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    Can we get it back – Chapter 19

    Chapter 19

    Tina is getting ready to leave for her appointment with the therapist. They have been seated by the kitchen table since breakfast. It was now 9:15 and Tina had a 30-minute drive downtown to where the therapist is located so she had to leave soon.

    “Are you sure you don’t want me with you?” Bette asks a little concerned for how Tina will be afterwards. “I can wait in the waiting room outside or in the car..” She suggests.

    “I’ll be fine Bette. I will probably need the solitude on my way back here afterwards. It will be heavy for me.” Tina replies as she walks over to Bette and takes a seat next to her. “I’m not trying to keep things from you or anything like that… I just…” Tina says but is interrupted by Bette.

    “You don’t have to explain Tee. I understand. But just know I’m here.” Bette smiles and leans in for a soft kiss.

    “I know. And besides, you should be resting. So I expect to find you on the couch, horizontal when I leave, and when I get back.” Tina says with a serious look.

    “So, you want me horizontal? It’s been a long time since you requested that.” Bette says in a flirtatiously tone, raising an eyebrow towards Tina.

    “Bette, don’t even go there. Where not ready for that.” Tina chuckles with a soft slap to Bette’s arm.

    Bette looks into Tina’s eyes, both becoming a bit more serious.

    “I know were not ready for that yet, but please know that that craving, never went away for me, and it never will.” Bette says sincerely, suddenly a tear slips down her chin.

    “Oh babe.” Tina whispers when she hears Bette’s words and see the tear. “I love you so, so much, and I promise I’ll come back in every way. It never really went away for me either. I just got lost.” Tina replies as she takes Bette’s hand and brings it close to her heart. “Feel it. It beats for you.” Tina adds in a whisper. Bette looks into Tina’s eyes and leans in for another kiss.

    “I love you too.” She says. “But now you have to go.” She adds and let go of Tina’s hand as Tina also stands up. She leans down and kisses Bette one more time.

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    1. Tina has tried to state the problem to the therapist…..she is assuming traits in Bette that are not apparent in her behavior. Bette always gives in in fear that she will lose her. That is not the dominating personality, or my priorities are more important that everyone elses or I’m smarter than anyone else or known more than anyone else. So where does this come from? Perhaps we will find out in the near future.

      Thanks for this chapter. Love to see more.

    2. I really want to know why Tina feels that way. Yes Bette has a strong personality but did gave Tina the space she needed, especially after they reunited the last time.

      It is time that Tina get to the roots of her problems and feelings, otherwise she will always blame or resent Bette for it. She made the first step but has a long way to go.

      Thanks for the update!

    3. My fear is that Tina is doing this because Bette is sick. It seems pretty convenient. Reminds me of when Bette’s father died and Tina came back. I hope she truly does want to be with Bette for the right reasons.

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