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    Can we get it back – Chapter 25

    Chapter 25

    All three sitting down eating dinner. Tina had found some meat in the freezer and cooked up that and boiled some potatoes and cut some vegetables. A decent meal.

    “So, we started looking at colleges at school today mama B.” Angie starts.

    “Oh, you have? That’s exciting, isn’t it?” Bette replies with a smile.

    “Yeah, we learned a lot about what to look out for and check before applying and all kinds of stuff like that. And then after that presentation we went back to our classrooms and started to make a list of what kind of things we could see ourselves doing in the future as a career.” She continues and looks at Bette, hoping that her mama T was right, that mama B would be happy either way.

    “Yeah? And what did you come up with?” Bette asks curiously as she takes another mouthful.

    “Well, I like to draw. And I like art, and I like aspects of the film industry.” Angie starts.

    “Okay? And adding all those, your chosen path will be?” Bette asks as she looks up at Angie and she can see the nervousness reflecting back. “Sweetie, you don’t have to be nervous in telling me. I know I have had high standards about colleges, and I guess I have pushed Yale on you more than one time. But the most important thing sweetie, is you. What do you want? I love you and want you to be happy… So please just tell me.” Bette says with a loving smile. Tina also smiles as she put her hand on Bette’s thigh under the tabletop and give her a loving squeeze.

    “Well, I’m thinking about 3D design.” Angie says and holds her breath a few seconds.

    “3D design, wow. Well, I guess there are lot of possibilities in that path. Right Tee?” Bette says and turn her head towards Tina.

    “Yeah, 3D design will be more and more important in a lot of fields. From the film and TV industry to construction, interior design, architecture. It’s a good choice Angie.” Tina replies to Bette’s query and smiles towards Angie who is now smiling back.

    “I’m sorry I’m not into Yale mama B.” Angie says after a few moments.

    “Oh, sweetie, don’t worry about that. Besides, if you went to Yale, you would be too far away from me. I’m not sure I could deal with that.” Bette replies with a big smile.

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    1. Great chapter.

      Well, that’s the BIG question – what can Tina do to convince Bette she’s 110% committed????

      Great that Angie got the burden off her chest & talked to her parents about her college ambition. Now all 3 can participate in that experience.

      Thanks so much for posting.

      Can’t wait for more!!!

      • I agree ???? with you Collins!

        What can Tina do so that Bette knows that Tina is 110% committed to them?!

        It is good that Bette talks about her fears and that Tina understand them.

        Great chapter!

        • agree Collins agree BiBi
          Tina needs something – a grand gesture or a million little things – what will it be? I bet Angie knows what to do, or at least could put Tina on the right track.
          can’t wait to see how this plays out. Please post when you can…

    2. I don’t think that Bette can answer that. I think that is something that Tina will have to come up with and Bette will recognize it when she sees it. Perhaps when Tina has a for sure position in Los Angeles with an office location and a regular work schedule. and projects she is working on. Perhaps it’s when she closes out her residence in Toronto and other cities and lives solely in Los Angeles. Maybe it’s when they start making joint household decisions together about time and living space and future plans. For example, perhaps they decide to find a new home to live in after Angie goes away to school, maybe one closer to the beach which will serve as their retirement home and a place to entertain their grandchildren when they come along and contains all those features they both want in a home – a garden, a pool, space for privacy and creativity. When they see that their desires, and needs are not in conflict with each other put are in harmony with each other, they will begin to believe.

    3. I am not sure what Tina can do. Bette cannot be handled about this so a grand gesture might actually backfire. All of the things mentioned are great ideas but until Tina can explain why she left Bette and why she agreed to marry another woman – repeat – marry another woman – Bette will remain unsure and rightfully so. Marriage was supposed to bond Bette and Tina forever. It didn’t. Tina can relocate to LA but in Bette’s mind and heart what will stop her from leaving if a great business opportunity pops up or she gets bored. In the end Bette may have to open her heart one last time and take a chance. But – The hurt is still raw. The betrayal she feels is fresh. Bette does not feel safe with Tina. Tina has given her no answers. I just don’t know. There is no doubting that Bette loves Tina. Bette has always felt her life was better with Tina than without her. Sadly Tina has not always felt the same way. Does Tina really feel that she is better living out her life with Bette? Why? How could she walk away from Carrie so easily? No ideas at all. Looking forward to how it all plays out.

    4. Actions speak louder than words. Tina needs to keep doing the things people do when they ???? someone. Show Bette that she is true to her words. I loved the chapter please keep them coming.

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