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    Chapter 1

    Chapter 1

    Los Angeles, Tina is driving with Angelica sitting next to her in the passenger seat.

    (Angelica) So, why am I staying with Mum tonight? It’s not her night

    (Tina) Angie I’ve told you this ten times, Alice is taking me out for my birthday so we’ve swapped nights

    (Angelica) But it’s not your birthday, it was last week

    (Tina sighs) I know baby but Alice was away then so she wants to make a thing of it this weekend

    (Angelica) Well is Mum pissed?

    (Tina sighs) She’s fine, she always loves having you, you know that. And don’t say pissed

    (Angie) I don’t mean pissed with me. Any excuse for you two to be at each other’s throats

    Tina looks over at her with an eyebrow raised.

    (Angie) Sorry, fine. Angry. Fuming. Enraged

    (Tina) Nice vocab. And no, everything’s fine

    They pull up at Bette’s house and Tina gets out to help Angelica with her bags.

    (Angelica) You’re not coming in are you? It’s not a good idea Mum

    (Tina sighs) Angie it’s fine, I need to sort out the weekend with her

    Angelica sighs as she walks up the path.

    (Angelica) OK, here we go

    Tina knocks on the door.

    (Angelica) Mum, I have a key

    (Tina) Can we just wait please? I’d feel more comfortable

    (Angelica) This is a bad idea, I can’t actually remember the last time you two were in the same room

    They stand together waiting at the door.

    (Angelica) Oh wait, I can actually, my last birthday. You told her to go fuck herself

    (Tina) Angie, Jesus! Language!

    (Angelica) I’m quoting you!

    (Tina) Well I shouldn’t have said that, and I also didn’t know that you heard it

    (Angelica) I hear everything

    (Tina) Well, you’re also 12 last time I checked, and still have to listen to your mothers

    Bette opens the door and sees Angelica first.

    (Bette) Angie why are you knocking? Have you lost your key?

    Bette sees Tina and sighs.

    (Bette) Was there something you needed?

    Angelica walks past them into the house.

    (Angelica) Here we go

    They both watch her go and then look back at each other.

    (Tina) I just wanted to let you know I can pick her up from school tomorrow. I’ll drop her back here and then she’s with you for the weekend as usual

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    1. Wow, so what has happened to Tina? She did not recognize her bag nor her own phone nor did she know how to use it…. and Franklin was Bette’s boss from years ago?

      Something is up with Tina… must be the therapy session got her brain stuck somewhere in the past…. Tina will soon figure it out when she sees Angie next. She won’t be expecting a 12 year old… but maybe a 5 or 6 year old? We will see. This is interesting….

      Keep it coming….

      • Tina was hypnotized at her therapy session remem? And told to focus on a time when she was happy.

        Seems like she has gone back to that scene when Franklin was giving Bette fits and Tina had called to get Bette to promise to come home for dinner.

        She had prepare a special dinner w/ the appetizer being a “positive” pregnancy test

    2. This is certainly very interesting!

      What happened with Tina? Is it because of the hypnose session and maybe to much alcohol that has her mixed up?

      Looking forward to read the next chapter!

    3. I just have to say I absolutely love your fic, I’m not sure if you’re still active on here but I came across this fic from someone on Twitter and I absolutely love your writing. And how you wrote Bette and Tina and Angie it’s all just incredible thank you I can’t wait to read more of your fics

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