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    Can I Come In 4

    Since they were up all night, they got a later flight the next day, Tina finally leaving the Toronto apartment behind. The few possessions she wanted would be picked up and mailed to her in the days to come. It was a quiet ride to the airport, but their hands found each other as Tina drove, a slow rain pit-pattering on the windshield as it entered the parking deck for the car rental drop off.

    Bette watched the raindrops slide down the window, her thoughts a jumble, ranging from sheer elation about being back with Tina to outright terror. The sneaky What-Ifs that made her second guess sleeping with Tina warring with the butterflies in her heart that were doing somersaults and cartwheels, pounding against the walls of her chest to make themselves heard.

    It was hard to reconcile that Tina left with little explanation and now was back. And how to make Carrie fit in the puzzle that was the last two years?

    Did it matter? Of course, it did.

    Letting the car idle, Tina tried to read the brunette’s mood, sensing turmoil but Bette was already unbuckling her seatbelt, moving quickly out of the car.

    “Will you miss it here?” she asked, removing Tina’s suitcase from the back before pulling the handle up, turning the suitcase so that it was ready for Tina to take.

    “No. And yes. No because this place signifies such longing for me… a misery I created and couldn’t see my way out of… and yes because I reached the pinnacle of my career here… but it is heavily underscored by the fact that it didn’t matter without you.”

    It didn’t matter without you.

    Those words hung in the air as if they wanted to be noticed and Bette realized it all mattered. The little things, the big things, the things in between. There was so much that mattered.

    “The pinnacle of your career so far…” Bette winked, accepting her passport from the blonde.

    Tina smiled. “You’re right. There are more successes to come. But my greatest joy will always be you, Bette. I hope you aren’t having any second thoughts about us?”

    Bette handed Tina her carryon bag, waiting until it was settled comfortably on the blonde’s shoulder before adjusting Tina’s scarf, making sure it covered her throat from the cold.

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    1. “What really matters” is so totally correct. If readers could have presented you with a wish list of what they hoped to see covered in the final chapter I would say you succeeded in reading our minds and hearts very well. This chapter could and should be season 3. Of that there is no doubt.

      The “person I shall not name” did some utterly horrid things to Tina but got hers in the end. I was totally able to visualize her drunken tirade taking place. Poetic justice that social media contributed to her downfall. I love that in Tina’s eyes Bette was all that mattered. The grand prize is she and Bette working on their forever. Carrie is nothing but an afterthought to her. Not quite the same for Bette who goes into full protection mode. I love this Bette so much. No one hurts Tina. Bette has a lot of faults but is fiercely loyal and true and ever present. Unlike the studio, Bette has Tina’s back. And her front. And other places. “They will only comment that I was not fired for now. I spoke to the CEO today.” And it was a bitter pill to swallow, bitter indeed. That she left her marriage to seek accolades in her career with this very studio only to be partially discarded now… while Bette stood by her side without hesitation after everything Tina put her through. Sometimes life lessons came with a dash of humility.” So true. Bette will always be there and always fight for Tina. Maybe Bette needs Tina to really know that – she WILL always fight for her. Be strong for her. I suspect this is exactly what Bette needs to do. I get it. And more importantly Tina gets it.

      I also get that you could not write Tina even remotely having a satisfying sex life with Carrie. Impossible to fathom. I could not do it. Refused to allow for that. Just couldn’t. Makes total sense that Bette has questions. Feels insecure. Wonders. How could she not? It’s definitely the elephant in the room that GQ will have to deal with. Suffice it to say Tina took away any doubts or insecurities Bette might be having in that department. I predict lots and lots and lots of great sex in their present and future.

      You also gave us back the Angie we love. She is very happy her parents are back together and seems so much more loving and settled than season 2 Angie. They are a bonded loving family again. Thank goodness. This is our Angie. And Shane finally confessed to withholding the vital information. Well hallelujah. Better late that never. Too bad it took such extreme events for Shane to finally fess up. And although Bette is rightfully hurt, they are also a family and will find a way to work it out.

