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    Blueprints—Chapter 4

    Alice and Dana were enjoying their dinner at Chez Rouge getting to know one another. Their conversation flowed as if they had known each other their whole lives. It wasn’t easy for Alice to feel so comfortable with someone so soon other than when she met Bette. But Bette was never more than a friend at any point but here she was sitting across from the most beautiful woman she had ever seen and feeling like Dana could be the one that she could settle down with. Although, there was one issue….Myrtle. Alice scrunched her face in thought of how she would get Myrtle to accept Dana. Before she could even ponder the thought, Dana was snapping her fingers at her which brought her out of her thoughts

    “Alice!” Dana snapped her fingers again. Alice jumped bringing her gaze to meet Dana’s giving her an apologetic look.

    “Oh..I’m sorry..What were you saying?” Alice flashed a smile at Dana who couldn’t help but chuckle

    “Where did you go?” Dana asked curiously

    “Well..I was thinking about something and promise to tell you later. But what were you saying?”

    Dana shrugged “Ok. But you had a worried look on your face”

    Alice shakes her head “It’s nothing..I promise I will tell you soon”

    Dana decides to let it go for the moment “Ok..Anyway I was asking you what you think is the best way to get them together. They are both so stubborn it seems”

    “That’s an understatement” Alice added and both chuckle for a moment until Alice clears her throat “Bette is all about her work and it seems Tina is too. It’s going to be hard to pull them away from that if we do come up with something genius”

    Dana nods “Tina is scared she will ruin any relationship because of her hours at the hospital…And with her becoming Chief of Staff at the new medical center it is not going to leave much time to spend with a significant other. It’s what destroyed her previous relationship. She closed the door on dating after that”

    “But Bette understands her commitment to the hospital. She needs someone like that. It can work Dana if they would both get their heads out of their asses” Alice says confidently “Bette hasn’t dated anyone since she joined the architect firm in New York and of course I wasn’t with her while she was there but when she saw Tina that first day she was practically drooling”

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    1. Bette the philanthropist! Knew it had to be her. Alice and Dana are cute with their plotting. Bette and Tina did not speak or see each other at all in this chapter and yet are even closer. Really enjoying this story. Get well Peggy! Ummm who’s Diana?

    2. So Bette has a large nest egg inherited from her father. Nice donation to Tina’s cancer research. And she has enough funds to make an offer on this house which will be rather expensive as well. Her business must be rather profitable. And from her conversation, she will not be tapping into her inheritance to purchase this house. Being an architect must be highly profitable.

      Dana and Alice seem to be getting along. Project Tibette has made its first move. I’m worried about Myrtle and Alice and Dana’s relationship. This could kill her you know? Well, she has had a nice long life. Myrtle was never built to last forever!! Just let her die in the driveway….

      Thanks for this chapter….loving it.

      • Hi Martha3128!

        You will see throughout the story that Bette has a very keen eye for investments and has made money beyond her earnings as an architect. The story of her inheritance will also be explained. She chooses to keep this to herself….for now. I don’t want to give too much away at this point

        And as for Myrtle. Her story does have an ending. But more on that later.

        Thanks for reading and commenting!

    3. Now that Alice did her part for Operation Tibette I’m curious what Dana will do.
      I hope that Tina and Bette will find time for a dinner date or a Sunday spend together as new neighbours. Even if their work is important to both of them priorities can change if the right person enters your life. There will be enough things at work that don’t have to be done immediately.

      Looking forward to the next part, thanks for posting.

    4. JLR,
      Be it known this minute, I shall NOT be the demanding SistaGirl concerning this story, but I absolutely love it and will be greatful for the diet-size (in a small plate) portions being served (although I really prefer a larger plate of chapters). Auhhh well, some is better than none.

      There really are some interesting rabbit holes you could go down with the cast of characters we’ve met so far.
      1. Chris & Tina:
      Tina doesn’t want to beholden to Chris for anything, but is willing to take a chance on letting him donate to the Cancer Center. We’ll see if he tries to become as a suitor later as Tina allows the door to be cracked open a bit. He’s been following Tina’s career an undoubtedly would be attracted to her personality and beauty as well.

      2. Peggy:
      Peggy is Peggy and used to doing what evah she gets a hankering to do. I bet she tries to track down Tina’s “anonymous” Donor just for the fun of the challenge. I suspect Bette has been an anonymous donor on more than one occasion so let’s see how stealth she really is!!

      3. Dana & Alice:
      Really, really enjoy diving head first into a story that has Dana with a role and personality. I may be one of the outliers, but I loved the “platonic friendship” between “Danish” in TLW and always felt that the “lovers” period was totally forced by Alice. Hmmmm, I could be wrong.

      Love the symbolism of the one adjointing driveway that splits off into TWO fabulous properties. I liken to Tibette NOT knowing that they are “joined”, yet distinct. HeHeHe. Wonder how the two will discover that they are neighbors? Hmmmm . . . .

      Lastly, I will just admit up front, that having a Myrtle is not all bad (though Alice’s Myrtle may be closer to Bette’s description.
      My 1995 Silverado truck has something like 508,000 miles and would have been way more than that had I not retired back in 2012! I chose to continue her maintenance rather than dump for a new, improved model, even after receiving a sizable share of inheritance and still am happy as a lark!!

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