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    Chapter 1 -The Planet

    *Setting: the group of girls: Bette, Alice, Shane, Dana, Helena and Carmen are sitting in The Planet waiting on the couples: Jenny and Tim and Tina and Henry.*




    ‘So Alice, when is Tasha coming back?’ Dana asked. 

    The group watched Dana as she asked the question and all started nodding their heads. Knowing the subject ‘Tasha’ was off limits. 

    ‘DANA! I told you I didn’t want to talk about her, she left. That’s it. We’re done.’ 

    Dana raised her eyebrows and took a sip of her Gin and Tonics. 

    ‘Yeez, fine Al. Remind me to never ask you about your life again.’ 

    Before Alice could answer back Jenny and Tim walked in. 

    ‘Hey guys’ Tim said and sat down next to Bette to give his neighbor a kiss on the cheek. 

    ‘Guys, they’re at it again.’ Jenny said. 

    ‘What? Again?’ Carmen asked

    ‘Yeah, they’re in their car screaming at each other, and I don’t think they know we can hear them.’ Jenny said.

    ‘Well, someone has to talk to Tina about Henry. Why does she stay with him? They’re fighting constantly.’ Dana said

    ‘Well, she loves him, Dane.’ Alice said. 

    ‘Yeah, and they can be really good together as well.’ Shane added. 

    ‘Well, I think we have to talk to her. Bette why don’t you do it?’ Dana looked at her.

    Bette could feel her irritation swell. She hated talking about Tina, when it had anything to do with Tina’s love life, knowing that she wasn’t part of it. Not alone was Tina in love with someone else, she fell in love with men. The one thing Bette couldn’t compete with. 

    ‘Why me?’ Bette said, trying to sound casual. 

    ‘Well, you guys are best friends.’

    ”We’re all close,” Bette replied.

    ‘Yeah, we are, but you two have always been like, joined to the hip or something. Where you go she is, vice versa. She’ll take it when you tell her, I don’t think she’ll want to listen if we tell her.’ 

    ‘Yeah, that’s true. But will she listen to her best friend that has never been in a relationship?’ Helena said. 

    ‘HEY’ Bette said, giving Helena a push with her elbow.’ 

    ‘Well Bette’ Alice laughed. 

    ‘Well what?’ Bette asked Alice

    ‘Well, you fuck. You don’t love.’ Alice said with a shy grin, looking at her friends to back her up on what she was saying. 

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    1. Hey No,

      Welcome to the site.

      Great beginning although you made a little mistake, you started with Bette and Candace and then Jodi or did i miss something?

      Look forward to read more!

    2. Nice beginning… how old is this group at this point? Just need to get my bearings as to what stage of their lives they are in.

      Curious as to exactly what Tina and Bette’s relationship is…

      Thank you for writing and welcome to the sight…

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