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    There are plans and there are plans…

    And so it was that Tina answered the knock on the door, receiving news from their guard, bringing happiness to her captain after waking her with kisses and gentle touches. It took a minute, Bette under a smog of sleep, her hair in her eyes as she lifted her head, eyes wide with worry, soon replaced with joy.
    “You mean, the King… he is going to let us see the children?”
    “Yes, my Love. In one hour.” She cupped Bette’s cheeks, bringing her closer for more kisses, covering her flushed cheeks, her forehead, her nose, in between her eyes.
    “Tell me again, Tee. Tell me again what the guard said.”
    “He said the King is moving us to the tower, to stay with the children. He said we should be ready in one hour and that we are expected to have more of my tea with the King before dinner.”
    “Tina… our babies… your tea, it worked…” She blinked back tears, still waking, one hand laying on Tina’s cheek, her chocolate eyes watery.
    “Our babies…” and she snuggled in the warmth of Bette’s neck, strong arms coming around her to hold her close, Bette’s mouth and tongue fully awake now.


    It was a long climb up the stairs to the north tower but neither woman broke stride, the out of shape guards pushing themselves to keep up. Each step was a reminder of how far apart they were from their babies and Bette reached for Tina’s hand rather than smash the face of the nearest guard.

    “Small victories…” Tina had counseled her brunette fiancé before they left their room. Bette knew that without Tina’s unyielding tolerant resolve and strength she would not have handled this separation well at all.

    The children were playing when the door opened, Bette holding the door so Tina could enter first, and they were met by a squeal from Gracie who tripped over the carpet in her haste to get to her mothers, falling to her knees and howling in outrage. She sat there looking at her bruised knees, tears streaming down her face as Bette came in behind Tina. Rowan reached them first, talking a mile a minute… wanting to show them how big he was now, how high he could jump, how fast he could climb and did they know he met the King?

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    1. Hey BK,

      What a nice surprise to wake up to, a new chapter from you!!!!

      All is well with me, last three days of work and then time for vacation, i wish i could say sailing to Zakynthos but i always get sick on a boat, so i will take the plain. I am not sure when i can read it this week but otherwise i have something to read on vacation.

      I hope everything is going well for you and your family.

      • I love that you are going on vacation! It has been such a long season of quarantine and stress that a plane or boat ride off for some time away sounds heavenly. I have a beach trip planned in July and I am already thinking about the details. Unplug my friend and enjoy the time away. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

    2. Good morning, I have been refreshing this page for weeks waiting for a new chapter of this fic. Not that I didn’t enjoy all the other chapters you posted. I am on my way to work right now, but I will read this as soon as I get home. I have only two weeks left at work then I can devote my summer to reading any and all fiction you post for us.

    3. I just saw you posted. I cannot wait to curl up and lose myself in this chapter. And shame on me I read the final few pages. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

      Okay I made it through the first time. Brilliant! Best sword fight ever. Ivan and Franklin. You are so clever. Let me digest a little and comment more. I will say that the pacing of the chapter is truly phenomenal. Fifty pages and not one full moment.

      BK. Have read it twice. Such an outstanding chapter. It has everything. A very fast 50 pages. I love all four kids equally and Bette and Tina’s interaction with them is so heartwarming. But my heart melted for Peter. I wanted to go pull my own son in for a hug. Poor baby boy. I can totally relate to Bette’s anger. She wants to punish anyone and everyone who caused her Peter one ounce of fear. “King Christopher would answer for every second their children felt the absence of their mothers, he would pay dearly for every tear, every sniffle. Somehow, someway Bette Porter would make him suffer.” And I can also understand Tina trying to remain rational and attempt to do what is necessary to appease the King and get them out of this mess. I love this passage: “Tina sighed, cupping Bette’s cheeks. “Bette. My future Wife and Love of my Life. If you never listen to a single thing I say for the next fifty years, I need you to hear me now. Stand still. Are you ready?”
      “You sure?”
      “Yes. I said yes…”
      “We have no power in this situation. Your goal, our goal, is to find out what he wants and then we can plan on what to do from there. Keep your temper in check. Be the Mother, not the pirate…you will thank me later…”

      Be the mother not the pirate. How appropriate. Bette understands what Tina is saying. She gets it. Still, it is in her nature to want to fight it out. I don’t blame her. They are hostages. And she is becoming claustrophobic in being so monitored. It’s almost too much for her. No wonder she took off on the horse. Thank God Bette and Tina are alone in their quarters. Because as usual the sex is off the charts. Tender and hot and well non stop. Bette just can’t seem to ever get enough of Tina. And Tina? She melts at Bette’s touch. These two are perfect together and will be a perfect married couple.