      I also like that you gave us a group scene and Tina cooked breakfast. How appropriate. And Alice was our Alice following the news. “There’s a petition signed by almost every major studio’s crew in support of you, holy shit. #StandwithKennard. And Reese Witherspoon retweeted it. “Do you even know her? She was in that movie I produced last year…” Tina said, putting her fork down to give Bette the last piece, realizing the rest of the group had no idea she worked with Reese, or even what movie she produced. Things were at their worst between them at that time. Shane coughed awkwardly. It doesn’t matter. I’m glad the truth is coming out…” Tina said, collecting plates, carrying them to the sink. “You seem so… zen…” Alice said, “it’s like nothing bothers you. Tell me again how you two are just trying…” she teased. Tina turned, a dishcloth in her hands. “When you have spent the last two years the way I have, you realize what’s important. And I have terribly missed this…” I agree, Alice. Tell us again how you are just trying. Because we can see that Tina is back where she belongs. Where she has always belonged. Back where she fits. Back in her home. Back with her Bette. Her Bette! Her baby! Her love!

      Most importantly you gave us back our Bette and Tina. Yes, they do need to rebuild trust but neither is out to place blame or carry a grudge. Bette’s fear that if Tina ever left again she would not survive is totally understandable. But she loves Tina so much. Bette leaving Tina’s clothing space empty is so symbolic. Waiting for Tina’s return. Empty hangers just waiting for Tina to come home speaks volumes. Empty bureau. Empty drawers. Empty vases. Empty. Despite having Angie, Bette’s life was and always will be empty without Tina. What a testament to her love. And Tina sees all of this. And she is now determined and more importantly candid about what she feels. What she wants. And what she lost. No, every day will not be hearts and flowers. But the love is present. The desire to be together is present. The commitment to rebuild is present. And so they are and so they shall. Together.

      Thank you so very much for indulging your readers by extending this one chapter to four. There can be no doubt that we all #StandwithKennard. I have just four parting words for Carrie (said by channeling my inner Bette): “Don’t drop the soap.” Carrie may actually be able to pull of that ladies prison garb. Enough about her. Because more importantly we #StandwithTibette. Of course we do. Forever and always. And as you write, that’s “what really matters.”

      P.S. My favorite passage: “Bette had been almost shy when she asked if Tina would like to go out for dinner, grinning her big Porter grin when Tina kissed her yes, kissed her hell yes, kissed her every day yes. And they were reaching that point in the evening where the wine swirled nicely in their heads, finding a hundred reasons to touch each other’s hands or arms, move their chairs closer. Their talk already moved from flirty to spicy and it was so comfortable, so nice to be together again.” Drop the mic!!!

      • Billy,

        You completely nailed it with your comments. I agree 100% with every word! You hit on all the highlights.

        This should be season 3, everything getting back to what is important and “what really matters”.

        I love #StandwithTibette

        • I’m witcha Westy that Billy summed up the highlites nicely. Getting Angie back really touched me. A salty-sweet teenager indeed. Quick to remind MammaT that she was NO Kardasian!

          And later: “Angie sat up, bouncing on the bed to turn on her knees now facing her mothers.
          You’re dating or something? That’s so weird . . . . And so fly at the same time!”

          We are talking and we are mending and . . . The French really say it best . . . When it come to Mama Tee . . . “Si, tu pouvais lire dans mon Coeur, to Ferraris la place ou je t’ai mise . . .

          . . . As Angie translated, then GROANED (SO like a teenager )! “If you could read my heart, you would see the place I have given you there . . . . “. WOW! I said W O W!!! What an expression of her total commitment to Tina. This is the true nature of Bette in spite of her often, blindness, carelessness and insecurities !!!!!

          Anyway, back to Angie: Now making retching noises, Angie bent forward like we was going to vomit, Tina blushing as she tilted her head back and laughed at her daughter.

          And here’s the clincher with Ang.

          “Whyyyy” Angie complained . . . Her smile negating the words . . . Whyyy are you so extra . . . I keep telling you . . . . Everything doesn’t have to be a lesson, Mama
          Beeeeeee . . . . Stoppppp . . . “

          Shytt that comment was funnnnyyyy to me BK

          • You are so right. I love the way Angie spoke even though I admit I had to look up some of the words (extra, fly). So I got a bit of education. Bette speaking French was a very nice touch and Angie’s reaction a real hoot. And the Kardashian comment also seemed to fit so well. Lots of laughs with this one.

