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    Chapter 19 (Final Chapter)

    Chapter 19

    Two years later

    Bette and Tina left LA three months after the night at Bette’s gallery, and after much deliberation they decided on Berlin as their chosen destination.

    The fallout from Tina leaving Andrew for Bette was intense, and played out very publicly in the media. They tried as best they could to shelter from the interest and scrutiny in the time that they remained in LA, and both felt enormous relief upon finally leaving, and excitement about starting their new life together in Europe.

    Bette was able to rely on her many connections in the art world to quickly establish a name for herself as a recent arrival on the Berlin art scene. She initially rented spaces at various locations throughout the city in putting on individual exhibits, before relying on the reputation she was building through word of mouth to open a gallery in Mitte, in central Berlin, later that year.

    Whilst the process of establishing a gallery in a new city was at times slow going and difficult, Bette has also enjoyed the challenge and her gallery is establishing itself as a solid performer, and fast becoming a must see attraction in the city. She has loved immersing herself in a place with such a diverse and innovative art scene, and has carved out a space for herself amongst it. She is now beginning to attract high profile and sought after exhibits from both local and international artists, as her gallery goes from strength to strength.

    Tina’s career has flourished since basing herself in Europe. She accepted a role as a professor at Humboldt University, and has increased her standing as a regular advisor to the European Commission. Having impressed over the years in her intermittent work advising on the complexities of international law and its application in the European Union, she was able to rely upon this to build an impressive reputation, and has become a highly regarded leading expert in her field.

    They have frequent poorly organised holidays to surrounding countries, interspersed with very well planned trips staying in only the most luxurious accommodation. Tina is angling for a camping trip which Bette has so far managed to avoid.

    Andrew was elected Governor of California in a landslide victory. Whilst the drama surrounding his separation from Tina was disruptive to his campaign, he recovered well and continued to present himself as a trustworthy and genuine candidate, leading to a clear and resounding victory.

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    1. katynd, thank you for the final chapter. Everyone living happily ever after. I’m glad you included what happened with Andrew. Despite everything he found true love and got his political ambition. Their conversation didn’t feel like she was ever honest with him before she and Bette took off. He deserved better, but then again deception is how Tina gets her ALL. Great story. Great writing.

    2. Nice story… unusual plot line and like nothing else that has been presented. It has the right amount of mystery and surprises. At any point, there were multiple possibilities as to the direction the plot line could take. Fortunately, you took the plot line direction which gives the Tibette fandom the greatest pleasure and enjoyment. We even feel good about Andrew Rhys-Baker in the end, as he get the life he wants as well. As Bette said “he’s just a nice guy.”

      I am in hopes that you will present more tales. For me, it takes my mind away from the disaster that is on Showtime.
      Thankyou for this lovely story.

    3. katynd!

      Easily one of the most delightful story I’ve read. Really liked how U advanced scenes at just the right time. Liked how Tibette ended up outside the US to make their home, with Bette realizing that she needed to defer to Tina and let her have the primary decision on where they should live.

      When Tina arrived home and sashayed to greet Bette in the kitchen with a lengthy hug and squeeze from the back, I thought she was gonna announce that she was pregnant.

      I REALLY like how everyone ended up in a ‘win-win’ finally. Looooved your Alice!! Humor and mischief galor!

      It was classy that Tina & Andrew spoke freely & honestly. I admire Andrew for admitting that he KNEW that Tina would have been a sorrowful, miserable committed wife in name only had they married. I respect him for NOT letting his Mom push him into the marriage that she wanted so that she could brag about the “eye candy” attached to her son’s arm.

      So anyway, I had punched in the 5-star rating from day one. Will re-read the WHOLE story just for the fun of it.

      Be Blessed and stay well

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