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    Can we get it back – Chapter 28

    Chapter 28

    The next day, Tina is up first. She has come to like the solitude in the morning, giving her some moments alone to think. She knew with the new job, it would be a juggle, but luckily it doesn’t start for another 4 months. She hoped that would be enough time to get Bette back on her feet. It was some meetings that were scheduled before the 4 month mark, but right now, it was other departments that were active. She would come in at a later point and from there on out hold the reins and schedule and budget together. But for some things she had to come in for meetings before then..

    But she had informed her new boss about the situation at home and why she had to leave the other job and so on. Thankfully he was very understanding. It wasn’t always the case in the moviebusiness.

    She makes coffee and opens up her laptop to check some mail, before waking up the rest of the house to start their day.

    10 minutes later, Angie walks into the kitchen, rubbing her eyes and still in her PJ’s.

    “Hi, mom.” She says as she slides into the chair next to Tina.

    “Good morning sweetie.” Tina says and reach out her hand and softly strokes Angie’s upper arm. “You slept okay?” She asks.

    “Yeah, but I’m not so good now. I got my period and my stomach hurts. Do we have something for the pain?” Angie asks.

    “I’m sorry sweetie. I know that can hurt. I’ll go and check the medicine cabinet. Hang on.” Tina says and stands up and disappear quietly into the downstairs bathroom inside Bette’s bedroom. She goes through everything and find some painkillers and walk out again. Bette had heard her and was now awake.

    “Good morning.” She tiredly says.

    “Morning.” Tina smiles as she walks over and takes a seat on the bedside. “How are you feeling?” Tine asks.

    “Good right now.” Bette replies with a smile. She sees the painkillers.

    “How are you feeling?” Bette asks, nodding her head towards the painkillers in Tina’s hand.

    “Oh, not for me. Angie. She got her period and with it, a stomach pain.” Tina says with a small smile.

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    1. That makes me sad that Bette is losing her hair. But it will come back. Better to lose your hair than to lose your life.
      Its not so much that Bette losing her hair but the fact that this is such a painful moment for her. But with Tina, she will get through this. Hopefully her treatments will be over soon and she can be on the way to recovery.

      Glad that Tina’s job won’t actually start for 4 months….

      Thank you for giving this chapter…. hope you can give us more soon….

    2. Hey Lauren,

      It’s great to have you back. I’ve missed this story.

      Glad you have found some inspiration again!

      It appears that Tina is being sincere in her desire to make their relationship work this time around. Hopefully Bette’s treatments will be successful & she’ll recover quickly.

      Love how you’ve written the bond between the 3 Porter Kennard.s.

      Thanks so much for the update.

      Take care yourself & stay safe.


    3. Welcome back!

      I am happy you find the time and inspiration to continue with this story!

      It’s a difficult time and will be for a long while, but all the amazing stories on this site brings a little relief.

      Bette losing her beautiful hair, that’s sad but that’s she wants Tina with her when Shane gives her a hair cut is special and bitter sweet. And Angie giving them that moment and recognize it as a special, she is really growing up to a special woman.

      Take care and stay save and healthy!

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