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    Can we get it back – Chapter 14

    Chapter 14

    Once they got into the kitchen, Tina made Bette sit down. She started to make breakfast. She dished up eggs and bacon on toast. Bette just sit and looks at Tina working away by the stove.

    “T? Thank you for staying.” Bette says after a short while.

    Tina turns towards Bette and looks at her.

    “Of course, Bette. As I’ve said, there is no place I’d rather be.” Tina replies with a smile as she takes the frying pan off the stove top. Breakfast was ready. She brings everything over to the table, then brings drinks. Coffee for herself and apple juice for Bette.

    “This looks great T.” Bette replies with a smile over at Tina as she takes a seat next to Bette.

    “Thank you. Dig in.” Tina replies. They eat in comfortable silence for a few minutes, stealing glances at each other.

    “Best eggs ever.” Bette says with a smile up at Tina.

    “Oh, they are huh? That was what I was aiming for.” Tina replies with a chuckle. She gets a serious look on her face suddenly. Bette gets worried.

    “What?” She whispers.

    “It’s just… I have so many breakfasts to make up for.” Tina says, almost in a whisper, looking into Bette’s eyes. “I will never get them back. I have so much to make up for. And I promise that I will make up for everything.” Tina starts with tears streaming down her face but is interrupted by Bette.

    “T, you don’t have to make up for anything. But I do understand what you mean.” Bette replies with a loving smile.

    “Yes, I do Bette. Looking back, I was so horrible to you. I didn’t notice it at the time, or I wouldn’t notice it, is maybe more like it.” Tina says looking down on her plate, as she wipes the tears away.

    “Let’s continue this on the couch in the living room. Sitting up makes me tired.” Bette says, reaching her hand over to cover Tina’s hand.

    “Yeah, sure.” Tina replies as she stands up right away and starts cleaning the table. “You need help to the couch?” Tina asks as she looks briefly at Bette.

    “I think I can manage. I’ll use the walls for support.” Bette replies with a smile as she slowly stands up and starts walking slowly into the living room. Tina watches her for a few moments to make sure she makes it there without losing her balance.

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    1. I think Tina needed this conversation with Carrie – she got her closer. And i agree that maybe she needs to go to therapy – to find root of her problem – why she left Bette the last time

      • agree 100%.. Depression is no joke, while it explains why Tina did what she did if she doesn’t get help and or medication for it, they will find themselves in the same boat as before. Lovely lovely story, thanks. PSS

    2. This was a good conversation between Carrie and Tina. But I really don’t think that Carrie will give up so easily. Of course, if this is the first conversation in a month since she left in a angry hurry, maybe this was enough. I’m surprised she waited this long. Perhaps she was waiting for Tina to call her. But Carrie still did not know Tina very well. And even in that conversation she did not ask how Angie was or how Bette was. So she continued the conversation from the night Tina left. And this relationship may have worked if there was no Angie…But I doubt it. Sooner or later Angie would need her mother and Carrie would be miffed about it. This conversation between the two was substantially about Carrie – do you love me? did you lie to me? why are you leaving me? how am I going to go on? And the biggy for me – I am going to let you get OUR stuff out of the apartment! That is why I do not think Carrie sees that this is over. As long as the apartment stays in tact, then she will have hope she will return.

      Very nice explanation of the reason for break up. Its going to take some time for Carrie to process. Maybe she will.

      Thank you for the story… love to see more…

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