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    Can we get it back – Chapter 10

    Chapter 10

    The night went by and in the morning, Tina woke up first. She gets up and finishes in the bathroom. She checks in on Bette and sees that she’s still sleeping. She walks downstairs and starts the coffee machine and makes breakfast. Pancakes with slices of bacon. When everything was finished, and the table was set. She put the pancakes in the oven to keep warm while she went upstairs to see if Bette was awake. And she was.

    She carefully knocks on the door and hear Bette say come in.

    “Good morning.” Tina says with a soft smile.

    “Morning.” Bette replies.

    “How’s the head this morning? How are you feeling?” Tina asks as she slowly walks into the room.

    “I know it’s there.” Bette says with a chuckle.

    “Oh well. Are you ready to get up? Or do you want to stay in bed or?” Tina asks.

    “I’m ready to get up. I have to pee so, and I am kind of hungry.” Bette replies.

    “Ah, great. I have breakfast ready downstairs. You want help to the bathroom?” Tina asks.

    “Yes, please.” Bette replies as she slowly sits up straight and moves her legs off to the side of the bed. She reaches for Tina’s hand. “I hope this dizziness will be gone soon. That is almost worse than the pain.” Bette says.

    “We just have to give it time. I’m sure it will pass soon.” Tina says as they slowly walk towards the bathroom, holding Bette’s arm.

    “Yeah I hope so.” Bette replies.

    5 minutes later, Bette is ready to get downstairs. Tina is right by her side and helps her down and into the kitchen.

    “Wow, you were not kidding about breakfast. Thank you for this.” Bette says with a smile up at Tina.

    “You’re welcome. You want tea or coffee, or something else?” Tina asks.

    “Is there any apple juice?” Bette asks.

    “I’ll have a look.” Tina says and walks over to the fridge to check. Luckily, she finds a carton that was not open and not expired. “Yes, you do.” Tina replies with a smile.

    “Great.” Bette says. “Have you heard from Angie since yesterday?” Bette asks.

    “Yeah, I texted her earlier today. Got a reply just before I knocked on your door.” Tina replies.

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    1. Wow. Love this story. I just came in from walking my dog. It is cool and wet here on east coast USA. Your story is so full of love with hurt and angst. I believe they are soulmates but even soulmates can’t resolve hurt that drives them apart. Angie is a reflection of both of them…the good and the bad. I hope this story continues searching for solutions to issues we all have with loving, communication, loneliness, fear and intimacy! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face when I see another post by you! Take care and be safe.

    2. It is a beautiful day here in the Netherlands! And it got more beautiful when i saw you posted a new chapter!

      I believe in soulmates and everlasting love, so i truly believe that they work out everything and start again and live happily and forever till death tears them apart. And that will be when they are very old, maybe have a few grandchildren and still very much in love ♥️

      I understand that Bette is hesistant to get back with Tina, Tina left her more than one time for the same reasons, so Tina has to prove to Bette it isn’t only talk but must back it up with actions to support her words. She has to go back to Canada to wrap up some matters so she has to leave Bette at some time and i wonder how Bette will react since there is a big chance Tina has also to meet Carrie to get closure.

      Great story! Look forward to the next chapter!

    3. Bette, ever forgiving. Tina, ever wrapped up in her own head. Excuses excuses. Glad to see she is willing to make some changes. She will need to dig deeper to stop a repeat of the other times she needed space and blamed Bette. I love this story, my comments are more directed at the mess shown on the Q. PSS;

    4. Bette is in a very vulnerable position at the moment. She really in not mentally or emotionally ready to be making decisions about her future. Tina should just assure her that she is at her beck and call and will not leave until Bette request that she leave and only when she not longer needs assistance. Otherwise, Tina will be the partner and friend she should have been all along. Priority one – get Bette well. Priority two – the continued raising of Angelica Priority Three -the relationship going forward between Bette and Tina.

      It really good to see that Tina is being open with Bette. However, she needs to allow Bette her own pace and certainly not rush Bette in committing to trying to reconcile. If that is her intention, she will let Tina know. They need to get Angie back into the house to establish a routine during this recovery and to show that she is very much a part of the family. Angie giving space for her parents to potentially reconcile is not what is needed at this point. She needs to be with Bette to have some form of normalcy. Confidence that Bette is getting better will help Angie. Having Angie near will be a comfort to both Bette and Tina. While Bette is recovering, reconciliation can be put on the back burner. That does not mean that they cannot express affection and devotion to one another. They just need to take some time to recover before they start to delve into the problem pile and coming up with solutions. And recovery starts when they are all living under the same roof as a family.

      I love this story…I see some real possibilities for reconciliation provided they do not rush things. Bette and Tina are not the only ones who have been through this period of disconnect. Angie has experienced it too. Tina needs to reconnect with her daughter and she has a very limited time frame to do that in. Within a couple of years, Angie will go off to college. How much time will Tina need to spend in Canada for her job? What will that do toward the relationship between Tina and Bette and Tina and Angie?

      Thank you for this chapter. Its really going well. I’m just surprised that both Bette and Tina are pushing this as quickly as they are. Can’t wait more….

    5. In my fourth week of sole isolation here in the UK and, because of my age, 76, likely to be in the same position for many more weeks.
      I seem to cry at most situations I’m faced with, factual or fictional, these days and I did at this great story.
      I do think Angie needs to come home. She needs Bette and Bette needs her. She is a large part of her Mums lives.
      I am also enjoying reading the comments which we readers don’t always read but I am getting the benefit of being on catch up.

      Thank you for posting. Stay safe.

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