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    Blueprints—Chapter 5

    After viewing the house and property, Bette had taken the realtor out onto the deck to discuss an offer.  Alice stood in front of the sliding glass doors from the living room watching them so intently that she jumped upon hearing her cellphone rang. She reached into her purse and pulled it out

    “Finally I get a fucking phone call” she says sarcastically and looks to see Dana flash across the screen. She smiles as she answers it

    “Hey Dana”

    “Hey Alice.  Just finished with our last surgery today and wanted to see how it was going?”

    “Oh my God Dana I had to talk her down on one house because she really liked it but we are at the house next to Tina’s right now and she is making an offer”

    “Oh this is great.  Once they find out they live next door to each other there won’t be any excuses. They will probably make time to be at home now”

    “Well that’s what we are hoping for. Bette is flexible in that regard. But Tina. I don’t know. She’s at the hospital more than she is at home.  I’m sure she has her own private room there”

    “Tina chooses to be here Alice.  She doesn’t have to spend every waking moment at this hospital.  Yes her schedule is hectic and time consuming but she isn’t occupied here 24/7”

    “Well one dose of Bette Porter would cure her workaholic disease” Alice states matter-of-factly

    Dana chuckles heavily on the other end

    “And how do you know this?” Dana asks curiously

    “From all the satisfied Yale babes that were on the receiving end of Bette Porter’s cure”

    “Jesus Alice.  I really didn’t need to hear that”

    “Trust me.. I didn’t want to either. But I had no choice then..Listen Dana..I need to go. They are coming back inside. Can I call you later?” Alice asks watching Bette and the realtor walk towards the sliding door.

    “Sure. I’d like that..I’m heading home now”

    “Ok then. Be careful. Bye”

    “I will.  Talk to you later” Dana said ending the call

    Alice put her phone back in her purse and smiled as Bette and Frances entered in still talking.

    “I will let the owner know of your offer which I’m sure he will find more than reasonable or if he counters  but he is eager to sell” Frances says as Bette nods

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    1. God I hope that Bette gets that house. It would be awesome. Tina can’t stay in the hospital 24/7. and needs to go home sometime. Perhaps Peggy can talk some sense into her.. Also I hope Helena doesn’t throw any drama in and try to go after Tina. That would be a disaster. Do I hear Bette knocking on Tina’s door trying to borrow the infamous cup of sugar but also a liter of honey as well?

      • Hi Jane!

        Thanks for the comment. I can assure you Helena if and when she makes an appearance will not be pursuing Tina. The only contact she will have with Tina is concerning Peggy and nothing more. Hope that eases your mind!


    2. So glad to see an update, i love this story so much! Hope Tina can work up the courage to give it a go. Maybe Alice should tell her all about the Yale girls, maybe she’d change her mind lol ;)

    3. JLR,
      There are times when I feel greedy and this story brings it out of me. I’ve always “inhaled” my meals and so it is with this scrumptious dish. Best to get that said at the jump!!

      Bette soooo wants to get to know Tina and it’s soooo ALPHA for her to challenge The Alpha Doc to step away from her fears of entering a relationship and embark on a hot adventure with her (Bette).

      To consider the “pros” of such a choice soberly weighing the “cons” . . . just like she would in creating & testing a world-changing scientific discovery/treatment. Then uncharacteristicly giving her heart the ultimate latitude.

      Anyway, I see Tina falling hard for The Architect especially if Bette gets’ the house next door.

      I see Tina noticing the new neighbor with a big floppy hat and shades sunning herself on the private beach below from afar only to let curiosity get the best forcing herself to innocently meander down there to make sure that a “trespasser” hadn’t wandered onto private property, right!!!

      Boy that would be a scream when she discovers the mystery lady to be none other that Bette!!!

      And I know Dana and especially Alice are enjoying their little match making game, but like I said, I’m selfish and don’t want them over-stepping their boundaries tryna get every inside scoop on the blooming Tibette relationship.

      I don’t think right now I can bare another story with Alice blabbing about Bette “fucking” every female that passes in front of her. Can you?

      Jlr921, can we talk?

