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    Blueprints—Chapter 6

    Bette arrived back at Alice’s apartment full of emotions.  Her sadness upon discovering her her dear friend Peggy had cancer to her overwhelming frustration with Tina who wanted to play ‘dangle the carrot’ was too much to deal with at the moment.

    She sighed as she walked into the door to a waiting Alice who was furiously typing on her laptop.

    “Hey Bette!” Alice greeted not looking up from her laptop “How was the Doc?”

    “I don‘t want to talk about it right now Al” Bette replied solemnly setting her purse and keys down on the table by the door before walking into the kitchen.  She grabbed a beer out of the fridge twisting the cap off and tossing it in the trash.

    Alice stopped typing and watched Bette walk out of the kitchen with beer in hand and sit down in the chair opposite from her.

    Alice closed her laptop and sighed watching Bette stare off in thought as she steadily took sips of her beer.

    “Ok” Alice simply replied not wanting to push Bette as she could tell her best friend was upset about something and the last thing she wanted to do was make her even more upset. She knew it had something to with the doctor but she would keep her nose out of it for once.

    Alice got up from the sofa grabbing her laptop and walked over to Bette “I’m here if you want to talk ok..Goodnight” she says softly giving Bette a kiss on top of her head.  She turns to walk toward her bedroom and was stopped by Bette’s voice.   She turned to face her as she spoke

    “We are going to the office in the morning Al…I’ve got furniture and supplies being delivered” Bette said dryly not acknowledging her as she continued to sip her beer.  Alice sighed

    “Alright” was all she said before retreating down the hall leaving Bette to her thoughts

    Bette on the other hand was shocked Alice didn’t press her for information.  She had prepared herself for an interrogation the CIA itself had probably never seen. But alas it never came and she was grateful to be able to sit and reflect in silence.

    Her cat and mouse game with Tina, albeit frustrating, was minor to what she was feeling at the moment about Peggy.  Peggy had been a rock for her after losing both parents to cancer 8 years ago only three months apart from each other. Her father Marvin had advanced prostate cancer and her mother Maxine was battling stage IV breast cancer.  Peggy had been a close confidant of her father’s for years in business dealings and investments and she practically learned everything there was to know about investing from her father and from Peggy.  Although she didn’t grow close with Peggy until she came to her to design her commercial offices upon recommendation from her father.  She was fresh out of college and had just been hired on with Lewis and Fulton Architect firm in New York.  Peggy came in insisting she have Bette lead the design and if she did not get her way she would take her money and her business elsewhere.

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    1. WhooHoo Shouts of joy, another chapter of Blue Prints!

      Thrilled that Peggy is responding so well to treatment and is being discharged to spend time at home, with Helena. Fresh air and beauty.

      You sent me to the twilight zone with the references of Bette’s parents passing with prostrate cancer and breast cancer. And her mother on the 23July. Mine too. OooohhWeeOooohh . . .

      Like how you had Tibette finding out that they were neighbors just by them talking and, waahhLaahh! Neighbors!! HeHeHe!

    2. WhooHooo!! Merry Christmas us !! Thnx for posting this much anticipated chapter . . . . The Neighbors Revealed.

      So thrilled that Peggy has responded well to the first wave of treatments and that she was wise to let Helena help her through. Now she gets to go home to fresh air and familiar surrounds as she continues the follow up out-patient treatments. Then her hair grows back!! Yippeee!

      Liked hearing some of Bette’s memories about her parents, how they passed but I was zoomed back to the Twilight Zone. Like Bette, my Dad passed of prostate cancer, and Mom of breast cancer, AND on the 23July (2016). Is that freaky or what??

      Anyway, trying to roll in my mind “how” our two alpha females gonna carve out time for one another. Tina truly has a LOT goin’ on. Bette is going to have to be really creative I think.

    3. okay…. so let’s see where this goes…. Peggy is responding to treatment…. Helena is there to support her and Bette and Tina have agreed to see where this new relationship goes. And they are going to be next door neighbors… And their flirting is really heavy duty….

      Alice and Dana managed to allow them to work things out without pressing too much… that is a miracle…

      Nice Chapter… thank you for this… happy holidays.

    4. Yes, situation cleared already! Great. Now there’s no stopping the new neighbours to get to knwo each other.
      Issues in the bedroom and architect expertise… yeah, right, that’s what it’s called with doctors these days? ;-)

      Looking forward to see where this is going as well. Hopefully being close to each other, door to door, will make dating much more easy.

      Thanks for the Christmas posting, happy holidays

    5. I am so very happy that Peggy has a fighting chance. Helena was good medicine. Don’t write this very often but well done Alice! Mightily impressed. Bette and Tina have reached their deal to take it slowly – but Dr. Tina remains quite the flirt! Now that they are going to be neighbors I’m sure Tina will be offering more than a cup of sugar. Love Peggy’s advice. Excellent story.

    6. Oh wow nice… Sound like Bette may need to strap on the old tool belt for this project. Lmao…
      Thank you very nice and glad Peggy is doing better. Sorry I’ve got to go I hear the bed side seats are filling up quick for the next chappy lol

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