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    Can we get it back – Chapter 4

    Chapter 4

    The next morning, Angie leaves for school before Bette wakes up. She writes a note on the kitchen table “Please don’t forget to text me. Love you mama B. xoxo” Bette finds the note when she finally wakes up and walks downstairs an hour after Angie left. Bette starts to silently cry, thoughts about dying creeps into her mind and the possibility that she won’t see Angie grow up scares her to the core. She makes a cup of tea and just walks around for a while until her phone rings.

    “Bette Porter” she answers.

    Hi, Ms. Porter, I’m Jenna Slater and I’m the coordinator at UCLA Medical.” Jenna introduce herself.

    “Hi, Ms. Slater.” Bette replies, she walks over to the kitchen island and bring a legal-pad and a pen, and goes to sit down at the kitchen table.

    Hi, I’m calling with information about the upcoming operation that Dr. Stenton has talked to you about.” Jenna says.

    “Yes, so you have a date for me?” Bette casually asks.

    Yes, we have. It has been scheduled for Tuesday at noon. Will that be okay?” Jenna informs.

    “I don’t have a choice do I.” Bette replies with a chuckle. “It’s perfect.” Bette adds.

    So, you must be at the hospital the night before, so if you could be at the hospital Monday at six at night. We’ll register you in and take all the necessary tests before the operation. And you must fast before. You can’t eat or drink from that time until the operation.” Jenna says.

    “That is fine. Am I allowed to bring someone with me until I’m wheeled into the OR?” Bette asks.

    Sure. A few people can be with you until they wheel you away.” Jenna confirms.

    “How long will the operation take?” Bette asks.

    I see they have scheduled it for 6 hours. It’s a big operation. And after in the ICU you will be for a few days. Visitors are limited in the few days after. Closest family are allowed inside a short amount of time.” Jenna replies.

    “Okay, I have a daughter that will be with me. She’s 16. She’s the only family I have here. And my closest friend who will watch over my daughter will also be with me. I just want to make sure they get all the info about me.” Bette says.

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    1. Great to see you back Lauren25!

      Alltough i don’t like GENQ related stories, i couldn’t pull myself away from this one.

      My heart cries out for Bette being hurt and very seriously sick, the same for Angie for being so scared of losing her momma B, but still staying strong to support her.

      How will Tina react when she hear about Bette’s tumor and operation the next day. They still love each other and will always be a family because of Angie but she broke Bette’s heart and i wouldn’t want her to come back only out of pity.

      Still i hope they will find each other again and reconcile.

      Thank you for all the updates, i hope you will post the next chapter asap.

    2. Hi, I’m enjoying your story as sad as it is….sigh. Why do you refer to Shane as uncle Shane.. The character has never identified as non-binary, trans or male.. Of course this is your story but I find it off putting. Won’t stop me from reading though.

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