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    The morning after their wedding night came softly, on tiptoes, the clouds covering enough of the rising sun to mute the light, wrapping the water in a blanket. Had they been up on the captain’s deck, they would have seen the mist that danced and swirled above the green seas, hints of orange and pink from the sunrise still lingering, not yet ready to leave. Life began to wake up all around the ship, something underwater making a ripple, morning birds searching for little fish on the surface, larger predators not yet moving.

    Waking, Bette reached for Tina instantly… wanting her, needing her… her wife. Just thinking those words made her smile. They woke up cuddly and affectionate, a long bath after lovemaking the night before scenting Tina’s skin so she smelled like a wildflower garden, the kind of garden that invites you in for a closer look, the kind with wandering paths and hidden delights. A garden to meander in, to breathe deep of all the color and splendor. A garden Bette was drawn to like a bee to the nearest flower, going from petal to petal to inhale the scent, to kiss the softness.

    She couldn’t get the vision from last night out of her head… the vision of Tina above her in the wedding dress, the sexiness filling every brain cell, every thought, every second … making her almost lightheaded with desire. Coupled with the fact that they were now married… well… Bette was a goner.

    They lingered in bed, whispering, kissing, dozing a little. For her part, Tina couldn’t stop smiling, her grin turning to laughter more than once, her heart swelling to an almost impossible size, blooming with Bette’s love, her gentleness, her obvious happiness.

    As the sun gained strength and movement from the ship began to increase in sound as the crew woke, their kisses deepened, becoming so slow they were almost languid, so tender that their lips almost seemed as one. With Tina on top, Bette pulled her wife higher, making her slow way under the creamy, beautiful body, her tongue teasing, enticing, possessive. Guided by the moans coming from her wife, Bette took her time, waiting…

    …waiting only long enough for Tina to finally turn around and spread her legs above her, Bette watched as her wife lowered herself so their torsos lined up beautifully. Impatient, she lifted her head so her mouth could make contact… the first taste of Tina as her wife… even as Tina teased Bette’s wetness with her tongue… was there anything better than starting a day, a marriage, a lifetime like this? Inside the person who is the center of your world, even as she brings you to climax?

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    1. I am so glad to see a new chapter of this wonderful tale. I am only midway through but had to stop and comment that I think most if not all of us are still riding the waves with our valiant captain. I will comment further when I finish the chapter.

    2. Ah, the plot thickens. It seems that the rascal has not only signed his own death warrant but the boy king also. Bette will not sit still while he harms anyone she loves. Bette may not know the whole story, but I feel like someone who is now loyal to her in the king’s fleet will not take lightly the treachery that is afoot.

    3. Hey BK,

      What a lovely surprise to see a new update!

      Hope you are doing well and enjoyed your vacation.

      I am not sure when i have the time to read it, i am already way behind with reading all the updates from the last two weeks. Maybe this weekend but certainly somewhere next week or weekend.

      Take care my friend!

      • BiBi – so nice to hear from you my friend! I feel like we are so incredibly busy right now – I can’t believe it is mid September already! Hope you were able to get some time off to unplug and rest. Now that the weather is getting cooler might be time for a long weekend away… take care!

        • Hey BK,

          Time is flying away from me. I have a lot going on in my life at the moment and a lot of worry about a few friends battling with illness and my father who has another surgery next Tuesday, and still busy work days, I certainly can use a long weekend away to relax. But i have to settle with reading FF and that always relax me and gives me the opportunity to escape the real world for a moment.

          And what a pleasure to read your story, i am still on board at the Captain’s ship!
          But you always leave me worrying about Captain Bette, Healer Tina and their children. If i could i would jump on the Ship to help and protect them from the traitor and the stupid childless King Boy. But sadly i have to be there in spirit with them.

          Please promise me you keep them safe and healthy, no more capturing, being held prison or wounded. And with the help of the Poisoner and The Healer the Captain will win this battle.

          Take care my friend and I hope you are able to have a long weekend away!

          • Totally believing for recovery of your Pops and your friends battling sickness. Take as much time as you need, and let otherloved one’s care for U.

            Agree with U most heartedly about “NO more being captured, held prisoner or wounded!! It’s time for our Captain, Healer, and faithful crew to kick butt!!!

    4. Thank you for updating this wonderful story! Actually, my current favorite by my favorite author. I have missed it!!! I love your writing, BK. When I read your stories, it is like watching a movie in my mind, such excellent descriptive writing. Trust that I will eagerly follow wherever you go, as long as our beloved Tibette remains safe. You had me worried a little bit with the crows nest incident. Golly, our poor heroine needs to heal yet again. As a doctor, I was empathizing with Tina about patient compliance. Even so, she shouldn’t feel that her healing efforts were incomplete. After all, x-rays are still many years away(1895)! As well as other diagnostic means. Her knowledge is admirable. Too bad, ice wasn’t readily available. Thank goodness that Bette has her equally heroic “bestie” Shane by her side! Please keep her safe too! Can hardly wait for the next chapter! Great work, my friend. Now, I’m off in search of another BK story to dive into, or reread. Happy writing! Dr A

      • Dr. A! Yes, poor Bette has taken a beating in this story – I needed her to be a little off her mark so others can think there is a crack in her defenses… hahah we all know how that will turn out!
        Funny you mention the time line for x-rays… I actually tried to google when ice was used as a remedy and it seems there is still some time to go before doctors stopped trying to sweat out their patients and used ice to decrease swelling. And like you said, Bette isn’t the most compliant of patients, even if this go around she is promising to try and do better!
        Thanks for commenting… always appreciate your insight and enouragement!

    5. Made my day to se this new chapter posted!

      I almost posted comments after reading the first page I was so moved. BK, such beautiful writing.

      I was holding my breath after Bette slipped on the rope. For sure Tina would blame herself for Bette not completely being healed. As always I love how you write Bette & Tina. I love their flirty banter – “Don’t use that sexy voice with me” ….”So bossy. It turns me on”

      And my favorite line – “Long enough for Bette to feel held, treasured and for Tina to marinate in the strength and tenderness of her Captain”

      Can’t wait to see what comes next – does the King reach Bette’s mother first? what of the Rascal? And the poisoner and the healer – will they become the heroes of this great story?

      I love this story! Thanks BK for another great chapter.

      • Westywest – so nice to hear from you! Glad you enjoyed this chapter. There are some lingering questions and tbh I don’t plan these stories… I just start writing – and deleting – and revising and then writing again. It’s a tedious process lol. You bring up good points – who reaches Bette’s mom first? Who will be the heros and what is the endgame for the rascal… lots to ponder fo sho…

        Thanks for always commenting and encouraging have a great weekend!

    6. AHOY!!! Thanks BK!! Yay!! finally a new chapter!!

      Oh wow!! Wake up call for Bette!! Not only because of the fall, but also to witness that she’s surrounded by reliable people so she should learn to trust others, especially sweet Tina! Sigh…. So looking forward to know what will happen to the boy king and his armada!

      I really enjoy reading your story BK, feels like each word is blending and melting and flowing smoothly although the plot thickens!!

      Stay safe and do update us, BK! ^^,

      (imagine that I was swinging from the rope ladder when saying that)

      • haha! I love when you comment, Merlion! Def a wake up call for our dear sweet Captain who is used to handling business all one her own. You are so right – she should learn to trust others! Thank you for the kind words and stay safe yourself… buckle up for the next chapter…. the battle begins!

        No swinging for rope ladders though… :))

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