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    The News Chapter 5

    Tina walked into Dana’s for the second time this visit. She couldn’t believe what Shane had done on the spur of the moment. I guess being a millionaire allows for spontaneous purchases, she smiled to herself. She loved how Shane designed the place. It had hints of the Planet back in its day. Tina especially loved the memory wall Shane had put together. Seeing the love on the gang’s faces, before life started pushing its way into their happiness. There was a glaring empty spot in the middle of the display. Shane off handedly said that a picture was bad and she had not had time to replace it. Tina then looked at all the pictures closely and new in her heart it had been a picture of her and Bette.

    ”Tina”, Shane called from across the room.

    ”Hey, Shane”, Tina said as she walked up and gave her old friend a hug. I forgot to thank you for looking out for our kid. Not once, but twice. Angie hasn’t stopped talking about getting a car now that she has a drivers license.”

    ”Ya know I love your kid. You guys have done a great job with her.”

    ”Thanks, we are both proud of her.  So, I have this meeting later with an acquaintance of yours, Lisa Wright.” Tina said with an inquiring tone.

    ”Ya, I figured she would contact you. Isn’t it crazy, ”Lez Girls” coming up now, such rotten timing.” Shane said as she took a sip of her drink. ”Bette didn’t take it well at all. I thought for sure she was going to go all controlling Bette on us to try to block it, but she didn’t do anything. Sometimes I don’t recognize her anymore.” Shane said taking another drink.  ”So what is the meeting about?”

    ”I’m not really sure, I thought it a good idea to talk to her to find out what direction they were going with the class.  I get the relevance and interest, but it is about Bette and I at the core.  I just don’t want them to cause trouble for myself or for that matter Bette.  With her running for Mayor, it could become more mud to sling her way.  There is just so much to dredge up and I want to protect my family from any more hurt that that period of our life caused.” 

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    1. What is going on in dear sweet Tina’s mind? Can she not see that everyone is reacting normally to her news that she has moved on and left Bette behind? Without explanation? Without closure? And leaving Angie as well?

      This is a good story based on the canon of GenQ. I look forward to more….when does Tina have her ah-hah moment when she sees that her actions have not put her in the place she really wants to be!! I hope its not too late for Bette and Tina.

      Thank you for this chapter….cannot wait for the next one….

    2. Feeling jealous and the realization that Bette doesn’t allow Tina to read her anymore should make an impact on Tina. Time to really search yourself, dear Tina.
      Why is she thinking that everyone would just be happy to welcome Carrie to their little framily? It’s like she’s copying Bette’s behaviour. Everything should be an her timeline, on her terms.

      Damage control can be done. I hope that Tina takes a few steps back on her path of no return with Carrie, turns around, reflects on what she really wants and starts talking about it with Bette. Having an equal partnership, be open with each other, giving the other the space both of them need to breath and grow on their own and as a couple.


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