            • words heard in my house on the daily – mom you are so extra, mom stop, mom why and mom really? At least they know better than to outwardly eye roll me lol

              I have been told that calling something ‘fly’ is now outdated – exact words were ‘mom no one says that anymore’ when I tried to slip it into conversation this weekend. So, I am under no pretense that I am up to date.

              And they use the word ‘literally’ all the time. Like, literally all the time.

          • I loved that French line. It is so Bette to use another language to say what is on her own heart. Total commitment as you say. Yes Ma’am!
            Angie telling her mother that not everything is a lesson is something I have heard here in my kitchen. LOL teenagers are so dramatic about being given good advice. I laughed too :)

      • Billy – another insightful, thoughtful comment from you. I appreciate it so much, I’ve read it multiple times. I like how you call what happened to Carrie poetic justice in that the same venue she used to try and take down Tina became her undoing as well. And you are so right, this Tina only has eyes for Bette. Oh how I wish the show would give us this Tina back. Bette slips into protective mode and Tina sees it all as she should have along. Another stupid plot twist by GQ tearing these two apart.
        I had fun writing this Angie. This is the Angie we saw in S1 who sadly disappeared in S2 and turned into something I could not recognize. Having teenagers in my house gave me all the fodder I needed for eye rolling, dramatics and self absorbed thoughts to use for Angie. But she loves her mamas and she loves them together.
        You write “Tina is back where she belongs. Where she has always belonged. Back where she fits. Back in her home. Back with her Bette. Her Bette! Her baby! Her love!” and it is so true, as dizzying as it must feel to Bette, they are back together and now it’s just a question of how to rebuild.
        I love #StandwithKennard. SO great. Bette does, she always has and now that Tina has her Bette back and her daughter and her friends everything else will fall into place.
        I hope you are still writing. This story is but a snapshot compared to the masterpiece you are developing, any story where they can be reunited is one I will read over and over. Thank you for your comment, Billy and your unwavering support of each story I post.

        • Thank you for the kind reply. I am still writing but have some serious health problems. Been rough. My goal is mid April. Then I hope to pick up the pace. Your writing is inspirational. And you will always have my unwavering support.

    2. Hi BK,

      So wonderful to see a new chapter!
      This weekend I’m going to find a place in the house to isolate myself so that no one can disturb me to read this chapter in peace and concentration!

        • I am out of isolation and wow, what a great chapter! What a joy to read your version about how season three should be with our couple Tibette in the main role.

          I’m having a hard time expressing my opinion, Billy, Westy20 and DumplinT have already said and highlighted everything I would have done. And gosh their comments were so good and spot on and I enjoy the interaction between you all!. It’s fun to watch and read. It’s as good as the story you wrote!!!

          Seriously BK, Showtime should hire you and Billy and a few more fanfic writers to give Tibette justice what Marja bitch so deliberately destroyed!!!!

          And bring the Shane we know back to life, I don’t know what happened but I don’t recognize this Shane. Let’s blame Marja bitch!

          I don’t know what to expect from GQ Season three but I know you and other writers can make it right. I don’t have much faith in season three, like the other seasons they will probably rush through the storylines and give us no depth.

          Never stop writing, you have a great gift and know how to entertain so many people with your stories!

          Be well and happy my friend!

          • BiBi – I could not agree more – the interaction between the readers in the comment section is the BEST part of posting chapters! I love this group so much.

            I don’t recognize the GQ Shane either. But she acts sullen and bitter on the pants pod too so I am not sure how much is the show and how much is her natural personality. I also think Angie needs to be rewritten to be the Angie we all fell in love with on S1.

            Hope all is well in your corner of the world, thank you for your friendship!

            • Everything is going well, still working from home and my niece is growing so fast and is such a sweety.

              Thank you for the friendship. Hope everything is going well for you too!

    3. LMAO at Studio Slut. What a romantic chapter, so sweet. Would be nice if we could see them date, flirt, and kiss again on the show. Your writing shows you can make a long term couple not boring. There is something so special about two people who know all the ins and outs of each other and still enjoy each other’s company. Especially when they have the screen chemistry of Jennifer and Laurel. Thanks for another chapter.

