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    Can we get it back – Chapter 26

    Chapter 26

    They sit side by side in silence for a few minutes.

    “I am extremely proud of you Tina. Of what you’ve accomplished in your career.” Bette says after a while. Tina looks sideways at Bette and feel the sincerity of Bette’s words and a tear slips down her chin. “If I ever held you back or made you feel less than, belittle situations or… I am so sorry. I never meant to do that, to hurt you in that way. I never meant to hurt you period. You were the greatest thing in my life… until Angie off course.” Bette says and give a little smile. I just wish you had talked to me back then. If I behaved wrong or made you feel less than. Why didn’t you address it? Why did you let it fester and build inside you until you left?” Bette asks.

    Tina takes a deep breath as she consider her reply. That question has also gone through her head a few times the last few months. And she hasn’t come any closer to a conclusion.

    “I really wish I had an answer for you Bette, I really do. I’ve been wrecking my brain for the last few months regarding that exact question. What could I have done? What could I have said?” Tina replies as she looks at Bette again. “What triggered my departure?” She adds.

    “And you’re no closer to any answers at all?” Bette carefully asks.

    “Sadly, no. But I hope with the help of the therapist, I will get to the bottom of it. But what I do know is that it helps talking to you…  Do you feel like that too?” Tina asks.

    “I’ve always liked talking to you. But yeah. I feel it in me that we will dig our way out in the end. But it doesn’t take away the fear I mentioned earlier though. About you potentially leaving again.” Bette says.

    “I know Bette. I will just have to stick around forever then, for you to believe me.” Tina gives her a smile.

    “Yeah.” Bette replies with the same smile. “I think I need to lay down. I should get to sleep. I feel really tired.” Bette adds as she stands up and walk slowly towards the on-suite bathroom.

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    1. I remember when my dad had radiation. It was ok at first then his energy levels went down. Finally, the bouts,of nausea and the redness on his skin caused him problems. Cancer sucks! Tina and Bette both have demons to conquer. Maybe supporting each other will draw them together instead of pushing them apart. Each will need their space to tackle the personal battles they are waging…and still find solace and support that can really be found in the arms of your soulmate. Love the story!

    2. Thank you Lauren to write a new chapter insteed of going to sleep! I hope you are able to catch up on your sleep this weekend.

      Poor Bette, the effects of the radiaton is not pleasant, glad she has Tina with her.

      I really hope Tina figures out in therapy why she walked away instead of talking to Bette how she felt. I am a little worried that after so many months she still has no answers to that. I understand Bette’s fears that she will walk away again. Positive is that they talk honestly with each other. But it will be a lond road before they can have a good relationship again.

      The important thing right now is that Bette wins the tough battle against the cancer.

      Good news for Tina about a possible job in LA! Hope she will get it!

      Thank you for the chapter!

    3. I’m in agreement with Bibi’s assessment.

      Great update & glad that they are continuing to talk. Progress that Bette asked Tina to sleep with her.

      The radiation treatments are no fun – having experienced them myself for 6 weeks years ago.

      Hopefully at the end of the treatments, Bette is cancer free.

      Get some rest lady!!!

      Thanks & looking forward to the next chapter.

      Stay safe.

    4. Bette wants Tina close especially during the time when she feels the most vulnerable. And most people feel vulnerable when they are in bed and sleeping and not aware of the things going on around them. Having someone in bed helps to make one feel safe. It also helps to progress the closeness and trust factor. The fact that Bette fears a “no” answer says volumes.

      As to why Tina left Bette? I think this is something that goes back to her childhood. Her parents were divorced – Dad cheated on Mom, but they got over that. Mom finally left Dad because of a close friendship he had with a coworker (female). They would read and discuss poetry together over the phone. In the ended, Tina’s mom could not tolerate this type of intimacy with another woman, so she divorced her Dad and moved the family to Atlanta. This to me would be a key – I wonder is her Mom ever attempted to talk to her Dad about this or did she just say that’s it, I want a divorce and leave? Perhaps this is the example that Tina responds to? Forget about talking – just up an leave -over a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation. This came out in the same police interviews as the incestuous relationship between Tina and her sister. Maybe Tina’s parents relationship example has more meaning than she realizes…..

      I hope that Tina starts to get somewhere soon. For when Bette starts to recover, its going to be harder if Tina has not started her own recovery as well.

      I’m little worried about this new job. This type work takes a lot of time commitment. The entertainment industry is not typically a 40 hour work week. During the production season, its a lot of long days, seven days a week. During the hiatus, there is a lot of time to do the things you want to do in life. But with a new production, the startup and first season cuts into the hiatus. With Angie getting into college selection and her final years of high school approaching, and Bette still taking treatments and then to go through recovery, Tina cannot be working a lot of long days to be the effective parent and partners she wants to be.

      Thanks for this chapter…. really like this story….

    5. I’m with Collins and Bibi here.

      I too, experienced radiation treatment for 6 weeks many years ago and Bette will be unable to contribute too much until after the treatment.

      I hope Tina will become strong in dealing with her issues and fully support Bette in her fight.

      A great thought provoking story, thanks for posting.
      Stay safe

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