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    Can we get it back – Chapter 24

    Chapter 24

    The next morning was a repeat of the previous one. Tina waking first, making breakfast, and then waking up the rest of her family. She made pancakes today, just when she was putting everything onto the table, both Angie and Bette came walking in hand in hand.

    “Morning.” Tina says and smiles as she walks back to the fridge to get out a carton of milk for Angie and the coffee for her and Bette. When she gets back to the table Bette is waiting for her.

    “Hi.” Bette says and leans in for a soft kiss.

    “Hi.” Tina replies with another kiss. “Okay, let’s dig in. hope you’re both hungry.” She adds.

    “These are good mom.” Angie says as she takes another bite.

    “I’m glad you like them sweetie.” Tina says with a smile as she herself takes a bite.

    At 10:30 Bette and Tina is on their way back to the hospital for the second day of radiation.

    Angie had gone off to school right after breakfast, leaving her moms to get on with their day.

    Seated in the waiting room, holding hands they’re waiting for the nurse to come get them.

    “I wonder when the side effects really will kick in.” Bette says suddenly.

    “Don’t know honey, but we’ll be ready for them. I’ll be there with you every step of the way.” Tina says as she looks sideways at her and leans in and softly kisses her shoulder.

    “I am still scared you know.” Bette starts, but stops briefly to form the next words. Tina is quick to ask why.

    “About what?” She asks.

    “About you staying. Really staying this time. That is my greatest fear in all this. I know you love me… But still.” Bette says, almost in a whisper. “For the unknown reasons you’ve left the other times. Since we’re nowhere closer to finding out why. I will still be on my toes if you will, about you leaving. I am sorry to say it Tee.” Bette says and looks over at Tina with a sad face.

    “I know Bette. But I’ll be here. I will not leave.” Tina whispers back, softly squeezing Bette’s hand. Just as a nurse comes out and call Bette’s name. “I promise.” She quickly whispers.

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    1. Great chapter!

      It is unfortunate for Bette that she now has the negative effects of her radiation, but that was to be expected. Most importantly, she survives the cancer.

      Very good that Bette told Tina that she is still afraid that she will eventually leave again, especially since they have not yet discussed the reasons for the previous times. Tina must tell Bette that she has asked her employer if she can be transferred to LA or else she is looking for a new job in LA. I think that gives Bette a little more security and confidence that Tina is serious that she is not leaving.

      Nice that Angie leans towards an artistic education. Tina is right, Bette wants the best for Angie and her happiness is paramount.

      Thank you for the update!

    2. Bette progressing into her treatments and Tina putting feelers to get transferred to L..A. . She is making moves to stay with Bette.

      Interesting that Bette always wants to talk to Tina when they are waiting for the doctor or for a treatment. Tina is handling it well – just keep saying the same thing. She here to stay and leave the heavy conversation for home. Alloy for space to retreat when things get too stressful.

      Thanks for submitting….

    3. This is an interesting story. I have realized that I do not know this Bette or Tina. Anything I write would be based upon past depictions of the characters. If based on GQ -,then I definitely don’t know them because we have no clue what is going on with Tina and Bette is just so vulnerable – distressed from losing Kit and Tina and now battling a tough cancer. I doubt pushing for art or Yale is even remotely in this Bette’s mind but we don’t know. I can say that I wish Tina had not spoken for Bette. This is an important time for Bette to feel included and needed in Angie’s life. She cannot cede all of that to Tina. Glad that Tina is making the move to LA. Maybe that will help Bette with her trust issues. Depends on Tina figuring out why she is back and why she left. Staying out of guilt is not the answer. This is going to be a long fight for Bette. If radiation isn’t enough she will need chemo. She can go into remission but that is not a cure. Still a very rough road ahead. Looking forward to more.

    4. Hey Lauren, you know I love this story. I agree with Martha, it is interesting that Bette chooses to talk about heavy topics right before walking into radiation. Safety in the waiting room perhaps? Regaining some control over an uncontrollable situation, maybe? Wanting to clear her head of her doubts before heading back there, possibly?
      Interesting dialogue either way.
      When Bette lay down on the couch and Tina got the blanket I really wanted her to lay down with her. Make room for an afternoon cuddle, maybe hold Bette while she slept off the effects. That is more important that work on a laptop. But I have been known to leave dishes in my sink and laundry piled up so I can take my kids on a hike. Tina is figuring it all out like the rest of us. Love the story, thanks…

      • Having personally been in Bette’s situation I know that wanting to talk about serious matters before Radiation is not strange.
        I also think Tina made the right decision to work on her Laptop. Bette would not have wanted to cuddle at that time.

        Looking forward to the next post

    5. Another excellent chapter.

      I truly enjoy this story & the path you are taking. Reestablishing any relationship is hard, especially one like they have had & now with Bette’s illness.

      Like SG, I too have had up close & very personal experiences with cancer in my family & myself. I am a 19 year survivor next month. I thank God every day!
      So yes, lots of things go through your mind as the road the road to recovery is never clear or simple.

      Angie wanting a career in the arts is so sweet especially since both her parents are in it.

      Agree that Tina should tell Bette about her action to secure a transfer back to LA or pursue another position if that is not possible. This would alleviate some of Bette’s fears of Tina leaving again.

      Thanks for the post & looking forward to your next one!

    6. Great chapter, I am loving this fic. I am not sure if Tina telling Bette she is relocating will ease her fears or not. She may still feel Tina could leave again and just be closer for Angie. Can’t wait for the next chapter please post soon.

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