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    Chapter 2 – Vehicles, Resumes and Schools

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 2 – Vehicles, Resumes and Schools


    Tina and Bette woke early on Monday morning.  They took advantage of the early hour to have a vigorous sex session.  Both were perspiring from the activities.

    Tina:  Oh god Bette, your hair and face are dripping with sweat. Are you okay?

    Bette:  Yea, I’m fine.  I just feel like I had some kind of volcanic orgasm.  This heat wave began in my core and suddenly spread throughout my body causing me to break out in this sweat.

    Tina:  Do you feel okay?

    Bette:  Yea, I’m fine I’m just wet all over.  You are wet too.  Is that from me or are you sweating as well?

    Tina: I think I’m sweating as well but I don’t remember a heat wave going through me. Why don’t we just go take a lukewarm shower? Maybe it will be enough to cool us a bit.  Would you like to join me?

    Bette:  Oh yea. I can’t lie here like this.

    Tina:  Come on Babe, let’s get you cleaned up and cooled down. By the way, you were spectacular this morning!

    Bette:  Well, evidently you lit a fire in me! That’s not happened before!

    They proceeded to the shower and went through their morning grooming routine. They dressed in causal walking shorts and t-shirts and some sandals.  When they got down stairs, neither of the children were up.  Tina decided to fix some of the large bowls of fruit, nuts, granola and yogurt.  She covered Daniel’s and Angie’s and put them in the fridge. Bette had made coffee so they went to the table and had their breakfast.

    Bette:  Where did Paris say she went to elementary school, middle school and high school?

    Tina:  I don’t remember that she ever said specifically.  I thought she went to school in Arizona up until college when she went to Cambridge in England.

    Bette:  But Paris still has a bit of British accent. You know, just like you still have a bit of a southern accent? And she has lived here in LA for about 8 years, two years in New York City, and prior to that Italy and Paris for about 4 or 5 years and if she went to college in England and graduate school in Paris, then she would have lived in England for only 4 maybe 5 years and maybe 3 more years while working in London.  That would not explain her accent.

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    1. Love all the details!

      Didn’t know anything about going to university and the different college houses, after reading it i would advise Angie not to join one of them. Find her own way and make her own friends, not ones who hold standards and where you can’t be yourself.

      Bette, Tina, Angie and Daniel are in for a ride with all these changes in their life.

      Look forward to read more!

    2. Bibi,

      Thank you for reading…. this is strictly a personal opinion on the role of sororities and fraternities – to belong to the right group and meet and know the right people. If it were not that way, they would not discriminate who should be a member and who shouldn’t. I’m sure others have their own view which would contradict mine. Such as the way life is…

      My hopes in this story is to show Bette and Tina going through some normal life decisions and relationships. It is not a story of high drama…. but I am in hopes that sometime, the everyday things can cause the everyday requirement to connect and communicated with your spouse and family. I do go into some detail in Bette and Tina’s communication with Angie and later with Daniel as well as each other. I hope that the reader will see how these two create and maintain the solid relationship they have which will carry on for a life time. This will not appeal to a whole lot of people…. but I hope that when you go through these next few months with Bette and Tina, you will know them as I do.

      This is a long story…. but it is complete and ready to post. Let me know the frequency you would like for me post and I will keep it coming…. Thank you for reading…

      • I am very proud of you for completing your story. I think k it’s nice to see them going through real life. I hope to get back in the game when I am well enough. Congratulations on your story.

    3. Thank you for your explanation about your intentions of this story.
      About the frequency of you posting, it really doesn’t matter for me, i work in the weekend every other week and then free on Thursday and Friday but i work early and late shifts. Post whenever you want and i try to read it if i have time, i promise i will read it.

    4. I like the story. This chapter of course is your opinion. Having been to college and being a member of a sorority, I differ in my opinion of college. It’s not ALL ABOUT Greek life. They are not discriminatory. There’s also other facets of college life that make it some of the best years of a person’s life. I made life long friends, both Greek and non-Greek that made my college experience a great one. There’s a balance and all sorts of things that I feel you didn’t touch on in the explanation to Angelica. However, it’s your story and your opinion, your version. I will continue to read because you’re a great writer. I just felt this chapter was unbalanced.

      • Trecelovinit…. Thank you for reading…. First, I must say, this is the first of several conversation Bette and Tina will be having with Angie about college life. They will leave it up to Angie to decide if you wants to get into Greek life or not. With the continuing conversations they will have, I hope you will see there is a continuing theme in that Angie is totally in control of her life at college. That includes who she associates with, what organizations she decides to belong to, what she studies and how she spends her free time.

        I think I have a different definition of discrimination. I mean to determine who should be a member and who shouldn’t on whatever basis that happens. It could be based on personality, on appearance, on social contacts or family contacts, or course of study or some other criteria which is totally not apparent to those who are being chosen versus those who are not. For everyone who desires to be a member does not get an invitation to be a member. So someone is discriminating against those they do not wish to extend an invitation in favor of those they wish to extend an invitation. And that criteria may have nothing to with color, race, religion, gender identification, sexual orientation, political persuasion or country of origin. But the process is discriminatory in that each house have a limited number of members. Sororities and Fraternities are social organizations based upon knowing the right people to enhance you college life and your post college life.

        Yes, I am probably not presenting a balance picture… but I’m not sure that I am capable of presenting a more balance picture. This is my Bette and Tina’s view based upon their own experiences. And believe it or not, they are desperately trying to allow Angie to make up her own mind about college life when she goes off to experience it. But they do want her to see that with every benefit, there are cost. And please remember, both Tina and Bette attended college some 35 years ago. Life has changed in that period… Their experiences are not going to be the same as Angie’s experiences will be.

        Thank you for your comment…

        • Thank you for your response. I do appreciate your perspective and responding to me. I do love the story and as I stated previously, I think your writing is great. I will continue to read. I do respect and did state that it’s your opinion and your story. I agree their time in college was 35 years ago. Honestly, it’s been 30 years for me. Things definitely do change and I appreciate different perspectives. Thank you for writing.

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