pumping hard inside of her until Tina’s eyes flew open to her mounting orgasm.

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