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    Carrie Chapter 6

    Carrie, had only been in Vancouver a year, but she was able establish her practice and quickly became a respected member of the Psychologist community.  She had moved from New York and left her teaching position at Columbia in hopes of slowing down and focusing more on her practice and research.  Her field of study was trauma, and she had worked closely with the US Military treating PTSD in returning soldiers. Carrie wasn’t happy and the secondary trauma had finally caught up with her, so she took the advise of her close friend Holly King and went on sabbatical.  She was an amateur painter and used this time to travel around Europe and indulge this hobby while figuring out what she wanted to do next.  Carrie had been very successful in New York but the lack of work-life balance had brought her to this point.  She wanted a family but at this rate she  would never meet anyone who would fulfill that void.  Holly had been living in Vancouver for several years.  Carrie liked the area whenever she went to visit Holly and her family.  So when Holly said come, Carrie was at the perfect point in her life to pick up and relocate herself.  She had fallen into working on a new cable TV show.  She had done some consulting on a few films while in New York, but it was not something that she had a desire to make as a career.  Carrie’s reputation had followed her regarding her ability to help writers dig deep in their characters and make more true to life dialogue.  She was in the writer’s room describing what a character’s trauma could look like and the types of choices that could be made when she met the Executive Producer Tina Kennard.

    Tina Kennard was very hands on with the entire production, something that is not seen very often. Carrie had heard that this was her first big production and the success or lack there of would make or break her career, but this was nothing new in the film/TV industry. Tina had shown herself to be a very competent professional and would often participate in the writer’s room. Over time Carrie and Tina became friends. It was nice having someone as new to the area as she was to share weekend adventures exploring. She found out quickly, Tina was well versed in the Arts and loved going to museums and art galleries. Carrie had picked up that Tina was married and had a child, but Tina was a very private person and spoke little of her personal life.  Carrie was very surprised to learn that Tina’s wife was Bette Porter, the renown art consultant that was known for finding new artists and giving them their first break. As an armature artist, Carrie had become friends with many artists and on several occasions she had been to the Gallery in New York that used to be co-owned by Bette Porter. Her friends would from time to time talk about trying to show their work to Bette Porter. Bette was said to be the talent behind the Gallery and made all decisions regarding the art. Wentworth, the other owner, was said to not be very knowledgeable about art and focused her attention on the parties and the glamor. Carrie’s artist friends repeated a rumor that Wentworth and Porter had a falling out after Wentworth had spread false rumors about Porter to improve her standing in the New York art community. The gossip Carrie heard from several of her friends indicated that the rumors spread by Wentworth went so far as to insinuate that Porter had made aggressive overtures towards Wentworth. Soon after, the name Porter was removed from the gallery and the prestige went with it. When Carrie returned to New York, she had heard the Gallery had closed.

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    1. Whoa…. Tina sounds like Jekyll and Hyde. If Carrie knows only snippets of what Tina’s life was like with Bette and those snippets present only the worst and most callous of parts of Bette’s character, then she is going to be in for an eye opening experience when Tina’s family start to reveal the Bette and Tina relationship. It would appear that Tina was not the same person with Bette as she is with Carrie. Tina has agreed to marry Carrie and they truly do not know each other at all?

      This is not going to be a good trip for Tina or Carrie. Carrie has no idea what has disturbed her and now she is walking into a situation with no background. Tina is not being very caring or loving to Carrie. What the hell is going on in your mind Tina?

      Interesting that Carrie is a Psychologist and an Artist?

      This is a very intriguing story……keep it coming…

      • I chose the Psychologist/Artist because my wife is a Psychologist and I am an armature artist. LOL made it easier to get in Carrie’s head. Hahaha

        I am glad you are enjoying it. Tina has become a very complicated character and deserves more context to really understand her decision making.

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