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    Can we get it back – Chapter 27

    Chapter 27

    “Who were you on the phone with back there?” Bette asks as they get into the car.

    “That was my boss. He’s gotten me an interview with a new big show here in LA.” Tina says as she moves the car towards home.

    “That’s great Tee. Are you optimistic about it?” Bette asks.

    “Actually I am. It will be a completely new show and potentially a lot of work. But I have to have the meeting with them first to know more.” Tina says.

    15 minutes later they park the car in the driveway.

    “Tee, I think I have to throw up.” Bette says as she closes her eyes and tries to breathe it through.

    Tina jumps out and run around the car to help Bette out of the car.

    “Will you make it into the bathroom?” Tina asks concerned.

    “Yeah.” Bette replies. They walk quickly into the house and then further into the bathroom. Bette get down on the knees and makes it just in time. Again, Tina pulls Bette’s hair together into a bun to get it away from her face. She stays beside Bette, lovingly rubbing her back.

    “I really hate this.” Bette says in between sobs after a few minutes of throwing up.

    “I know babe. I wish I could make it all better.” Tina says as she continues to rub her back.

    “You are, by being here.” Bette replies softly. Tina smiles as she places a kiss on Bette’s shoulder.
    “I need to lay down Tee, can you help me into the bedroom?” Bette asks as she tries to stand up. Tina had to help balance her a few times.

    “Yeah, off course. Come on.” Tina says and takes a good hold of Bette and guide her into the bedroom.

    Bette takes a seat on the bedside and takes off her shirt and then pants. She didn’t care if Tina saw her. She knew that they were not ready for more than kissing yet, but they had shared a life for 20 + years so she was not uncomfortable with her.

    “You don’t have to stay with me Tee. I’m just going to sleep for a while. Go do some work or something. I’ll be okay here.” Bette says and gives Tina a tired and week smile.

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    1. Thank you for this chapter… So Tina’s getting a new job and Angie getting a new job and Bette still has several weeks of treatment to go. Hope that Tina’s job does not start immediately as Bette is going to need her until she starts to recover from the treatments. And Angie will only be available on weekends and two days a week.

      Glad to see Bette and Tina are getting along better. Tina will still have her counseling sessions in addition to her job and responsibilities for Bette. Its good Bette is eating some. She needs nutrition to heal and get her energy back to some semblance of normalcy.

      Look forward to more… anxious to see how these two work things out.

    2. Hi Lauren,

      So glad to have you back!!!

      Thoroughly enjoyed this update. Hope that the remainder of Bette’s therapy goes well.

      So Ang ‘s & Tina have a job & a new job- sp excited for her!!! Lots of possibilities for both!

      Glad to that Tibette is continuing to grow in their relationship.

      Take care & looking forward to your next chappie!


    3. Lauren
      I am so worried about Bette. The caretaker, mom in me wants to have Tina never leave her side. Throwing up in the bathroom? Let me lay down next to you and help you change clothes and bring you a soft fuzzy blanket and warm soup when you wake up. LOL. This is a sweet story thank you for this chapter, looking forward to more!

    4. Hi Lauren,

      Great to read a new chapter!

      Glad you have fun with discover 3D design and Graphic Design again!

      Poor Bette, i want to hug her and never let loose! How is Tina going to be able to take care of Bette while doing a very big job? I hope it will start after the treatment of Bette.

      Fantastic news for Angie, it will certainly look good on her resume!

      I hope you will be able to update more often!

    5. Lauren

      What a challenge for their relationship. Caretaking can be very stressful and Tina is also taking on a new job and they are trying to reconcile. So much on Tina’s plate.


    6. You are a very good writer. I did not post before now because this chapter made me very sad. For a moment I actually thought that Bette might not survive her cancer. She is so very ill and needs a lot of at home help and support. And now Tina has a new and important job and Angie has also found a job. Bette needs them to be a presence in the home for comfort and assistance. Tina may be based out of L.A. but she will be super busy. Neither Tina nor Angie are going to be able to be her caregiver. My heart is broken for Bette. She is honestly happy for both Tina and Angie but must feel very scared and lonely and vulnerable. What is she thinking as she faces her mortality? She needs a reason to fight and Tina and Angie need to let her know how much they need her. Does their independence send a message to Bette that she is not needed? Hang in there Bette! Maybe Tina is going to take the time until Bette is truly in a better place and able to be on her own. Tina promised her. I realize that this is a lot for Tina. A challenge so huge that they might not make it together. Why am I even thinking this way? Because what Tina is about to undertake is that huge. I hope she follows through in her promise to Bette. She needs to reassure Bette that she is still there for her every step of the way.

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