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    Can we get it back – Chapter 9

    Chapter 9

    Not long after Tina pulled into the drive. Bette had some stairs up to her front door. So, the wheelchair would not work there. Also, some stairs inside the house, but they would tackle that problem later.

    “We’ll get you inside first, then I’ll run out to get the bag and chair later.” Tina says and walks around to Bette’s side. She opens the door and reach out her hand. Bette takes it and slowly gets out and stands up. “Okay?” Tina asks softly.

    “Yeah, just hold on so I don’t fall.” Bette replies silently.

    “I’ll never let go.” Tina whispers, Bette could barely hear it, but she smiled at the reply.

    Slowly they walk up the stairs and after a few minutes, they unlock the door and goes inside. To the left there is a sitting room with a big couch.

    “You want to lay down here? Or do you want your bed? Or the other living room?” Tina asks as they stopped inside the house. Bette thinks for a few moments.

    “I can stay here for a little while, enjoy some of the daylight and view.” Bette says and started walking down 1 step to the sitting room. Tina holds her the whole time. She gets pillows and props those on one side of the couch. Bette takes a seat and leans back. Then Tina gets a blanket and covers Bette’s legs.

    “You need anything else?” Tina asks as she looks down on Bette.

    “Just a bottle of water, but you can get that later. Go get the bag and chair from the car first. No rush with the water.” Bette replies with a smile up at Tina.

    “Okay, I’ll be right back.” Tina says and hurries outside and gets the bag and chair. Within minutes she’s back inside. She felt herself getting anxious leaving Bette alone. She’s okay. She thinks to herself. She walks into the kitchen and gets a bottle of water for Bette and she makes a cup of coffee for herself. A few minutes later, she walks back in and places the bottle within Bette’s reach on the table.

    “Here you go. Nice cold water. Let me know of you’re hungry.” Tina asks as she takes a seat on the chair opposite the couch.

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    1. Fantastic chapter!

      They had a honest talk and Tina, as she should, took the responsibility of their divorce.

      It pains me that they lost each other again due to not open up and talk. Like Bette thinks, what will be different this time? But she is willing to give them a new chance and for that i am happy and hopefull.

      Amazing story! Thank you!

    2. Wow! What a painful conversation. They will need some time to process that one. Hope Tina wins Bette back, and that she understands it is all on her now to make amends. What will she do differently? Will she seek professional help for the depression? Sounds like she needs it. Anything that gets them back together. Thanks for this chapter, nice break from “working” at home…..

    3. Hi Lauren25

      Like BK I am also working from home, so nice to have a new chapter waiting when I take a lunch break :-)
      I’m glad Tina is opening up, as her behavior is often that she thinks she is protecting Bette by keeping things from her when in fact she ends up hurting her more. Really good start but definitely a ways to go, and also reconciliation if it happens needs to take place when Bette is fully recovered. The emotions and the needs are high now and it seems like a good idea but reality will hit, and to Bette’s point what will be different than it was 10 years ago when they thought they had worked through their issues? Thank you.

      • Yeah, what will be different. If both are willing to take the walk, I’m hopeful for them. but as I’ve said, they have to work hard. And Bette’s concern about what will be different…. well, we’ll see.

    4. Thank you for the chapter and answered my question about Bette’s job.

      So, they take their first step to reconnect again and Bette already home. But why Angie not here too?
      Waiting for the next!

    5. This story line make perfect sense. Even though the road will not be easy, the relationship can be repaired provided both are willing to work to make it happen. And I believe they will make this happen. Their bond is just too great to be ignored.

      This chapter was fantastic. I love the Tina wanted to be honest and straight forward with Bette. Its no time to hid. I believe that Bette will take the time to absorb what Tina has said and will willing work toward a reconciliation. Tina still needs to make a definitive statement that she wants to come back to Bette. Then they need to determine the path in which that will happen together.

      Thank you for this story…truly a great story so far. Look forward to the next chapter.

      • Yeah, they will both have to work really hard to get back to a partnership that is made to last.
        They have take the long walk. But I’m hopeful for them :)
        And thank you so much for reading :)

    6. I am working from home also! I treat myself by looking for new posts when I need a break. Glad they began their talking with Tina telling her part of the story. There is a lot to process…the back stories of Tina’s thought processes and running away will be difficult. The one story I especially am interested to talk about leaving Angie? It is difficult to run from your spouse but I can’t wrap my head around leaving my child! Although there was a story by another author where Bette ran from Tina and their children when she had cancer. I guess it does happen but how do you forgive that?

    7. Had a break and back to a fantastic Chapter.

      Tina has explained very clearly how she got to the point of leaving Bette but I cannot understand how she could have left Angie. Especially I do not understand how she could not return for Kit’s funeral to be with Angie at least. Kit was always a big part of Angie’s life and she must have been devastated when she died.

      Great story, thank you

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