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    Can we get it back – Chapter 11

    Chapter 11

    A few hours later, they were still on the couch, both sleeping, Tina’s arm still holding on Bette, still snuggled close together. That is how Angie found them when she got home from school. She missed her moms, so she decided to come home and not go directly to Jordi or uncle Shane’s house today.

    She ended up just watching them for a few moments before she got one of the blankets from the chair next to the couch and she carefully placed it over her mom’s. Hoping not to wake them. She had missed them together. She had only voiced it once, while her and mama B went on a hiking trip that she was sad that mama T was getting married. She had never really liked Carrie, but she kept that to herself because mama T seemed happy. But secretly she hoped that she would come to her senses and come back to them. She was just sad it had to be mama B’s illness that brought her back. But at least, she was back. Back to stay.

    While Angie stands there thinking, lost in her thoughts, Tina wakes up and sees Angie standing there.

    “Hi, sweetie.” She softly says. That makes Angie jump back a little.

    “Ah geez, you scared me.” Angie replies as she looks down on her mama T, holding on to mama B. “So, how are you guys?” Angie carefully asks.

    “Well, I’m still here, holding your mama B. We’ve talked a lot. I think she’s on board.” Tina replies with a small chuckle.

    “Yes, I am.” Bette whispers, eyes still closed for a few seconds. She turns in Tina’s arms, so her face is close to Tina’s. “This means it was not a dream.” Bette adds.

    “No, it was not a dream.” Tina replies with a smile.

    Without any hesitation, Bette leans in and capture Tina’s lips with a kiss. So soft, both felt the tears right away. It lasted for 3 seconds and Bette pulled out to look into Tina’s eyes “I love you.” She whispers.

    “I love you.” Tina replies. She breaks away from Bette and carefully gets up from the couch. She pulls Angie into a warm hug. “I missed you sweetie. Did you have a good time with Jordi last night and school today?” Tina asks.

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    1. This is not good.. a seizure that last several minutes!! Not good at all. And two weeks after surgery? My guess is that there is another tumor located elsewhere and not connected with the original tumor. This is not good….

      Thank goodness Angie called 911. This is scary….really scary.

      Thanks for the update…. please make Bette be okay…

    2. That doesn’t sound good and feels like more than only a little setback. Did the removing of the tumor cause her problems with the vestibular system? I hope that it was only some kind of “hiccup” on her way of healing.
      It’s hard for Tina as well but horrific for Angie.

      Please continue, can’t wait to read what the doctors say.

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