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    Can we get it back – Chapter 12

    Chapter 12

    “I was so scared when I got back from the bathroom and she was shaking so much.” Angie cries as Tina guides them over to sit down.

    “I know sweetie, you did the right thing in calling 911 right away. I’m proud of you. Now we have to have faith in the doctors again.” Tina says and hugs Angie close.

    Tina takes out her phone and text Shane. “Hey, we’re at the hospital, LA Medical, Bette had a seizure. Not sure what’s happening.” Tina sends off. She stares at the phone for a few moments then wipes away the tears. They sit in silence, both scared, terrified of what has happened.

    After a few minutes she gets a text back from Shane. “Oh my God, I’m on my way.

    “She was fine mom, why is this happening?” Angie asks after several minutes, both feeling shocked of this turn of events.

    “I don’t know sweetie. Head surgery is a delicate thing. Hopefully the doctors will figure it out and make mama B okay again.” Tina replies as she continues to hold her daughter close. Tears are still coming. She wipes it with her free left hand from time to time.

    Half an hour later, Shane rushes in,

    “Hey, heard anything yet?” She asks as she takes a seat beside Tina on the lefthand side.

    “No, we’re still waiting for an update. We know they stopped the seizures. Gave her a drug for that. But they were taking her up to do a CT and several tests to figure out what happened.” Tina replies sadly.

    “What happened?” Shane softly asks.

    “I went to the store to buy food. Angie was staying with Bette. We’ve been talking, in hindsight we should maybe have waited with the heavy stuff until a little later… I don’t know… But Angie went to the bathroom really quick and when she came back in, Bette was shaking and having some kind of seizure. She called 911 and then me. I rushed home, and we went in the ambulance with her here.” Tina replies, wiping another set of tears away.

    “She’ll be okay. I’m sure of it.” Shane whispers as she takes Tina’s hand in hers and softly squeeze it.

    “I sure hope so. I can’t lose her. She agreed to take me back and try again. We still have miles and miles to go, to figure it all out. I have a lifetime of apologies to make up for and… I just can’t lose her now.” She gets out before sobs takes over. Angie also starts to cry silently, wishing her mama B well.

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    1. Whew….a small stroke.. okay… no damage. That’s good.. Another surgery and more recovery time. That’s about as good as it gets under the circumstances. I feel like Shane…just put my heart in my throat when I heard it. Hopefully Bette is on the road to recovery.

      Poor Bette – thought two weeks was a dream. At least Bette will now believe that Tina really is here for her. Now its on the road to recovery and then the road to reconciliation…

      Great Story….but I need my heart pills close for the drama you write. I think that’s a good thing. Keep it up.

    2. That was a close call. I feared that the second surgery affected Bette’s memory or ability to speak.
      She still has a long way to go.

      Won’t be easy for the family to settle to something like normalcy.

      Please post soon.

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