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    Chapter 1 – List and More List

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 1 – List and More List


    Sonny’s car was parked in the drive way area. Bette remembered that her car was still at the guest house garage.

    Bette and Tina went into the house and found Daniel.  Bette gave Daniel her car keys and sent him over to the guest house to assist Kit and Sonny with bed making and finishing up moving out of the house. She sent a message to Sonny to move the SUV into the main house garage. Bette told him that Daniel to assist them in every way he could. If they took a nap, then he should take one in the media room on couch and not mess up any of the freshly made beds.

    Tina then told Angie that she would be making the beds and doing laundry in the main house and working with her two moms.  Angie seemed to accept the assignment without qualms.

    After all the guest had left, Bette headed directly to the laundry room and after getting the washer and dryer started, brought out a load of sheets to the dining table to fold.

    Bette:  Ladies we now have four sets of sheets. Why don’t we head upstairs and make four beds and get our laptops and bring them downstairs? We have a ton of research to do and we might as well get started. Angie, you get yours as well.  We want you to help with our research.

    Tina:  Let’s take some of these towels as well.  Let’s make sure the linen cabinets are full. Oh, I don’t think we stripped our bed. So why don’t we do that as well.

    All three went upstairs and started in the bed room where the twin beds were located.  Tina began with checking the linen closet and replenishing the supply while Bette and Angie started to make the beds.

    Bette:  So, Angie, how did this past week go for you?

    Angie:  It went great.  I really enjoyed Holly, Shay and Jordan. I even enjoyed Daniel.  I thought Saturday night was really wonderful.  I loved dancing and watching you and Mama T dancing and all our aunts dancing and singing and having a good time. It was really something else. I didn’t realize that you and Mama T could really dance. It was just so cool.

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