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    Can we get it back – Chapter 15

    Chapter 15

    Later in the day, Tina got a text from Angie asking if she could pick her up in an hour. Jordi’s grandma had gotten sick, so the family was going over to be with her and Angie didn’t want to come. She wouldn’t feel comfortable there.

    Off course. I’ll be there in one hour sweetie.” Tina texts back. “Jordi’s grandma got sick. I’m picking Angie up in an hour.” Tina says to Bette. They’re seated on the couch. They have been casually talking. They needed a short break from the heavy stuff, if it was only for a few hours.

    “Oh okay. I hope she’ll be okay.” Bette replies, thinking about Jordi’s grandma.

    “Yeah. It’ll be good to have Angie back for a little while. I’ve missed her. Soon she’ll move out.” Tina says and smiles at Bette.

    “I don’t want to think about that yet. She’s still my baby.” Bette replies with a chuckle.

    “She’ll always be our little baby.” Tina says with a loving smile. “Do you ever regret us not having another one?” Tina asks.

    “I would’ve loved to have one more, but it didn’t happen. It was fate, I guess. We tried… with the adoption, that didn’t work out. Then the move to New York, where our life got busier.” Bette says as she takes Tina’s hand in hers. “I don’t regret the life we’ve had.” Bette adds as she softly squeezes Tina’s hand to reassure her. Tina wipes a single tear that slipped down her chin.

    “There is a lot I regret, but the love we’ve shared and the life we’ve shared is not one of them. What I regret is the things we’ve been talking about for close to a month now. How I withdrew myself from our partnership. I will make an appointment on Monday with a therapist. I have to start getting to the bottom of this. But I don’t have a clue as to where it all started. What made me get that far down the black hole that I couldn’t get out again. I’ve been wrecking my brain as to when it all started.” Tina honestly says as she wipes away a few more tears.

    “Do you think it might have something to do with your family? Or the lack of your family?” Bette carefully asks.

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    1. My Easter vacation started tonight and i hope to read a lot of updates! No pressure ????

      I wish you a good vacation!

      Love to see them as a family again and it is a wise decision of Tina to seek help from a specialist.

      Great chapter, thank you!

    2. I think its important that Tina did this apology. Making it public like this allows Angie and Bette to hold her accountable for her future actions. Should she consider leaving or avoiding problems in the future, she can be reminded gently that she pledged not to have a repeat performance and to work toward never allowing it to happen again. It allows Bette and Angie to participate in the solution rather than being bystanders and hoping everything works out. It is also a sign of sincerity. How believable would Tina be if she said I sorry for all the havoc and I don’t want to talk about the situation again. The apology is a part of discussion of what happened and why it happened. It is also a request for forgiveness. And generally forgiveness only follows a sincere and believable apology. Tina is merely acknowledging the pain and hurt she has caused. She needs this to move forward.

      Thank you for this chapter. During this social distancing period, our primary communication device is the internet. We appreciate any and all presentations made. Perhaps the silent readers could make comments after each chapter to encourage production.

      Thanks to writers for what they do to keep us engaged to Bette and Tina. Love to all.

    3. Thank you so much for the update. Take some time to enjoy your break. I agree with Martha, we need to apologize not just individually for our transgressions but also to a collective group such as family. It holds ups accountable too the family unit. Tina still has lots of work if she slipped into this depression that had her run away! And to move in with someone she says made her happy in a different way. Lots of work and I fear some real demons she has buried deep inside her! The family is in for some hard times..Bette’s illness and Tina’ s deep seated depressive issues.

    4. Thanks for the Chapter.

      Tina now needs to put into Action her promises.

      I don’t think she can brush off the fact that her Family disowning her has not had anything to do with her issues.

      Have a good break,
      Stay safe

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