      • Cathy,

        What I wouldn’t give to see them dating/flirting/making out, and with that Jennifer & Laurel chemistry?? All I want to see in season 3…

        So grateful we have BK to bring Bette & Tina to life this way.

      • I would pay good money to see them date and flirt and kiss and be romantic on the show. And dare I hope… could we pretty please with a cherry on top have a fricking wedding! The internet would explode. Thank you for taking time to comment!

    4. BK , just beautiful . Besides bette and tina obviously belong together and gosh darn it I really hope marja know it by now . I know this story added that Carrie is violent and abusive etc , but I was thinking when you wrote about how Shane didn’t say anything to Bette about Carrie’s doubts and the conversation at Dana’s between Bette and Carrie . I wonder if they are going to bring that back up again in s3 … like should have Shane said something more to Bette or tina about how Carrie was acting . Not sure how I feel about it . Shane will always be Bette’s “Yoda” as many of you writers call her . Not sure how I feel about it . Shane didn’t want to say what Carrie said , but Tess thought she should . Just interesting to think about .

      Thanks for finishing up this story – love bette and tina .. and Alice’s humor and Shane , and the lovely Angie – I miss them all so much

        • me too! Between that and KM’s toxic negativity on the pants pod I am over both the character and the actor. Bring back Shane! Because GQ Shane is not anything like what I recognize.

          • I’m thinking that their might have been more and m%}^{na( intentional) might have cut the scene or something . I’m really hoping we find out if Shane did say more to tina at least , and maybe Bette. But on the other hand I can see a value in tina and Bette just coming back together with no interruptions from other people . Like just them . They both have to want it , and we as fans know it. ….. just miss them so much . And also agree with others
            Below … we need shane back … GQ shane is
            Not shane . Yeah she can mature sure and not be sleeping around etc . But she still needs to be shane .. shane was always there for her friends no matter what

            • I bet we would all be shocked at what lays on the cutting room floor. Especially from that last scene of S2. It all seemed so choppy and minutes of show time missing. Horrible editing job and clearly more than one ending was shot and replaced with what she originally wanted.

              Agree – GQ Shane is not Shane. She was always there for her friends, especially Bette.

              • KM wanted Shane portrayed differently. When even Tess who barely knows Bette thinks they should tell then something is very amiss. Shane did not have Bette’s back. So different from the Shane in the original series who ran out of the Chinese restaurant to apologize to a broken Bette. Where did that Shane go?

                • oh gosh.. forgot about that scene.. Bette was totally broken in a million pieces.. gosh she saw her whole family sitting together and eating chinese food without her. and she just grabbed her food and stared at Tina for a split second and walked out .. gosh my heart was in pieces for her and still is

      • Thank you Ashley! I agree Shane always had Bette’s back, always there when she needed her so why would she keep this vital information to herself? It was a weird plot to bring up and not use as a pivotal moment, such wasted chances for Shane to be the friend we all know her to be. I miss the OG gang too, so much. Manifesting a better S3….

        • We are all manifesting the same !! Shane was always their for her family – ( aka friends ) . And her family was always their for her . Shane due to her family history – Bette is her family . As is tina … gosh I remember in the scene at prom episode ( in the kitchen ) shane gave a look of displeasure to tina ( well that’s understandable because Tina broke Bette’s heart) not sure if you guys picked up on that . Or maybe I’m just looking to much into it . It just felt that shane gave a cold shoulder to tina

    5. BK,
      Pages 22 & 23 are the heart of the matter wrt Tina. I’ll start with paragraph 1.

      “She was free. What in the past felt suffocating was ACTUALLY “liberating. What she took as “needing space” was ALREADY HANDED HER, in spades. (Double WOW). The “space” she thought she needed? It was filled with laughter and cuddles and intimate walks on the beach.”

      It was holding hands during a scary movie and AGAIN when LOVEMAKING. It was life, THEIR LIFE.

      And then on page 23 you wrote:

      “Are you ready to set aside your “tireless VIGILANCE” for the night and come to bed with me?”