      There is also a lot of subtle humor and immense creativity in this chapter. The broth is hysterical.Bette is already horny and the super broth seems to put her into overdrive. “Fuck. I feel fucking fantastic. I don’t know what was in that broth, but I feel like I could lead an armed assault over the fucking walls and not even break a sweat…like I could fight an entire crew while boarding an enemy ship…” Until she crashes. Bette’s description of Golnar “Gigi” made me laugh out loud: “Too young. Too needy. Made too much noise. So many questions, ridiculous attempts at flirting. She wanted a threesome…I had no interest…” So… Golnar?” Yes…Golnar “Gigi” Ghorbani…” This certainly is a very familiar description. And Lady Kroll and the orgasmic horse back ride. Oh wow. Franklin of course is a spineless worm and Ivan?Certainly Ivan would end up being a pal and an ally.

      The sword fight in particular was excellent. Bette was in her element. Venting. Releasing. Every move perfectly choreographed: “Dressed all in black, Bette was every inch the whisper of death her reputation said she was. There was no hesitation in her swordplay, she launched herself at the taller Captain with a blur of motion, coming up high to bring them face to face then pushing off to engage in flurry of thrusts, rebuttals and lunges, the audience holding their collective breath as steel rained down in a clash of their swords. It was astonishing, brilliant, engrossing.” And Tina was there watching. Concerned. Nervous. Afraid. But also rather excited and very proud of her amazing woman. And afterwards Tina did what she always does as a healer. As Bette’s healer. She tended to her wounds. Tina understood that the swordplay was important for Bette but there was also the ever present fear. “Every time I see blood on your body, Bette… every time it darkens from a bruise or swells from a blow, I see your death. I worry endlessly that one day you won’t get up from a swordfight… how much more can your body take?” “As much as it needs to, to get us free…” “That is unacceptable.” “As much as it needs to.”

      As much as it needs to. And so it begins. Bette has her crew and a plan. And Tina has her own plan. They are getting married. “The look on Bette’s face was so precious, so unguarded and sweet that Tina wanted to kiss her all over, wanting to save this moment to remember always. Looking up at her, Bette’s eyes were lidded, gazing at Tina like the blonde had the answer to every question she would ever have. And Tina’s heart, already in the sole possession of the captain, did a flip then a roll and she covered Bette’s widening smile with loud kisses, covered her smooth cheeks, her soft lips, her eyelids, her forehead before returning with her tongue to meet Bette’s.” I love this couple so much. This is my favorite Bette and Tina. All I can say is their wedding can’t happen soon enough. And bring on Gigi.

      • Ivan and Franklin! I needed another person to cause trouble and who better than Franklin! And Ivan always did have the rogue biker/marauder look in the OG.
        I wanted this chapter to highlight the differences in their outlook to life – the healer and the fighter – and also, just as important, how well they balance each other. You framed that nicely by commenting on how Tina asks Bette to tap into her nurturing side, be the mother today, be the mother until you can be the pirate. Listen… then plan. For she knows Bette’s brain will be forever on the next step, the consequences of our little Boy King holding her children hostage. And all they have is each other and a dream right?
        As I was thinking who could play the pirate across the seas, who from the show would fit the bill and give Bette just enough of a challenge to vex her – why, Gigi of course. Let’s see how the wannabe-tte measures up to the real thing… and what Captain is planning for when they meet.
        Bette is primed to do :”as much as she needs to” to get them free, her course still set for a possible reunion with her mother, her mind as always fixated on the future she wants with Tina and their children.
        And yes, we need a ship wedding!!
        Hope you are feeling better. And that you are writing. This site misses your story.
        Thanks for the great comment….

        • Thank you BK. It’s been a long slow road. The brain fog seems to be lifting. I hope to write this weekend and post within two weeks. We shall see. Once again I love the story and Gigi really is perfect casting!

    4. So good to see someone’s update and what an update, fantastic !

      I have a question though, how much time do you spend researching because seriously the description of the swordfight was mind blowing or are you a specialist in fencing ? and Franklin really ?? he’s still an horrible goblin !

      Thank you for this chapter.

      • Franklin is a horrible goblin!
        I am not a fencing specialist! I watch a lot of gory medieval type shows – everything from Game of Thrones to The Witcher to all the Vikings right now on Netflix. I love a good swordfight = the funny, clever ones (The Princess Bride) to the violent ones (LOTR). Not sure what that says about me – a social worker from the south – but here we are! Glad you liked it!

    5. So good! I’ve been waiting for this. Thanks, you are doing a great job with the story line and character development. I really like the Shane and Alice personalities for this plot line.

      Thank you, I am waiting for the chapters!