      Peggy MUST survive the treatments and take her rightful place as God-Mother and perhaps God-Mother-in-law to our girls. Leave it to Peggy to figure out that Bette was the anonymous donor to the research facility. Hope for a while Tina doesn’t figure it out so that it can be Bette & Peggy’s secret for a while.

      As Tina gets to know Bette’s heart and method of op, she’ll figure it out.

    4. Delighted to see a post on this great story only minus being that it’s not long enough Sorry, greedy I know!

      Seriously though I do love this Story and glad that you say Helena will not be challenging the Tibette relationship.

      Looking forward to them being neighbours with the possible scenarios available to your storytelling talent.

      Thank you for posting, have a happy and safe Christmas looking forward to the next Chapter.

      • Thanks SG!

        I don’t mind the readers being greedy! And I can promise you a longer helping of the next installment!

        Maybe a little extra stocking stuffer!

        You have a safe and happy Christmas yourself and thanks for the support!

    5. This was an emotional day for Bette – choosing a home, finding Peggy has cancer and is possibly dying and Tina making a romantic move and then backing off for her own personal reasons…. A lot for one day… I know Tina heard Bette – its not the job that holds her, its herself will that holds her. She spends time at the hospital to escape her personal life. Evidently, her prior relationship was not the right one. Did her former partner just make more than reasonable demands and then Tina blame her job for not being abled to fulfill expectations? As Bette said – she has no expectations….none… just go with the flow until they decide jointly to do otherwise. Is that really that hard?

      Its going to be interesting for Bette and Tina to live next door to each other….awkward if they don’t work out…

      So far, Tina has made the first moves – kiss on the cheek and a passionate kiss. Her body is simply way ahead of her mind. The heart knows what it wants and the soul knows what it is attracted to. Bette is showing a lot of fortitude by allowing Tina to call the plays and going along with whatever Tina decides. Bette’s desire is just as much as Tina’s just a little more under control. But Tina is in her life now – she is her landlord of her new office, she is the main contact for the new cancer center and the chief of staff at the hospital which is about to be remodeled. And now she is the doctor for her good friend and mentor Peggy Peabody. And possibly she will be her next door neighbor. How could they avoid each other? Not likely.

      Great story…. need for Tina to come to her senses and take the chance with Bette. Write when you can….

    6. Can’t really add much more. Lots of excellent comments. I really like this story a lot. It’s a natural. Peggy is one of my favorite people so kudos for including her. Agree with the others that Alice’s harping on Bette’s past is soooooo old and only paints a false impression of Bette. Especially this Bette. These are two excellent characters you have created. All I ask for Christmas is that Peggy find a way to be well. I’m glad she is going to reach out to Helena. And a stocking stuffer? Well we know Tina is going to be thinking about that kiss. Please, sir, may I have another?

      • Billy! My friend!…As I told DumplinT you can rest at ease with Alice now. She won’t be spreading her exaggerations about Bette’s past anymore. I’ve put a muzzle on her!

        Thanks for supporting me and this story!

    7. Nice one, jlr! The kiss was overdue. But I’m sure Tina can add some more hotness once Bette’s parting words had their time to settle in Tina’s mind. Yes, it all comes down to priorities, Tina. Maybe Dana can talk to Tina and ask what Tina is afraid of if she would readjust her priorities to give more time to Bette, time to a relationship with Bette.
      I’m sure though that she can’t resist Bette once they work closely on building the new center. Tina will want to be updated regularly on the process.

      Can’t wait to see Tina’s reaction when she’ll welcome Bette to the neighbourhood!

      As greedyness seems the theme of the day I chime in and ask for another chapter this week. Please? It’s Christmas after all :-)

      • kiwipit!

        Thanks so much for the comment! And as for the greediness I don’t mind it all. I love that people are liking this story. And I could put something extra in the stocking for you like I told SassyGran!

        ; )

    8. JLR – keep writing, this is a great story! SO refreshing to see a new environment for both of them. Tina will come around, it is impossible for her to ignore Bette! Looking forward to the next chapter

      Also, big floppy hat and Bette in a bikini on the beach. YASSSS Qween.

      • BK!

        Thanks so much for the comment!..I’m so glad you are enjoying the story’. And I’m definitely enjoying yours!…Can’t wait for more Captain Bette and Lady Christina. Beautiful story!

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