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    Chapter 4. Connecting with the Past

    Tina climbed into bed exhausted and extremely overwhelmed from the events over the last several hours. To think she was shut up here in her apartment mourning the end of a relationship with one woman earlier that day to be thrown straight into a complicated relationship with a vampiress. Tina couldn’t really call it a relationship because she wasn’t technically in one but she couldn’t deny there was truth to what was presented to her tonight. Also her finishing the poem Bette was reciting added further confirmation unless Bette was doing mind tricks on her. Tina giggled at the thought. But she felt a connection to the vampiress and wanted to learn more about her and of the relationship they shared in her supposed past life she had no memory of. She clutched tightly at the stone that hung around her neck. Her eyelids grew heavy and drifted off to sleep straight into a dream

    Los Angeles- July 4 1931– Sunset Park

    The Independence Day festival is in full swing at Sunset Park. Patrons are scattered around the park sitting on blankets and makeshift chairs.  Those nimble enough climbed trees located around the park in search of the perfect branches to catch the fireworks show later that night. Life had been difficult after the stock market crashed. However that didn’t stop people from trying to enjoy the national holidays that seemed to lift everyone’s spirits during a difficult time. As the sun was setting over the park, a small marching band made their way around entertaining the crowd before the fireworks. They passed by two women currently sitting together on a blanket.

    “The crowd is overwhelming tonight isn’t it Christina” the woman says watching the band proceed behind them

    Christina nods scanning the crowd and turns back to the woman “Indeed Cora. I’m so glad I was able to get the washing finished for Ms. Newstead so I could join you”

    “You are so lucky you never lost your job when the stock market crashed” Cora said matter-of-factly “I went from working at the textile factory making good money to working at Poppa’s farm for nothing”

    “Cora at least you are clothed, fed, and have a roof over your head. Stop bellyaching” Christina nudges Cora in her side

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    1. So Tina tells Alice and Shane about her night with Bette. Shane test the protection of the stone and they both decide to leave to contemplate what they have heard and seen.

      Tina then has a dream of making passionate love to Bette who is a vampire. The cool skin and cold hands? Oh well, they say love is blind but ignoring to the coolness from her touch would be another sign of love?

      Thank you for this chapter… waiting for more. ..

    2. WOW! just absolutely WOW! thank you again for taking the time to share another journey of tina and bette bad to each other.
      The memories are returning, but to where are they leading? Each dream seems to lead Tina along a footpath in a certain direction to what happened when Betee lost her one love to the fate of helena.
      I have to say, tina telling Alice of her dream and meeting with bette, does not sit well with me. why do i get a funny feeling Alice will be the one involved with the coven and not in a good way. mae i am reading to omuch into my continued hesitation towards anything Alice. Shane, ever the protector, will watch out for tina and perhaps be one of bettes better allies. imagine to have the trust of a vampire ‘ess.

      Thank you again for taking the time to share this continued journey. looking forward to a final show down when the past life finally “catches up” with the present and the two powers become one and finalize their life love to be together forever.

      I am looking forward to reading more of this journeys back story and herstory of both women. Their destiny is to be reunited for a purpose, and when that purpose arises, my hopei is that past tina returns to bette so they may both confront helena and the coven.

      and through all this, where is the Peggy? I cannot help but think Peggy will ride in on her rescue “horse” to fight her own daughter…unless her own daughter has disposed of her as she does those that are a threat to her. cannot wait for this tale to come full circle.

    3. Tina’s dreams or Christina’s subconscious recollections? Making love while suspended over the bed. That’s a new one. Me thinks Tina is headed for immortality. Good thing Shane’s hunch was correct. Hope Alice doesn’t spread it around.

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