      • Yes. Love the Shane & Alice. Efficient, engaged, skillful. And Carmen, when she’s not bumping someone off or giving them diarrhea with her potions, then she’s slayin’ with her sexiness!!!

        Even Bette gives Helena a little acknowledgement . . . At least as long as she keeps her eyes & hands off of Tina.

      • Thank you Annie! I am so glad you liked it. Alice is a huge gossip so she does fit as The Whisperer Know It all and Shane has to be the First Mate. Ever loyal (not like she is in GQ) and ever patient.
        Now that I have one story to tell the next chapter will come quicker I hope!

    6. BK!

      U and The Black Beauty have pulled into our harbor!

      Still reading, but I had to let U know that Bette has me squealing like GracieRoo every time the king yanks her chain with “gifts” to the children! Lawdd, she is gonna hip-butt him “accidentally” over the rail once they get out to sea!!!

    7. BK, what a epic, fantastic chapter. i’ve missed this story but will happily wait because it’s so good, so worth the wait. the love between bette & tina gives them comfort, gives them strength, hope for the future, family, something to fight for. you can feel it in everything they do. yet they are still very much themselves. i love it. i love how bette has developed and has what she has always wanted just within reach but she’s still bette and will always be her own worst enemy. but she will always try and she will always fight for her future (tina and the kids).

      i loved the addition of these lesser captains and pretender pirates….haha ghorbani… please. hysterical.

      but these 2 sentences stood out for me:

      “no one saw how tender, how caring and gentle bette was, no one but her. sometimes she couldn’t believe how much the captain needed her and then she was reminded how much she needed the brunette in return.”

      that’s bette and tina in a nutshell. how bette is her true self with tina, how she can just trust tina to be there and take care of her. but tina…sometimes needs to be reminded that she needs bette as well. her strength, her excitement, her vulnerability. that’s the balance of the love between bette and tina. when they get it right, there’s no stopping them.

      i cannot wait for more, BK! thank you. i really want this story published in a book so i can have it forever in my hands. x BnTHoSF

      • YES! Exactly. Bette just can’t help herself. Whether she is telling the King what she really thinks, leading his guards off on a wild chase through the King’s forest or ravishing Tina after the medicated broth, she is unashamedly HER. I love writing her.

        I LOVE what you write here – “that’s bette and tina in a nutshell. how bette is her true self with tina, how she can just trust tina to be there and take care of her. but tina…sometimes needs to be reminded that she needs bette as well. her strength, her excitement, her vulnerability. that’s the balance of the love between bette and tina. when they get it right, there’s no stopping them.”

        PLEASE someone manifest the writers in the GQ writer’s room understanding this. Please please let them get it right!

        Publish this in a book? HMMMM. I have no earthly idea how to go about doing that! Anyone know?

    8. The pages about the children soooo impact my soul. Each one of them very different. Rowland, the happy-go-lucky extrovert. Gracie, every bit the affectionate Tina “clone”. Little Emma, her ear to Bette’s heartbeat as Bette carries her close to her heart. And Peter, protector of his baby Sister.

      Gosh do I understand this little soul. Introverted and quiet. NOT at all quick to forgive when it seems he was “abandoned . . .by BETTE!!!

      “Finding Peter standing next to a small crib almost like he was on guard . . . With large, miserable eyes, he looked back at both women with an expression that tore Bette’s heart into tiny little pieces.

      Bette kneeled in front of Peter. The little boy STUDIED her . . . .SILENT, UNmoving, SERIOUS.
      Hello Peter. He did NOT respond. I missed you . . . STILL SILENT, Peter WATCHED her CAREFULLY. Are you ok?

      Looking away, after a pause, he shook his head no. Where you SCARED Peter? This “no” came quicker . . .

      And here’s the heart of the matter: Did you THINK MamaT and I would NOT COME BACK?? This nod was affirmative, a slight yes, big brown EYES turning WATERY and he let out a shaky sigh.

      Little Peter did not feel that the loss of his Moms was only for two days. In his understanding, he was afraid to breath so he continued in his vigil to protect the babies. Wow!!!

      Don’t think he was interested in no new boots or stuff from the damn Boi King. I can only see him asking Bette to over-lay his wooden sword with some steel so that next time someone boards his ship, they gonna pay!!!

      • Peter seems to be a fan favorite, he has my heart as well. Every good swashbuckler family needs a quiet introspective little soul. He tugs at my heart too. And you are right – NO interest in new boots or fancy stuff, Peter knows what’s up with that. LOVE it.

