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    Can we get it back – Chapter 2

    Chapter 2


    At Bette’s, Shane parks the car out in the streets and walks in through the front gate and to the front door. She knocks on the door and waits. It takes a minute until she hears the locks turning and then Bette opening the door.

    “Shane, hi, come in.” Bette says and opens the door so she can pass through.

    “Hey Bette, not busy are you?” Shane asks.

    “No, just hanging around.” Bette replies.

    “Angie not around?” Shane asks, knowing perfectly well that Angie was not home.

    “No, she wrote me a note saying she’s with Jordi. She’ll be home later.” Bette replies.

    “Okay, you want some company?” Shane asks.

    “Sure, I’ve been sitting in the TV room. But we can move outside, it’s still warm and I could use a little fresh air. You want anything to drink?” Bette asks, walking towards the kitchen.

    “A beer if you have one?” Shane replies.

    “Sure.” Bette says as she quickly run in to the kitchen to get the beer. Shane stands back and wait for her return. Then they walk into the tv room. Bette turns off the tv. And they walk out through the double doors onto the deck outside. It was a nice backyard, but it lacks the final touch, Tina’s touch Bette always thought when she was out here.

    “So, what is going on with you these days?” Bette asks Shane.

    “Oh, same ol’ same ol’.” Shane replies with a light chuckle. She checks her mobile and sees that she has couple of hours before Angie gets home. How shall she move the conversation towards Bette and her feelings. She knew Bette rarely speaks about herself and her feelings. In many ways Bette is an introvert and shy person.

    “And with you?” Shane casually asks as she takes a sip of her beer.

    Bette thought about what to reveal to Shane, maybe she could just say a little, then that would be enough to get her friends to back off a little. She didn’t know how to reveal it all, at least not yet.

    “I’m doing okay, taking it day by day.” Bette starts. “But it is hard.” She continues with tears threatening to emerge.

    “Yeah, I know. We thought you were solid when you left for New York, all those years ago.” Shane says.

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    1. OMG….poor Bette. Hope Angie doesn’t fall apart. But you can count on Angie taking the news to Tina. Then, how will she react? Hope this is something treatable.

      Great drama and an unexpected plot line. Great writing… Can’t wait for the next chapter.

      This was a very emotional chapter. The greater the emotion, the higher I rate the story. This deserves more than five stars…. Thank you.

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