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    Can we get it back – Chapter 17

    Chapter 17

    It was time for them to leave, to get to Bette’s appointment on time. They took Tina’s car and Angie got to drive. She loved driving. Bette and Tina got into the backseat. Tina was a little nervous about the checkup. Bette tried to reassure her that everything was okay. They held hands all the way to the hospital. Angie maneuvered the car brilliantly and got the high fives from both her mom’s about her driving when they parked outside the hospital.

    Tina takes a hold of Bette’s hand again outside the car and they walk inside and take the elevator up to the third floor where she was told to go last time. Bette let the nurses station there know she was there and they took a seat. The first check was scans of the head, so Tina could not join her for the first 30 minutes. They were told at the nurses station.

    After a few minutes, Bette’s name is called. She stands up. Tina stands with her and bring her into a big warm hug. “I’ll be waiting right here. I love you.” Tina whispers and then kisses her softly on the lips.

    “I love you too. I want you both in with me when we talk to the doctor after the scans.” Bette says.

    “We’ll be here. Tell them to come and get us.” Tina replies. Angie also stands up and gives her mama B a big hug.

    “Love you mom.” Angie says while hugging her tight.

    “Love you too sweetie.” Bette whispers back. She then follows the nurse down the corridor.

    Tina put her arm around Angie’s waist and gives her a loving squeeze.

    “She’ll be okay.” Tina whispers, trying to convince herself more than anything. She wouldn’t settle the concerned feeling until they got the results later today.

    “Yeah.” Angie agrees.

    “Sweetie, I have to make a quick phone call. Will you be okay here alone for a few minutes?” Tina asks, looking at Angie.

    “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Angie replies with a smile as she walks over to the chairs and takes a seat again.

    “Ok, I’ll be right back.” Tina says and walks a bit down the corridor towards where the elevators where. She takes out her cell phone and look up a number she got from a colleague. A number to a therapist. It was about time she started to dig deep into what caused her to leave her family.

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    1. Hummm? What is going on in Bette’s mind? This has to be an emotional situation – starting radiation treatments,
      and Tina being emotional for some unknown reason, And being always tired and slightly off balance is not a good feeling either. Hopefully Bette is getting better and will recover, I look forward to the time when Bette, Tina and Angie can have a positive activities without the concern of losing one another looming in the background.

      Thank you for this story. Write when you can…. looking forward to how Bette and Tina resolve their issues.

    2. Hi Lauren,

      Thanks so much for the update.

      I am very hopeful that Tina will finally find some answers to her deep problems & be able to continue to be there for Bette.

      Hopefully Bette’s treatment will not be so debilitating.

      Thanks for including Angie & allowing her a voice in the story.

      Looking forward to your next post.

      Happy holiday!!!

      Stay safe.

    3. Thank you for posting again on this story.

      I like the way you are including Angie in the story. Tina needs to know how her actions have affected her daughter.

      The talk of radiation treatment stirred some personal memories for me and I had empathy with Bette’s silent way of dealing with the news she was given of how her treatment would pan out.

      Look forward to more, stay safe

    4. so glad Tina made the phone call to get therapy going. Hope she can talk to Bette about what she is teary eyed so that Bette doesn’t worry. I enjoyed reading about the radiation mask, is that something that people undergoing this type of treatment really have to wear? It seemed very realistic and adds to the realness of what Bette is facing – she will need to sleep and rest and then sleep more. Tina needs to carry the weight emotionally and physically right now. Also hope Bette doesnt lose any a strand of her glorious hair. :)



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