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    Can we get it back – Chapter 18

    Chapter 18

    Bette fell asleep not long after. Tina went into the kitchen to clean up after breakfast. After a little while Angie comes down and joins Tina in the kitchen.

    “Hey mom.” She says and takes a seat at the kitchen island.

    “Hey, sweetie.” Tina replies smiling as she cleans the island surface.

    “Can I borrow a car and go over to Jordi’s?” Angie asks. “She’s home from her grandma.” She adds.

    “Sure, sweetie. But drive carefully. No speeding.” Tina replies.

    “I won’t. I’ll be home tonight. Don’t know when.” Angie says as she runs out. Tina smiles and shakes her head and continues to clean. After a while, Bette walks into the kitchen.

    “Hey.” Bette says and takes a seat at the island. Tina gives a her a smile.

    “Hey.” Tina replies as she put the washcloth down and moves around to take a seat next to Bette.

    “How are you doing Tina?” Bette asks as she takes her hand in hers.

    “I’m okay. I should be asking you that question.” Tina replies as she looks down on their joined hands.

    “Well, there’s no reason why we can’t both look out for each other.” Bette says and lift Tina’s hand and softly place a kiss on the palm of her hand.

    “Well, true.” Tina let’s out a soft chuckle. “I called a therapist today. My first appointment is tomorrow morning.” Tina says and looks into Bette’s eyes waiting for her reaction.

    “That’s great Tee.” Bette replies as she put a stray hair behind Tina’s ear.

    “It’s about time don’t you think?” Tina says as she stands up and walks over to the fridge. “You want anything to drink?” She asks.

    “Apple juice.” Bette replies. Tina takes it out together with sparkling water for herself, she takes out the glasses and sit back down.

    “Are you hungry?” Tina asks after looking at Bette for a few minutes. She sees the tiredness in her ex-wife.

    “No, I’m good. But I am tired, so I should go back to laying down.” Bette says and slowly stands up.

    “Okay, come on.” Tina says and jumps off the chair and guide Bette back to the couch.

    “Stay with me?” Bette whisper.

    “Sure.” Tina replies and takes a seat on the floor beside Bette’s face. She pulled some pillows down to sit on.

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    1. Happy Birthday! Finally you are big girl :)

      But Tina – do you think it’s wise to sleep at different bedrooms and leave Bette alone during the night? What if something happen to her – who could help her?

    2. Zehna.
      Agree that Tina needs to sleep in bed with Bette to keep eye on her.

      I’d been trying to understand Y Bette seems to be unconcerned about having had a brain tumor and surgery AND upcoming radiation which will be frickin’ evasive and cruelly harsh on her formerly fit body. Loss of her beautiful hair (scalp & facial) will surely iliicit emotions that Tibette has never experienced. Let alone Angie’s reaction as a teenager.

      You may have answered my question with Bette’s comments how she would completely shatter and DIE if Tina leaves AGAIN. She has been broken TOO MANY times loving Tina only to have her leave. She doesn’t have the will nor strength to keep fighting that particular battle.

    3. Have to agree Tina should not let Bette sleep alone just now. She should also be helping Bette a little more to deal with her illness. Bette will have a lot to deal with.

      Really enjoying the story thank you and look forward to your ASAP, please

    4. Bette and Tina are going through what I would call a transition period. They are transitioning from being apart to being together. Their time apart needs to be explained and processes put into place to prevent what ever happened from happening again. That is the reason for Tina going to the therapist. Bette is still recovering from two surgeries. They are both trying to adjust to their new set of circumstances and hoping that eventually they will be both happy, and be together emotionally, mentally, and physically. I think we need to be patient with these two.

      As to should Bette and Tina share a bed? They should do what feels right for them. If Tina is worried about Bette’s well being, she could set up a baby monitor in Bette’s room. Bette has not been sharing a bed with anyone except on rare occasion for the past two years. She needs to do what she feels will help her rest and sleep the best.

      Tina may need privacy to tend to her own needs. Since they have yet to be intimate and Bette is not in condition to participate, it would be rude of Tina to self pleasure in Bette’s bed. Just a thought.

      I have seen comments about radiation and the possibility of hair loss for Bette. Generally, chemo-therapy is what causes hair loss. And it is generally not in all cases – some are worse than others. Chemo-therapy is administered through the blood stream and accesses entire body. The cells which are part of the hair growing process throughout the body become damaged and release the hair throughout the body. Until those cells repair themselves no hair will grow. Radiation is a stream of radio-active particles which are sent directly to a specific area of the body. The cells in that area are damaged and hopefully includes any cancer cells. Once radiation stops, the cells repair and resume natural function. So the cells in the area where the radiation occurs may stop producing hair at least temporarily. Since Bette’s tumor was localized and removed by surgery, the radiation will be in that area and that area only. Theoretically, since her head was shaved in that area, she will only have hair loss in that area. She should maintain the balance of her hair on her head, eye brows, eye lashes and everywhere else she has hair. She will have a permanent scar from her surgeries, however her hair may cover those and not be noticeable by the public.

      The fact is that those who do go through hair loss generally have only a short term emotional stress about the process. The chemotherapy process is so stressful to the body, that hair loss becomes almost incidental. The ability to eat, sleep and have some mobility become a far more concern than if you have hair of not. And the hair will grow back as soon as the chemotherapy stops and the body starts to heal from the treatments.

      Great story…and fantastic writer.

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