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    Can we get it back – Chapter 16

    Chapter 16

    After dinner, they all settled in the livingroom. Bette’s energy level was low so she laid down to rest, but wanted to join in on the game, so Angie would help her. The game was the good ole Settlers of Catan. Angie’s favorite game. They had moved the table close to the couch so Bette could see everything. But Angie would help move the pieces around for her.

    One and a half hour it took for them to finish the game, in the end Angie won. They had a great time, it was just like old times Angie remember as she takes in the scene. Tina could see that Bette was close to fall asleep. Bette had been determined to stay awake until they finished and she made it. But Tina saw how tired she was.

    “Bette, do you want to go to bed? I can see you’re tired.” Tina softly says.

    “Yeah, I should. I’m sleepy.” Bette agrees. “Thanks for tonight. And you Angie, thank you for playing with your old moms.” Bette says and gives Angie a smile.

    “I’ve missed this. All of us together.” Angie says as she looks at both her mom’s.

    “Me too, sweetie.” Bette replies. Tina stays silent as she looks deep in thought. After a few moments she takes Bette’s hand in hers and softly squeezes it and gives her a teary smile.

    “T?” Bette says.

    “I’m okay. Just… memories.” Tina replies, giving her a smile.

    “Oh well. I’ll go upstairs and get ready for bed. I told Jordi that she could come over here tomorrow, that’s okay right?” Angie asks and looks at both her mom’s.

    “Off course sweetie.” Bette replies with a loving smile.

    “Okay, goodnight.” Angie says while giving both her moms a big hug. Then she runs upstairs, leaving Bette and Tina alone.

    “This has been the best day in a long time.” Bette says while smiling up at Tina who is seated on the couch, while Bette is laying down behind her.

    “Yeah, it has.” Tina agrees as she move her hand down to Bette’s face and softly stroke her chin and then putting a stray hair behind her ear. Tina still has the look as she’s deep in thought.

    “What are you thinking about?” Bette asks as she capture Tina’s hand in hers and softly squeezes it.

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    1. Yes, it is very important to clean your appartement sometimes, and i thank god every day that my wife loves to clean ????

      Glad you are able to hike with your friends, staying in solitude is not fun, we in The Netherlands are staying home since a month and i work from home and i am glad we have a garden and a dog, so we are able to go outside, but it is no fun but it is for the health of everyone. So Stay save and healthy ????

      What is it that Tina triggered and made go and leave her family 2.5 years ago, to find herself again?

      I hope in therapy she will get that answer and also Bette and Angie. They will support her but Tina is the one to look and search deep inside herself what made her depressed to the point that she left her family. And we readers have to wait till you answer that question ????

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Sweet chapter. I can almost feel Angie’s hope that B/T figure this out this time. Tina is being supportive of Bette and her progress healing but Bette shouldn’t be the one consoling Tina. Time to woman up and figure out what the heck happened 2.5 years ago. Actually, the Tina in my story needs to do the same, lol. Looking forward to reading what Tina discovers about herself and her need to have space to the point that she left her family. Hard to rewrite a terrible story line in the show but you are doing a fantastic job!

    3. Thanks for the lovely chapter. I am surprised that Bette asked for a night without Tina. by her side. Perhaps she sensed that Tina needed the time alone. Or was it the response that perhaps Bette working excessively and Tina not working may have triggered it only to take it back saying that wasn’t it. Maybe Bette really did just need some alone time. But given the fact she was going to fall asleep the minute she got in bed did not give a whole lot of time for reflection on the day or the problems.

      This is a good story…. look forward to more.

    4. Nice chapter thank you.

      Glad you’re able to hike here in the UK we are in lockdown.
      I’ m in week 5 of sole isolation and a little fed up with my own company:-)

      Stay safe, please post soon.

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