        • Peter. Like I wrote he reminds me of my son. I love them all but Peter owns my heart. And Bette knew just how to talk to him. At my sons wedding we danced to Not While I’m Around from Sweeney Todd. I can just hear Bette singing this to Peter and all of the kids.
          “Nothing’s gonna harm you
          Not while I’m around
          Nothing’s gonna harm you
          No, sir, not while I’m around
          Demons are prowling everywhere
          I’ll send them howling
          I don’t care
          I got ways.”

          Makes me teary eyed. That’s Bette to me and all of the children but especially Peter who really needs her right now. You write the family relationship so well.

    9. BK,

      This chapter was everything!! One of my favorites. Thank you for this incredible story!

      I just love their children. Poor little Peter, so afraid his Mamas wouldn’t come back..he and Rowan protecting the girls, no doubt they are Bette’s boys. and Gracie playing with the ducks..

      I love the humor – Lady Kroll is too funny, and “too young too needy Made too much noise” She is no mini-me She is a pretender, nothing more. Yeah I laughed at how true those words are

      The swordfight between Bette and Ivan – I love that you incorporate memorable characters – “Yield she demanded” “I yield and in yielding I swear a blood oath to serve with you Captain Porter” Just thrilling

      Throughout the chapter I was reminded what a great team Bette & Tina make – “this scenario played to both their strengths she would attend to the King’s health Bette to securing his seas” and “I don’t know how to keep you safe” “Yes you do You made that chainmail” and two of my favorite lines “I would do anything for you Tee” :I know that My Love I know” I love your Bette & Tina…

      Special mention has to be made for their lovemaking scenes – BK, you outdid yourself with this one. “They would wholly consume each other this night, this they both knew” “a wanton, lustful display of love”
      “This was lovemaking at it’s finest, one woman touching another, prompting movement, watching, adjusting, reacting. A trade, a dance, a waltz with only one conclusion…but oh, the conclusion…For them it was a poetic rhythm that followed all the moments that came before it, learning what the other liked, what made the other groan or gasp or melt. It was intoxicating.” “desperately sweet, achingly beautiful” I could go on and on! …The connection, the love, the passion – a beautiful love story. Gorgeous writing.

      I can’t wait to see Bette & Tina continue to sail on this strange voyage of life together, and to read what plans Bette and you, BK have made for us…

      • Westy
        I find writing the children to be the hardest part of this story. I think it’s hard to make them seem believable and age appropriate. And the dialogue! Those are the sections that get the most writes and rewrites because I stumble and falter over the right way to bring them to life. So it’s nice to hear that so many of you like reading about them!
        I always want a balanced Bette and Tina. Where one is weak, the other fills in and where the other is unsure, they can draw strength from the other. And to see that about your partner and STILL love them, that’s golden.
        There are definitely plans being made by more one person in this story… and I would LOVE to sit with this Bette and hear what she is plotting. Can you even?
        Thank you Westy!

        • My goodness. You write the children perfectly. I love how they are written and Bette’ and Tina’s endearing names. Peter more reserved and rowdy Rowan wanting to grow up before his time, You wrote Rosie in RWYA with the same loving care. You got the touch to be sure.

          • That is very kind of you to say. The scenes with the children and the sword fight took me the most time, and had the most re-writes. You know how it is!

    10. Hey BK,

      Finally i had the time and a clear mind to sit down for this chapter, and what a good and moving chapter it was!

      The first few pages, with the reunion with their children and how each of these childen reacted upon seeing their Mama T and Mama B. Heartbreaking and so emotional, i really was moved at the part between Bette & Peter. I cried my eyes out!

      Don’t ever doubt for a second that you can’t portray and write these scenes!!! They have a lot of impact on me!

      We finally know what the King wants, Tina to heal him and Bette to battle for him so he will regain more control of the seas etc. And Bette had to give in so she and her family get their freedom back but at which cost? So sweet that Bette tried out the tea Tina made for him, she is so in love with her T that she would do everything for her.
      Someone wrote they balance each other and that’s so true!!!

      Loved that you included Ivan, Franklin and Gigi in this chapter. The sword fight with Ivan was what Bette needed to fight of all the craziness and feelings she has in her blood due to this child the King who hold her and her family in hostage. And afterwards the tender care of her Tina and her fear that one day Bette will not stand up. So moving!

      You are so talented BK, you should consider to publish all your stories!

      We had a great vacation and i hope you will enjoy yours as well in July!

      • Hey BiBi – thank you for taking time to let me know what you thought. The parts with the children always resonate with you. I get that and love their role as well Like you said it is all about balance and I wanted these to be to be equals in every sense of the word.
        I am glad you had a nice vacation. Seems like everyone is traveling somewhere these days. I have one daughter in Canada, another in Switzerland. I am looking forward to the beach in JULY!
        Next chapter is almost done, stay tuned…

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