      “There was another allegation on Twitter tonight . . . “

      “I know, SUGAR. I saw it. Put DOWN your shield, LOVE.”

      “Carrie will get the letter from our lawyers tomorrow.

      “Yes HONEY. I know . . . Let’s get some rest.”

      Tina F I N A L L Y. . . Became free from condemning Bette’s protective nature, and spent her breath on “Sugar, Honey, Love” come to bed . . . .

      • DT,

        Yes, ma’am. You are totally in the zone. Put down your shield. And the “space” she thought she needed? It was filled with laughter and cuddles and intimate walks on the beach.” Our BK is such a talent. Thank you friend for highlighting these examples.

      • Sugar Honey Love… so sweet and so beautiful. Protect protect protect says Bette’s brain while Tina is all… we’re back together, come to bed! In her mind the hard part is over. She knocked on that door, she apologized, the rest will figure itself out!! You did a fantastic job of taking this chapter and boiling it down to the two pages that really got to the heart of the matter.

        Tina’s mistaken need for space and Bette’s tireless love. Oy.

    6. Ladies,
      Y’all KNOW I would have YET, ONE More :-) “comment” right,but I had wondered if “anybody” at the charity poker fundraiser “heard” what Carrie had said when she jumped Bette to tell her what a supposed bitch she thought Bette was.

      And it figures that our BK has would have Shane witness the encounter. To me, all of the “dressing-down” being instigated by Carrie. Bette had no expectation of even seeing Carrie,and by NO means was disrespectful or anything of the sort when Carrie started to pop off.

      Bette was tryna bolt from that place with Pippa to show her the “colorful lights art” surprise she had created at the gallery!!!

      • UGH. The colorful light art display. So gross. Who really thinks two women in their fifties want to engage in anything on the floor of an art gallery under pulsating lights. I could not fast forward quickly enough.

        And you are right, Bette was much more respectful and nicer than Carrie ever deserved.

        • Not a great image to wake up to. Tina needs to know that Bette was much kinder than obviously Carrie said. Bette telling Tina I told her two grown women don’t have to be best friends was only part of the story. Bette was restrained with Carrie. Tina needs to know the truth.

    7. BK,

      Your writing has never been better. Made my day to see this posted, I have soo many favorite passages:

      “Tina emerged with the sleepiest, cuddliest, sweetest look on her face” …I am a SUCKER for this Tina

      “Bette was deep in thought, her glasses making her look sexy as hell” … Hell yes…

      “there was something about being in bed, in the dark of night, when secrets and whispers and nakedness heightened the intimacy…when dreams ruled the night…something magical and enchanting” …just Beautiful writing

      “Wasn’t there something sweet in making love to and with the same women that captured your heart so many years ago? Captured it and never let go?” …And the lovemaking that culminated with “like Bette was the most precious thing Tina had in the world”…the passion, emotion, intimacy in this scene, you captured the spirit of Bette & Tina

      “and Alice got tears in her eyes watching her friends, watching their love on display”…I am Alice, lol, what a great scene with Bette & Tina and Alice and Shane…

      Thank you, BK for this. It’s a joy to read

      • AHHH, Westy your comment made MY day! I am a sucker for cuddly sweet Tina too and Bette in her glasses. More Bette in glasses in S3 please!

        I think we will all be Alice when they reunite in S3, tears in our eyes as we watch love on display as only JB and LH can do. I am here for it.
        Thank you for your comment!

    8. BK.
      By the time this posts, it may be April Fools day, but this is “no joke” my Dear.

      U started a brilliant treatise on page 4 with Bette beginning to express anxiety to Tina that maybe Angie could already see that they were “together” and how to explain, but on page 5 we see that Bette wasn’t the slightest bit hesitant to reveal to Tina what it was like for her when Tina left. For Tina, Bette had NO vitriol,shaming or even “why did YOU do” . . .

      “Just this act . . . To be able to touch “HER” Tina again . . . Anytime she wanted . . . Anywhere she wanted . . . For as long as she wanted. It meant so much. Again she was struck how the little things mattered, how every moment was precious”.

