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    Can we get it back – Chapter 3

    “Love you guys.” Bette replies with a teary smile as they wave them off. She closes the door and Angie is nervously standing behind, not sure of her next move.

    “You okay sweetie?” Bette asks as she sees the nervousness in her daughter.

    “I’m just scared, but I’m okay.” Angie replies and looks at her mama B. Bette walks to few steps over and takes her into her arms.

    “It’s okay to be sad, and angry and it’s okay to cry. We’ll probably be doing a lot of that for a while.” Bette says while still holding Angie.

    “Yeah.” Angie agrees.

    “Sweetie, if you want to call Mama T, I will not stop you okay. I know you are close with her even if you live with me now, and you can tell her, but I don’t want her here. That will be too hard.” Bette says as she realizes that she shouldn’t have told Angie to not confide in her other mom. “You need to talk about this also and after the operation we don’t know how I’ll be. I might forget things, my attitude and mood might change, my personality might change. We don’t know that until after I wake up. If I must learn how to walk and talk again. It’s all uncertain until then. I will not ask of you to be my nurse Angie. If you must go live with mama T for a while, that’s what we’ll arrange.” Bette says as she looks into Angie’s eyes.

    “But I want to be here. I don’t want to leave you, when you’ll need me the most. And Uncle Shane said I could live with her for a while. I want to be close to you.” Angie argues.

    “Sweetie, I love you, but this task is not a task for a 16-year-old girl. I cannot and will not ask that of you.” Bette replies back still holding Angie in her arms.

    Angie just clings closer to her mama B. “We should get to bed sweetie, you have school tomorrow, last day this week.” Bette says as she softly rub her hand on Angie’s back.

    “Will you let me know as soon as you get the call from the hospital when the operation is?” Angie pleads.

    “Off course, I’ll text you right away and we’ll talk when you get home. Or are you going to Jordi’s after school?” Bette asks.

    “No, I’ll be coming home. I told Jordi that I would not be over at her place for a little while, so she will come here instead, when you say it’s okay that is.” Angie informs her mom.

    “Jordi is welcome here anytime sweetie. You will need someone in your corner.” Bette smiles she puts a stray hair behind her Angie’s ear. “Come on, let’s get to bed. Get this day behind us.” Bette says as she locks the door, turns off the lights and then they walk upstairs to get ready for bed.


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