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    Chapter 5. Transformation and Lineage

    Tina had fallen back asleep on the sofa and woke up thankful for the uninterrupted sleep she got. Although she was a little disappointed she did not have any more  dreams or memories. To say they were memories made her overwhelmed.  It was a lot to process and she really wanted to see Bette and talk to her about them. She looked over at the walk clock and saw it was 8pm.

    “Shit…I slept all day just about” she shook her head and sat up raking her fingers through her hair and fluffing it out. She takes a deep breath and did what Bette told her to do to call for her. Clutching the stone in her right hand she closed her eyes and said her name

    “Bette” she says almost whispering and opens her eyes looking around the room as if she would just appear out of thin air like she disappears..And nothing “Well that didn’t seem to work” she mumbles getting off the sofa and jumped as she walked toward her bedroom upon hearing a light knock on her door.  Something told her it was the vampiress and smiled as she made her way to the front door and unlocking the deadbolt.

    She opened it to reveal the beautiful brunette standing before her looking exquisite as always but oozing a newfound sexiness. Her thick beautiful curls were perfectly hanging just below her shoulders.

    Tina stood slack jawed staring at the sleeveless black halter top she was wearing that was tied at her neck and showed just a hint of cleavage of her perfectly shaped breasts and her perfectly toned arms. The black choker necklace she wore accentuated her neckline.  Her black leather pants hugged the vampiress’ curves tightly not leaving much room to even pinch the fabric between a pair of fingers.  Her choice of shoes were a lace up pair of high heeled black boots.  Tina was literally frozen at the sight of perfection before her. She had never seen anything so erotic before.

    “You summoned me my love” Bette asks smiling at Tina’s trance like state along with her mouth agape “I do believe I have rendered you speechless” she gave a sultry chuckle and waved her hand in front of Tina who snapped out of her entranced state

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    1. That was certainly hot stuff and I never saw this coming: “Ambrogio and Selene’s lineage will unite in immortality and become a powerful couple. We would be under their rule. Our ways as we know would be changed.” And: “Selene became mortal after being stripped of her goddess powers from Apollo. She produced children with another mortal man unbeknownst to Ambrogio while she stayed here briefly on Earth and he was banished to Hades. Her mortal lineage still lives. That lineage goes through Christina Kennard..”

      I really like this story. What will Helena do? Power couple indeed!! I love that Bette and Tina truly have an immortal love. They are meant to be together. The backstory is just so good, Well done!

    2. Well, Helena…. you are in a pile of do do!! So if you wake Selene up and she sees her descendent Christina and you in the same room, who do you think she is going to bond with – her however many great grand daughter or you the one who killed her 75 years ago? And she will know that Christina has bonded with Ambrogio’ descendant Bette and will fulfill the prophecy and their destiny which has been in the making for centuries. Helena, what could you possibly say to Selene to sway her that she needed to help you? If I were you, I would go back to the covenant and tell them about the prophecy and prepare them for the inevitable. The covenant can bring havoc on to the immortals, but there is no way to win. With the power and the strength of Selene and Ambrogio reunited in Bette and Tina, then their existence is going to change….so fight it and lose or surrender and make the best of things….But there is a third option… kill Tina before she can wake Selene. After all she is still mortal and she is the only descendent of Selene alive…. than will not be easy as Tina is under Bette’s protection.
      Then they will have to wait another 75 years for Tina to come back again. In any case, the covenant and Helena are not on the right side of immortality.

      Thanks for this intriguing story…. Thanks for the update.

    3. first may i say, happy holidays and joyous safe new year. to. you.
      Still loving this story, and caught that visual description of the “new” bette in her change of clothes. glad to see she is stepping up the change. my initial reaction was, “WOW”! definitely caught my attention. well done!

      i guess we all can say now tina and bette will be the power couple of the century. glad they are both reconnecting back to each other. the coven as it stands, is in danger. it will be interesting to “see” who helena will find as an ally since it has been spoken that helena killed a direct line decendent to Selene. What wil lhappen when the rest of the coven hears of who this “tina Kennard” is decended from. will they turn on helena? will tina and bette lead the coven to a new, better and higher period of grace and inclusivity. This seems to be a time when loyalities will come into play and will the information of tina and bette’s rejoining be a threat to the coven or will their joining bring a renewed sense of hope and peace that will stop the internal power struggles? this battle will be epic and it remains to be seen, who will triumph in the end. loyalities wil be tested. mistrust of each other will evolve with power struggles….this will be an exciting adventure to “see” a new reign of peace envelope the coven and its members. and, it is good to know Bette and Tina are both destined to be at the forefront of any new challenges to them both and their combined power. YAY for the prophecy!!!

      this is a wonderful story that gets better with age. Thank you for taking the time to again share the memories and travels of these two wonderful characters. thank you for allowing us to all have that “Ah ha….” moment when we realize all the dots are starting to connect. did i mention i am really loving this story adn the story line…….

    4. would it surprise you if i said when i read the part of tina opening the door after she held the stone and summoned for bette to be with her; can i just say…”WOW” when tina opened her door to bette standing there….yeah, caught the visual you put out there. beautiful!

      so as the story and chapters has led us to see; bette and tina are the new mighty force of one destined through prophecy and lineage to be the future rulers of the coven. so goes the saying of, “beware of the one from the light and the one from the dark..together,…..” that will be an interesting journey to see and experience through both their eyes. it is good that bette and tina will come full circle and return to each other but will there be a cost extracted from either of them? helena seems hell bent on a mission to destroy tina and bette but now that she has been forwarned of the prophecy, will she be able to find away to complete what she has intended? will she maintain the loyality of her followers when they learn of tina’s lineage and bette’s connection, both being of “the first”. and what of helena? will she be able to “convince” anyone that tina must be destroyed and will she betray everyone to maintain the power she has over the coven?
      power is a fickle and fragile thing. maybe its time for a changing of the rules and the guard. replace those sitting in the chairs…

      thank you for taking the time to share another chapter of this adventure with us. i am looking forward to the next installment of this journey, and wait in anticipation to see what becomes of helena and her minions and to see tina and bette joined as one force they were meant to be. will tina become immortal to stand by bette’s side? can’t wait to find out how this will all play out.

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