      “When you left . . . I had to get used to . . . I had to acclimate . . . Without the sound of you breathing . . . Without the comfort . . . With the sent of you still on the sheets, on the pillow. I had to be without . . . And this was really hard . . . I felt exposed. And my brain . . . Just went into overdrive.

      “The wondering about it all, Tee. BEING LEFT. It’s a terrible feeling. Does that make any sense?”

      Our Bette, soooo in tune with herself. Now willing & ABLE to vulnerably communicate EXACTLY what was she had experienced.

      On page 6 Bette paints an UNmistakable picture of the images in her soul of how she was tormented when she imagined Tina with Carrie. “With her, Tee” . . . . I know I was with other people too, but I wasn’t making plans to marry any of them. Not even Pippa.


      “No. They were placeholders. What was it about Carrie? What was it?” Bette was laying all her cards on the table especially to the point of NOT avoiding the hard, painful questions that had to asked of Tina.

      I’ll stop for now BK, but I really appreciate your including info for us on WHEN Tina began engaging Carrie, and “why”.

      . . . Listen to me, Sweetie. Listen. It was some time AFTER I moved to Toronto that I met Carrie and another couple months before we tried to be intimate. She touched me . . . I wasn’t aroused. Carrie didn’t know how to entice . . . No foreplay . . . She wanted to use lube but I didn’t . . . We argued. I stopped her. That was the end of it.

      Y’all and then our Bette, was Bette!!

      “What do you mean the end of it? She just . . . Gave up on having sex? With Y O U???”

      Her face was INCREDULOUS and they BOTH laughed . . . .

      “Yeah. Our relationship was always more about being companions than anything romantic.

      • YES DT! You captured this part of the chapter – Our Bette, soooo in tune with herself. Now willing & ABLE to vulnerably communicate EXACTLY what was she had experienced.

        Growth! I really need to see Bette grow and learn from her mistakes and inability to communicate. For the love, can Showtime give us a REAL conversation between these two with no interruptions. They will go down in history as the one couple that everyone knows belongs together but can’t talk to each other. It is past time for them to have a heart to heart. If Marja can’t get the dialogue right then do something clever with a sappy song where we see them talking across time (shown by the light changing, the weather changing, something) but where they emerge having laid their hearts on the table like grown ups.

        You made me laugh with seeing that in the middle of such a conversation Bette is our Bette – unable to believe that Carrie would give up on sex with Tina, how silly. :)))

          • I saw this done in another show – two characters needing to hash something out and instead of having the audience listen in they did it with a series of scenes with music overlay where the words being said were not heard but the actors conveyed the emotions. Cue the darkness of evening as they talked, one couldn’t sleep, more talk the next day and so on. It is very effective, LH and JB could act the hell out of it and the passage of time could be shown quickly. OH well, I agree Marja will be short on screen time so we can watch whats his name go on a date and burn dinner.

        • Because Tibette have bodies that fit AND respond to one anothers’ touch,whispers, and flat out “spread your legs”, I’ll give you something to cheer about.

          It’s surprising to them that in the past, they had so much trouble communicating “verbally”. But in this story, they BOTH learned the value of it. Brava!!! Tibette

    9. BK

      Nicely done. So glad you chose to finish this story. So much to be said about a well written story about Tibette.

      Love the way you give layers to the emotions. It is almost like experiencing them. These girls have a lot to unpack and you capture the complexity of it with these layers.

      Brava Girl!!!

      • Thank you Kelly! Your comment means a lot to me! I love the layers too and how complex and yet so simple the love is between these two.

        Are you writing? Hope to see a new chapter from you SOON!

    10. Thank you BK!
      Tbh.. Am speechless!

      You deserve a standing ovation!

      I feel grateful after reading this story!
      Super Glad I read this!

      Happy and feel floating (in a good way) :-D

      Wish that this kind of spirit being brought up in the show!

      I bet your version will hit higher rating! ^^,

      • This is a beautiful comment Merlion!
        I am super glad you took time to comment on how much you liked it. I am happy and floating after writing it as well :)

    11. i am honestly so happy to see this has been updated i havent read yet as im out but needed to comment i love your writing and how you write bette and tina so perfectly you have drawn me in i cant wait to see where you take them next and i cant wait to read im out at the moment but i had to give this my full attention

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