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    Can we get it back – Chapter 13

    Chapter 13

    One week after the seizure scare, Bette can go home again. She had to promise to stay off he feet, relax 90 % of the time. Don’t do anything that would get her heartrate up. At least for a few weeks. Dr. Stenton had also been in to check on her, regarding the upcoming radiation treatment. He had scheduled the first appointment three weeks from now. He wanted the head to heal properly before starting the radiation. He had also told her to relax as much as she can. Small walks could be done, just to keep the body going, but keep the heartrate down.
    Tina had been by her side the whole time and promised to continue to be there every second of every day. They had to go back to the hospital for a checkup in 4 days.

    Angie had asked her mama T if she could be with Jordi this weekend. She again wanted to give her mama B and mama T the chance to spend time together. She loves her moms, and she wanted to be with them, but she wanted them back together more than anything, so if she, staying away could help with that situation, she wanted to do that. And she was in love with Jordi, so she wanted to stay with her also.

    Tina parked the car in the driveway of Bette’s house.

    “So, here we are again.” She says with a smile.

    “Yeah, so it seems.” Bette replies.

    “Ready to go inside?” Tina asks, placing her hand on Bette’s thigh.

    “Yeah. I think I need to straight to bed.” Bette says as she turns her head to look at Tina.

    “Off course. Well, come on let’s get inside.” Tina says as she jumps out of the car and runs around to Bette’s side. She helps her steady. The dizziness was still there and the fatigue was starting to be more prominent also. Tina guides her inside. “Maybe you should stay in the bedroom downstairs? That way you don’t have to walk up and down the stairs. Just until the dizziness is gone.” Tina suggests.

    “Yeah, I should probably do that, but that bed isn’t as nice as my bed.” Bette replies.

    “We can do something about that you know. We could buy a new bed and put in there.” Tina suggests.

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    1. Oh, getting up in the night tot go to your work, i know how that feels!

      So happy you are writing inbetween your busy schedule!

      Back home and i think Bette is finally to going to trust that Tina is there for the rest of their life. A lot more talking has to be done, but they Do open up to each other already.

      And how sweet is Angie! Thanks for the update!

    2. So, like i remember Bette had a cancer? Tumor been removed but now Bette will have radiation treatment and chemo? It’ll be bad – even if it would be enough – she lose her hair, right?

    3. They are so sweet together. Bette is still rather emotional at this point. That too is a side effect of the anesthetic.
      Tina was always an excellent caregiver. I just hope Bette stays a good patient.

      This is a serious illness and is going to take months to recover from. But the good news is that it will force Bette and Tina to be together for extended periods of time. I hope things go well for theses two. However…no activities which causes Bette’s heart rate to increase….how long is that going to last? Best watch that kissing!!

      Great chapter…thank you.

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