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    Crossroads Chapter 7

    Day after the election…

    Dani had come to Bette’s home after helping Bette with the clean up after election night.  They had gathered boxes of stuff that Bette had wanted as the clean up crew had already started dealing with the mess.  Bette was trying to decide what to do with the boxes when Dani causally asked her what was next for her.  Bette unbeknownst to Dani had been offered a job by the knew mayor to head up a task force to spearhead the opioid crisis.  To Bette’s surprise, Dani flagged her off, telling her that Dani’s father, who ran a big pharm corporation had silently funded the mayor’s campaign and that they were using Bette for political reasons. 

    ’Wow”, Bette said with a devastated look on her face.  ”Was it worth it, was anything fucking worth it?”  Bette said in a crushed voice. But there was more behind that statement then just a response to the revelation that Dani made.  Bette had still been processing the conversation she had with Tina. Even before she devastated Bette with announcing her engagement, Tina had stated that Bette wasn’t capable of looking beyond her own needs and wants. She basically insinuated that it was Bette that drove her away.

    Dani looked at Bette, trying to read in her eyes what this amazing woman was feeling and trying to decide how to respond. ”Yes, yes I think it was,” Dani said reassuring her.

    ”I don’t know anymore,” Bette said wearily.

    Bette looked away and then stared down as she thought about the turn of events that led to her deciding to run for Mayor of LA.  Tina had already filed for divorce a few months before Kit had been in an car accident and was taken to the hospital.  Kit wasn’t asked about her history of addiction and was given a strong opioid for pain.  That was the beginning of a downward spiral that ended 9 months later with Bette finding her sister dead in her office at the Planet.  Bette had arrived at the hospital the morning after the accident as she had been out of town, and immediately had advised the doctors of Kit’s addiction problems.  Bette was informed by the treating doctor that Kit’s injuries from the accident were severe and she experienced excruciating pain, therefore she was administered pain killers.  Bette realized at that moment that this medication could have caused her sister to relapse.  After Kit was released from the hospital,  Bette’s worst fears were realized when Bette started noticing behaviors that were familiar to her during the height of Kit’s addiction problems.  Bette had confronted Kit and tried to get her help, but Kit was already deep into her relapse.  It was shortly after this that Bette found Kit. 

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    1. Wow….at last Alice grows up and can see the chaos around her!!! She actually sees that the center of the universe is Tina at the moment and things are about to happen. What that is going to look like is unknown, but there is a feeling in the air!

      I hope that Alice’s prediction that there is going to be a storm is true…..

      Its good to see Shane and Alice consulting with one another on their friendship and responsibilities with Bette, Tina and Angie. I have a feeling that they are all going to need Shane and Alice to help them to calm waters.

      Really into this story…. I believe that you can straighten out the GenQ mess….Thanks for this….

    2. I just read your author’s note. You’re inspiration of Laurel Holloman’s comment that getting Bette and Tina together needed to be earned. That is the very same comment she made at the end of season 4 before Bette and Tina reunited in season 5. What my question was then and now is what the hell does that mean? Earning forgiveness and reconciling means different things to different people. For some all it means is an expression of desire to do so. For other, there must be some action taken or some attitude or character flaw corrected. In Gen Q, we have no idea what broke them up to begin with. Was the reason linked to the original The L Word story? Or was there something else which happened and sent the two into separate lives?

      I see this comment as being a publicity speak for “we have to have more drama in this series than the fans want before we get them back together”. And that is what they are going to do..

      This is your story….you take us where you want us to go. And do not be concerned about the “earning” process. What ever you decide, we will all read. Some will like it and some will not…. but I assure you will will all take this ride with you…and our lives will be enriched as a result….Keep doing what your doing… Thanks for being on the front lines on this war against this virus. Be safe.

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